The Future Catches Up: Selected Writings of Ralph M. Goldman, Volum 1

iUniverse, 9. jul. 2002 - 538 sider
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Professor Goldman has contributed articles and books in divers fields of political science. This is a partial collection of his principal published and unpublished journal articles as well as brief references to his principal books. Volume I focuses on the emergence of transnational political parties. His researches have led Goldman to conclude that transnational parties are the precursors of a world party system and that a world party system will become the institutional alternative to international warfare. In the near-term prospects of transnational party development, he traces the methods and consequences of international collaborations among national parties and the implications of transnational party developments for the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States. Many of his forecasts came to fruition two or three decades after they were made, hence, the title of this collection: The Future Catches Up.

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