Herding cats: multiparty mediation in a complex world

Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson, Pamela R. Aall
United States Institute of Peace Press, 1. nov. 1999 - 735 sider
An illustrious cast of practitioners here describe their personal experiences in working to bring peace in significant conflicts across four continents. In each case, mediation was a multiparty effort, involving a range of actors working simultaneously or sequentially.Herding Cats was developed by the same editors who were responsible For USIP Press's highly successful 1996 publication Managing Global Chaos (see p. 11) and is intended as a follow-on to that book. The editors have framed the volume with discussions that link the practitioner cases to the scholarly literature on mediation, thereby situating the case studies in terms of theory while also drawing on lessons for both scholars and practitioners that can help guide future endeavors.

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Multiparty Mediation and the Conflict Cycle
The Practitioners Perspective

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