The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America

Plume Book, 1994 - 507 sider
For this completely new edition of their national bestseller, "The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America," which has been even furthur updated for the paperback edition, the dynamic and expert team of Levering and Moskowitz spent a year traveling the country to re-examine their past choices for the "100 best." They reviewed the operations and cultures of hundreds of other companies; interviewed thousands of workers and managers; and rated each company in terms of pay and benefits, job security, chances to move up, openness and fairness, and workplace pride. And it turns out that the "great new companies for the '90s" include only 55 from the original book. The reasons why such major companies as Levi Strauss, Apple Computer, Time Warner, Eastman Kodak, and Random House aren't included this time around make for fascinating reading. The authors take you inside the 100 best American companies - companies that offer a richer working environment and share a deep-seated respect for the people they employ. This important source book is a radical departure from most books about business, which view companies through the lens of management.

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Companies Where You Can Get Most Strongly Unionized

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