GB/T 2546.2-2003 Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 2546.2-2003, GB/T2546.2-2003, GBT2546.2-2003): Plastics - Polypropylene (PP) Moulding and Extrusion Materials - Part 2: Preparation of Test Specimens and Determination of Properties

Forside, 12. juli 2019 - 13 sider
This Part of GB/T 2546 specifies the methods of preparation of test specimens and the test methods to be used in determining the properties of polypropylene (PP) moulding and extrusion materials. Requirements for handling test material and for conditioning both the test material before moulding and the specimens before testing are given here. This Part also specifies the methods and conditions for specimen preparation and properties determination. This Part lists the properties and test methods which are suitable and necessary to characterize PP moulding and extrusion materials.

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