Whose Bird?: Men and Women Commemorated in the Common Names of Birds

Christopher Helm, 2003 - 400 sider
Birders often wonder about the people commemorated in the names of many of our familiar bird species.
Was Bonaparte's Gull named after Napoleon? Was the Pallas who named Pallas' Warbler the same individual as the discoverer of Pallas' Sandgrouse, and if so did he discover the two birds at the same time, on the same journey? Who was the Lady Amherst who gave her name to one of the world's most spectacular yet secretive pheasants?
Whose Bird? answers these questions and many more, by presenting a potted biography of every individual who has given their name to a species of bird.
The biographies detail the life and work of the individual involved, often revealing fascinating insights about the nature of bird study and exploration in centuries gone by. Covered are 2,235 birds and 1,124 individuals, and all available details are given for the handful of names which could not be traced. This is a wonderful and engaging reference, illustrated throughout with portraits of the individuals concerned and line drawings of the birds that bear their names.

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Om forfatteren (2003)

Both authors are lifelong birders. Bo Beolens is known to thousands of birders as 'The Fat Birder' - founder of probably the biggest and best Internet resource for birders in existence.

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