Another Bloody Century: Future Warfare

Orion, 23. feb. 2012 - 432 sider

How the wars of the near future will be fought and who will win them

Many nations, peoples and special interest groups believe that violence will advance their cause. Warfare has changed greatly since the Second World War; it continued to change during the late 20th century and this process is still accelerating. Political, technological, social and religious forces are shaping the future of warfare, but most western armed forces have yet to evolve significantly from the cold war era when they trained to resist a conventional invasion by the Warsaw Pact. America is now the only superpower, but its dominance is threatened by internal and external factors. The world's most hi-tech weaponry seems helpless in the face of determined guerrilla fighters not afraid to die for their beliefs.

Professor Colin Gray has advised governments on both sides of the Atlantic and in ANOTHER BLOODY CENTURY, he reveals what sort of conflicts will affect our world in the years to come.

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Colin Gray is Professor of Politics & Strategic Studies at the University of Reading. He has dual British/American nationality and has been an advisor to British and American governments for twenty-five years. He has shaped policy on nuclear strategy, arms control and special forces. From 1982-87 he was on the President's General Advisory Committee on arms control and disarmament.

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