Hidden meanings in Chinese art

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1. sep. 2006 - 351 sider
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Can decorative objects increase one's wealth, happiness, or longevity? Traditionally, many Chinese have believed that they could--as long as they included the appropriate auspicious symbols. In this book Asian Art Museum curator of Himalayan and Chinese decorative art Terese Tse Bartholomew, culminating decades of research, provides a thorough guide to such symbols.

Hidden Meanings: Symbolism in Chinese Art is richly illustrated with photographs of art objects and original hand-painted drawings by the author and by Mulan Bartholomew, organized in numbered sectors for ease of reference, and enhanced with extensive bilingual indexes and other supporting materials, making it an indispensable reference book for anyone interested in Chinese art and culture.

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Directors Preface
Motifs for Blessings
Motifs for a Happy Marriage

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