Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome (E-bok fra Google)

Routledge, 12. nov. 2012 - 304 sider
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Rome killed many thousands of people & animals in elaborate public spectacles. This provocative book asks not only who the victims were, and why they were killed in such a brutal fashion, but what happened to their bodies.

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List of illustrations
the development and diversity of Roman spectacles
differentiation status and supply
thedoomed and thedamned Law and thearena demandandsupply Rituals andresources 4 Death disposal and damnation of humanssome methods
corpses and carcasses as food?
Rituals spectacles and the Tiber River
persecutions and disposal

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Om forfatteren (2012)

Donald G. Kyle is Professor and Chair of History at the University of Texas at Arlington. An award-winning teacher, he has been honoured by the University as a Distinguished Teaching Fellow. He has published "Athletics in Ancient Athens" (Revised Edition, 1993) and "Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome" (1998) and co-edited "Essays on Sport History and Sport Mythology" (1990). He has appeared in History Channel shows on gladiators (1996) and crime in Rome (2005) and PBS and History Channel shows on the Ancient Olympics (2004).

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