Revolution from Above: The Demise of the Soviet System

Routledge, 1997 - 302 sider
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Controversially this book argues that the ruling party-state elite in the USSR itself moved to dismantle the old system. Topics discussed include:
* the beginnings of economic decline in 1975
* Gorbachev's efforts to democratize and decentralize
* the complex political battle through which the coalition favouring capitalism took power
* the flaws in economic policies intended to rapidly build capitalism
* the surprising resurgence of Communism.
Research includes interviews with over 50 former Soviet government and Communist party leaders, policy advisors, new private businessmen, trade union leaders and intellectuals.

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Review: Revolution from Above

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A quite interesting book that successfully discredits the idea that the Soviet Union collapsed because the population wanted to go extreme capitalist. In fact, the Communist Party elite simply decided ... Les hele vurderingen

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