A History of the English Language

Prentice Hall, 2002 - 447 sider
Comprehensive and balanced, this classic exploration of the history of the English language combines internal linguistic history and external cultural historyfrom the Middle Ages to the present. Emphasis is on the political, social and cultural forces that affect language.Reflects the latest trends and statistics of the last ten years in a revised and updated chapter 1, English Present and Future. Provides a new section on Gender Issues and Linguistic Change in Chapter 10. Includes a thorough revision of Chapter 11, The English Language in America, including updated material on African American Vernacular English. Discusses Black English and varieties of English in Africa and Asia, as well as varieties in the United States, Australia, and Canada. Includes a map of American dialects. Provides examples of twentieth-century vocabulary.For multilingual readers or anyone who wishes to develop a well-rounded understanding of present-day English.

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The Reestablishment of English
The IndoEuropean Family
Old English

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