The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory, Volum 1

Sealy, Bryers & Walker, 1905
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The Catholic Diocese of Ossory includes most of County Kilkenny, a portion of Leix, and one parish in Offaly.

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Side 14 - Liuen' was the name of his mother, according to his own Life, chap. 21. Countless were the signs and miracles which God performed on earth through him. It was he that used to order the stones to kindle with a puff of his breath. It was he also that made fish, honey, and oil, of the little bit of meat in the time of the fast, when Brenainn of Birr and Ciaran of Cluain came on a visit to him, as appears from his Life ; together with many other miracles. He used to be often [immersed] in a vat of cold...
Side 214 - That we entertain a firm persuasion that a complete and entire union between Great Britain and Ireland, founded on equal and liberal principles, on the similarity of laws, constitution, and government, and on a sense of mutual interests and affections...
Side 64 - Cluain-Iraired, &c., died before the end of a year [after this plundering], of an insufferable and unknown disease; for he became putrid while living, through the miracle of God, Colum-cille, and Finnen, and the other saints of Ireland, whose churches he had profaned and burned some time before; and...
Side 54 - Christ was a mere man and a sinner, and was justly crucified for His own sins; others after having done homage and offered sacrifice to demons, thought otherwise of the sacrament of the Body of Christ than the Catholic Church teaches, saying that the same venerable sacrament is by no means to be worshipped; and also asserting that they are not bound to obey or believe the decrees, decretals, and...
Side 214 - Majesty's faithful subjects of Great Britain and Ireland, and may unite them inseparably in the full enjoyment of the blessings of our free and invaluable constitution, in the support of the honour and dignity of his Majesty's crown, and in the preservation and advancement of the welfare and prosperity of the whole British empire.
Side 69 - ... they brought forth their copes, candlesticks, holy waterstock, cross, and censers : they mustered forth in general procession most gorgeously, all the town over, with Sancta Maria, Ora pro nobis...
Side 105 - Commissioners have actually proceeded to the publication, yea, and forcing it upon the city by terror and threats, rather than by any free consent or desire of the people.
Side 14 - Masters, it is mentioned4 that in "the Age of Christ 928, Godfrey, grandson of Imhar, with the foreigners of Athcliath [Dublin], demolished and plundered Dearc-Fearna, where one thousand persons were killed in this year, as is stated in this quatrain" — " Nine hundred years without sorrow, twenty-eight, it has been proved, Since Christ came to our relief, to the plundering of Dearc-Fearna.
Side 10 - ... chieftains for the sovereignty of the island. " After Enna Airgtheach had spent twenty-seven years in the sovereignty of Ireland he fell by Raitheachtaigh, son of Maen, ... in the battle of Raighne. It was by this Enna Airgtheach that silver shields were made at Airget-Ros ; so that he gave them to the men of Ireland.
Side 84 - ... once he disappeared into the fastnesses of Kerry and raised a little army, but nothing came of this and he promised to dismiss his men. Rory Oge O'Moore, again in revolt, was, after some successes and many burnings, routed and slain by Barnaby Fitzpatrick, Baron of Upper Ossory, in 1578. He had been 'the head of the plunderers and insurgents of the men of Ireland in his time; and for a long time after his death', say the annalists, 'no one was desirous to discharge one shot against the Crown'.

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