Colony and Mother City in Ancient Greece

Manchester University Press, 1999 - 259 sider
COLONY AND MOTHER CITY IN ANCIENT GREECE by A. B. GRAHAM. Preface: The first part of the book is to a description of Greek and tices regarding the actual founding of a colony, about which there appear to have been general fixed principles. He then goes on to consider the subsequent relations between the colony its mother city. The author discusses the genera batU M which links were formed between city and colony, involving such questions as mutual citizenship and religious con nections. He also considers the variations found In the relationships caused by such factors as distance and the power and ambitions of the mother city. As a synthesis which presents and discusses material widely spread in place and time, much of It previously accessible only to specialists, this book should become both the standard general treat ment of the subject and the basis for future studies of this aspect of Greek colonization. Contents include: Preface ix Abbreviations xi Select Bibliography xiii Introduction xvii I Prolegomena j Principles of arrangement i Some generalizations and distinctions 4 The character of the evidence 8. PART I: THE ACT OF FOUNDATION. II Traditional practices 25 III The role of the oikist 29 IV Foundation decrees 40. PART II: SUBSEQUENT RELATIONS V Thasos and the effect of distance 7 1 VI Miletus and the question of mutual citizenship 98 VII Corinth and the colonial empire 118 The Corinthian colonial empire 1 1 8 Corinth's relations with Syracuse and Corcyra 1412 Corcyra and her colonies 149 VIII Argos, Cnossus, Tylissus, and religious relations 154 IX Athens and late imperial colonies 166 Cleruchies and doubtful cases 167 Other imperial colonies 192 X Conclusion 211.

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Traditional practices
Foundation decrees
Thasos and the effect of distance
Miletus and the question of mutual citizenship
Corinth and the colonial empire
Argos Cnossus Tylissus and religious relations
Athens and late imperial colonies
Corinths western aims in the eighth century
The form of the Naupactus foundation decree
The citizens of Amphipolis

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