Memoirs of Prince Chlodwig of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfuerst, Volum 2


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Side 467 - The Chancellor objected. . . . This friction had considerably disturbed the relations between Bismarck and the Emperor, and these were further strained by the question of the Cabinet Order of 1852. Bismarck had often advised the Emperor to grant the ministers access to himself and this was done. But when...
Side 438 - Paris would not be allowed to visa any pass without previously asking permission, so that infinite delays would arise in consequence. There is no doubt that this measure would not only excite general surprise and excitement, but would also greatly embitter the local population. It seems that Berlin desires to introduce these irritating measures with the object of reducing the inhabitants of Alsace-Lorraine to despair and driving them to revolt, when it will be possible to say that the civil government...
Side 412 - He would be reproached for beginning his reign by the slaughter of his subjects. He was ready enough to act, but he wished to be able to act with a clear conscience, and first to make an attempt to satisfy the legitimate grievances of the workmen, and at least to do everything that was possible to fulfil their justifiable demands.
Side 412 - Emperor related the whole story of his difference with Bismarck without interruption. He said that relations had become strained as early as December. The Emperor then desired that something should be done upon the question of the workmen. The Chancellor objected. The Emperor's view was that if the Government did not take the initiative, the Reichstag — in other words, the Socialists, the...
Side 11 - No trace of the former animosity against the military which used to be noticeable among the lower classes. The commonest working man looked on the troops with the feeling that he belonged or had belonged to them.
Side 381 - Visitors were then announced, and when I took my leave and expressed my sincere wishes for his recovery the Emperor placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled sadly, so that I could hardly restrain my tears. He gave me the impression of a martyr; and, indeed, no martyrdom in the world is comparable with this slow death. Every one who comes near him is full of admiration for his courageous and quiet resignation to a fate which is inevitable, and which he fully realises.
Side 104 - ... and Germany, and so dominate the Continent under the guise of defending the monarchic principle. But France showed a remarkable ability to recuperate, which caused him, in 1874, to instruct his ambassador to that country that "as to France, the chief point of interest to us is to see that she shall not become so powerful internally and of so much weight externally as to secure herself allies.
Side 468 - Each separate personality is now conscious of his own value. Formerly the individual was oppressed and restricted by the dominant influence of Prince Bismarck, but now they have all swelled out like sponges placed in water. This has its advantages but also its dangers. There is no unity of will.