Austria: Her People & Their Homelands

John Lane, 1913 - 310 sider

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Side 318 - Without doubt Mr. Oscar Browning has produced a book which should have its place in any library of Napoleonic literature." Truth, — " Mr. Oscar Browning has made not the least, but the most of the romantic material at his command for the story of the fall of the greatest figure in history.
Side 323 - THE HOUSE IN ST. MARTIN'S STREET. Being Chronicles of the Burney Family. By CONSTANCE HILL, Author of " Jane Austen, Her Home, and Her Friends," " Juniper Hall,
Side 325 - MEMOIRS OF THE MARTYR KING: being a detailed record of the last two years of the Reign of His Most Sacred Majesty King Charles the First, 1646—1648-9. Compiled by ALLAN FEA. With upwards of 100 Photogravure Portraits and other Illustrations, including relics. Royal 410. IO5-T. net. Mr. MH SPIELMANN in The Academy, — "The volume is a triumph for the printer and publisher, and a solid contribution to Carolinian literature.
Side 320 - . . . this absorbing book. . . . The work has a very decided historical value. The translation is excellent, and quite notable in the preservation of idiom." JANE AUSTEN'S SAILOR BROTHERS. Being the life and Adventures of Sir Francis Austen, GCB, Admiral of the Fleet, and Rear-Admiral Charles Austen. By JH and EC HUBBACK.
Side 312 - STARS OF THE STAGE A Series of Illustrated Biographies of the Leading Actors, Actresses, and Dramatists. Edited by JT GREIN. Crown 8vo. zt. 6d. each net. *»* It was Schiller who said: " Twine no wreath, for the * . . since his work is oral and ephemeral.
Side 315 - Philibert, the founder of Savoyard greatness ; and from the day of her marriage until the day of her death she laboured to advance the interests of her adopted land. MADAME DE BRINVILLIERS AND HER TIMES. 1630-1676. By HUGH STOKES. With a Photogravure Frontispiece and 16 other Illustrations. Demy 8vo.
Side 316 - ANNALS OF A YORKSHIRE HOUSE. From the Papers of a Macaroni and his Kindred. By AMW STIRLING, author of "Coke of Norfolk and his Friends.
Side 317 - ... tyrant who allowed nothing, neither human lives nor natural affections, to stand in the way of his all-conquering will, that this volume will come to us rather as a surprise. Modern historians are over-fond of blaming Napoleon for having divorced the companion of his early years ; but after having read the above work, the reader will be constrained to admire General Bonaparte's forbearance and will wonder how he ever came to allow her to play the Queen at the Tuileries.
Side 311 - TICE Those who possess old letters, documents, correspondence, £MSS., scraps of autobiography, and also miniatures and portraits, relating to persons and matters historical, literary, political and social, should communicate with £Mr.
Side 314 - LADY CHARLOTTE SCHREIBER'S JOURNALS Confidences of a Collector of Ceramics and Antiques throughout Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Turkey. From the year 1869 to 1885. Edited by MONTAGUE GUEST, with Annotations by EGAN MEW.

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