Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt

Courier Dover Publications, 2011 - 200 sider
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Drawing on a wealth of archeological evidence, author Jon Manchip White presents a remarkably accurate picture of Egyptian life throughout dynastic times-from the end of the third millennium to the Greek occupation in 330 BC. Because social conditions changed little during these 3,000 years, readers get a clear idea of the roles and tasks assigned to each section of the community-to the Pharaoh and his noblemen; priests and soldiers; scribes and artists; and peasants, who formed the bulk of the population. How these people spent their leisure hours, how they dressed, what they ate and drank, forms of transportation used, how homes were built and furnished, and the activities of women and children are also thoroughly examined. Special emphasis is placed on the importance of religion in daily life, including the social significance of temples, pyramids, and tombs. Accompanying a vivid text are more than 100 photographs and line drawings. Unabridged republication of the edition published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1963. 148 illustrations. Chronological Summary. Bibliography. Index.

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Review: Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt

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It did well in making me interested in seeking out more in-depth books on the subject. On the short and basic side. I wonder how some of the suppositions in this book, written in 1963, hold up today. Les hele vurderingen

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