The Holocaust and the Armenian Case in Comparative Perspective

University Press of America, 2012 - 191 sider
There are only a small handful of mass deaths in all of history that have been deemed, by consensus, a genocide. The tragedy of the Armenians is not one of those events. For that reason, those who view the Armenian case as genocide have long sought to connect it explicitly to the single event that is most clearly associated with the word genocide--the Holocaust. Many ethnic groups in history have suffered massacres, forcible mass exiles, and the like. The Holocaust is unique in that it stands alone as the archetype of a rare class of historical events. Therefore, the effort to equate the suffering of Armenians with that of Jews is not accidental. The Holocaust and the Armenian Case in Comparative Perspective attempts to make this comparison in several distinct ways.

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Ycel Gl is a historian. His previous publications include The Sanjak of Alexandretta: A Study in Turkish-French-Syrian Relations, Numan Menemencioglu: Eminence Grise of the Turkish Foreign Service, Cevat Aikalin: The Life and Career of a Turkish Diplomat, The Turcomans and Kirkuk and Armenians and the Allies in Cilicia 1914–1923.

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