Much Clean Paper for Little Dirty Paper: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Texas Musâwama

Innovo Publishing, LLC, 2012 - 48 sider
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ABOUT THE BOOK: Herein, amid a skeleton history of the Dead Sea Scrolls, arguably the most significant archaeological find of all time, lies the improbable account of how long-missing fragments of the ancient scrolls came to reside at the seminary on the hill in Fort Worth, Texas. A multifaceted story unfolding over 65 years, it is one of an unlikely middleman who became the one man indispensable in the recovery of the ancient scrolls. The story follows the even more unlikely path of a preacher and seminary president and his wife as the scrolls unexpectedly came into their circle. The story also is one of two families, of small business that turned to friendship, and of friendship that opened doors to acquisitions never considered. Then, intertwined with consideration of the scrolls' historic yet transcendent significance, lay the prospect of the moving, ethereal hand of God, unbound by time, whose ways and thoughts are not as ours and whose movements have always abided in the unlikely and thrived within the improbable. **** ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Armour spent much of his life in the Middle East. Afoot, in the saddle, aboard felucca, boat and ship, and driving roads both crowded and known and remote and unmarked, he traversed the cities, ruins, deserts, hills, mountains, and waters of the lands of the Bible where, at times, he resided and worked on archaeological digs. He is a freelance writer and itinerant preacher and lives in the Mojave Desert of northwest Arizona with his wife, Rachel.

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