The Encyclopedia of Kidnappings

Infobase Publishing, 2002 - 385 sider
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The Encyclopedia of Kidnappings is the first singlevolume historical survey of this sinister branch of criminal activity. More than 800 engrossing and captivating entries examine kidnappings from biblical times to the present, detailing notorious kidnappers, well-known victims, and infamous cases from around the globe.
- The Disappeared: A term coined in Argentina for those who have vanished and presumably died at the hands of Latin American governments and military juntas
- Robert Franks (1924): The teenage victim of wealthy "thrill killers" Nathan Leopold, Jr. and Richard Loeb
- Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. (1932): The son of aviator Charles Lindbergh who was kidnapped and murdered at 20 months old
- Truck Stop Killer: An elusive kidnapper-murderer, rumored to have claimed numerous victims while haunting the U.S. highways--but who may not even exist.

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The encyclopedia of kidnappings

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A professional writer who has published more than 130 books since 1977 (e.g., The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, Hunting Humans), Newton explains that kidnapping has existed since the beginning of ... Les hele vurderingen

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Michael Newton is a professional writer who has primarily written about crime, specializing in books about serial murder. He lives in Nashville, IN.

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