I See a New China

Little, Brown, 1944 - 210 sider
I see a New China relates the personal story of George Hogg, a 1930's China traveler and adventurer, reporter, and later communist guerilla joining the outlawed Chinese Revolutionary Movement. At first a Reporter for the american United Press Agency, George Hogg joins the Chinese Revolutionary Movement then fighting the Japanese in China's North-Shensi Province and through his reporting soon becomes involved with the earliest Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (C.I.C.). The cooperatives, an organization led by New Zealander Rewi Alley and often named "China's New Deal", are the spearhead of an economic self-sufficiency movement along party lines, setting up small village industries and cooperatives that are to strengthen resistance capability against the Japanese, revitalize the economy of the liberated area's and create a fresh pool of semi-educated chinese citizens to lay the backbone of China's Industrial Development in the Future. Traveling at the Frontline and extensively around the North-Western Provinces, George Hogg becomes a teacher and inspector in this new phenomenon in post-feudal China, the CIC Cooperatives (a brainchild of Edgar and Helen Foster- Snow). A book filled with humorous accounts of chinese rural village life, it's society, the economic factors, early revolutionary thoughts and experiences, the war with Japan, and most of all his experience working with the cooperating villagers developing a backward feudal chinese rural village society into a self sustaining rural communized economy for the first time. Another easy to read travel account giving first hand and grassroots knowledge of the earliest revolutionary years. A special interest book for economists interested in early communism, society and economic development. George Hogg's adventures with ordinary Chinese People in war-torn rural China, the Chinese Revolutionary Movement, the Industrial Cooperatives and early revolutionary foreigner and famed New Zealander Rewi Alley.

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