Anime: A History

Bloomsbury Academic, 12. des. 2013 - 256 sider
Anime: A History is a comprehensive new guide to the story of Japanese animation, tracing its development from the work of a handful of hobbyists in the 1910s to the Oscar-winning Spirited Away and beyond. Jonathan Clements explores the production and reception history of the genre, taking into consideration cultural and technological developments of the past century. He addresses issues of historiography within Japanese academic discourse and covers previously neglected topics such as wartime instructional animation and work-for-hire for American clients. Drawing on the testimonies of industry professionals and Japanese-language documents, memoirs and books, Anime: A History illuminates the anime business from the inside – investigating its innovators, its unsung heroes and its controversies.

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Om forfatteren (2013)

Jonathan Clements is an anime historian. He is co-author of The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917, former editor of Manga Max magazine, and has been a translator, voice director or voice actor on over 70 anime productions.

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