Hide and Seek: The Untold Story of Cold War Naval Espionage

Wiley, 14. jan. 2009 - 432 sider
Through dramatic incidents tells for the first time the full story of the development of Cold War naval intelligence from the end of WWII to the breakup the Soviet Union in 1991, from both sides, East and West. Unlike other accounts, which focus on submarine confrontations and accidents, the authors cover all types of naval intelligence, human collection (racing with the Soviets to capture Nazi subs, successful and losing spies and defectors), signal intelligence (surface, air, satellite and navy commando teams in balaclavas launched by speed boats from subs), acoustic (passive underwater arrays and tapping phone lines), and the aerial and space reconnaissance. The authors give details of operations in all these areas, some of which were witnessed first hand.

"A new light is shed on the spy ships incidents of the 1960s and on submarine intrusions in Swedish waters. Excerpts of the Soviet Navy instructions on UFOs and accounts of Soviet naval encounters with unexplained objects are also published for the first time outside of Russia; and much more."

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Om forfatteren (2009)

Captain Peter A. Huchthausen, U.S. Navy (Retired), had a distinguished careerserving both at sea and on land as a Soviet naval analyst and a naval attaché in Yugoslavia, Romania, and the Soviet Union. He was the author of three books on the Soviet navy. His works include the bestselling Hostile Waters, October Fury, and Shadow Voyage.

Alexandre Sheldon-Duplaix serves as a researcher in the French Joint HistoricalServices (Service historique de la Défense) inVincennes, France, and as a lecturer on thehistory of the Russian navy at the Defense Staff College in Paris. He worked as a naval analyst for twelve years and has written or cowritten three books published in France on ships, strategy,and politics.

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