Washington, January, 1851.

Sir: When I was last before your honorable court as a witness, about the time that Captain T. Ap C. Jones placed his last question in the hands of the judge advocate, he remarked to the court as follows: "It is on account of the malice and falsehood of this witness that I am arraigned here."

From the profound respect I have for the honorable court, I made no reply to the gross outrage, though 1 felt that the language was as undeserved as it was unprovoked and unpardonable.

1 endeavored to act with courtesy and respect before you, and to submit to the cross-examination of the distinguished counsel and of the accused with all patience and decorum. I hope I have succeeded in the effort; but I have a right as a witness at least, if on no other account, to be protected from insult when before the honorable court.

I made no objection to the most rigid examination. I made no objection to the many questions touching my character, nor to the questions intended to embarrass me; but I must claim the privileges extended to witnesses before all tribunals. I claim the protection due to me as an American citizen, as an officer, and as a gentleman. Supposing that the offensive words, of which I complain, were not heard by the honorable court, I feel bound to address you this letter, especially as I am instructed by the judge advocate that 1 may be again before you as a witness. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

FAB. STANLY, Lieulenoid U. S. N.

To Commodore Charles Stewart,

President of tlie Court martial, $*c.

Naval General Court Martial,

Washington* D. C, January 29, 1851. Sir: I am directed by the court to inform you that your two notes addressed to the president of the court have been received.

I am further instructed to say that the occurrence complained of, not having been brought to the notice of the court either by you or by any member of the court, could not be properly noticed at this time; but that the court has directed your notes, together with a copy of this letter, to be annexed to the record.

I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,

J. M. CARLISLE, Judge Advocate. To Lieutenant Fab. Stanly, U. S. Navy.

Witnesses on the part of the defendant in the case of -vs. Commo

dore Thos. Ap C. Jones, to be tried by a naval court martial to be convened at the Washington navy-yard, the third Monday in December proximo.

Commander A. K. Long, U. S. N.
Commander Zach. F. Johnston, U. S. N.
Lieutenant Geo. F. Emmons, U. S. N.

Surgeon N. C. Barrabino, U. S. N.

Surgeon G. R. B. Homer, U. S. N.

Purser Henry Wilson, U. S. N.

Commodore Chas. Morris, U. S. N.

Commodore Chas. S. McCauley, U. S. N.

Thos. O. Larkin, late navy agent at Monterey, now in New York.

Wm. M. Stewart, former secretary to Commodore Jones, now in California, soon expected in Washington.

Jas. A. Sherburne, late clerk and secretary to Commodore Jones, nov in Boston, Massachusetts.

Miles K. Warrington, passed midshipman, U. 9. N.

Lieutenant Catesby Ap R. Jones, U. S. N.

Lieutenant Edward M. Yard, U. S. N.

Honorable Jno. Y. Mason, late Secretary of the Navy.

Honorable Wm. M. Meredith, late Secretary of the Treasury.

Honorable Wm. B. Preston, late Secretary of the Navy.

A. J. Ellis, esq., sailed irom New York to California, October, 1850.

F. D. Athberton, esq., sailed from New York for Valparaiso, October, 1850.

Chas. T. Botts, late navy storekeeper at Monterey, now in San Francisco.

J. Collier, collector of the port of San Francisco.

Ed. H. Harrison, late collector of the port of San Francisco, Nev York or Washington.

James McCormick, late lieutenant in the navy, San Francisco.

Captain J. L. Folsom, U. S. army, San Francisco.

Captain J. L. C. Hardy, U. S. marine corps.

Brevet Captain Robert Tansill, U. S. marines.

Lieutenant Wm. P. McArthur, U. S. navy.

Major Henry Hill, paymaster U. S. army.

Captain Henry B. Tyler, U. S. marine corps; and any others I may find it necessary to summons hereafter.


Near Prospect Hill. Virginia,

December 7, 1850.

Sir: Herewith I enclose a list of additional witnesses; which, together with the log books of the ships named, will be required to aid me in my defence before the naval court-martial about to assemble for my trial. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

THOS. AP C. JONES, Late Commander in chief Pacific Squadrm. J. M. Carlisle, Esq.,

Judge Advocate, Sfc, fyc, fyc,

Additional toitnesses required by Commodore Jones for his defence before the naval court-martial about to convene at the Washington navy yard jvr his trial.

Purser William Speideo.
Lieutenant J. K. Duer.
Lieutenant Jno. Downes, jr.
Lieutenant James Wiley, U. S. marines.
Chaplain Walter Colton.
Chaplain Peter G. Clarke.
Lieutenant M. B. Woolsey.
Lieutenant Joseph Lanman.
Lieutenant Jno. J. Almy.
Boatswain Moses Hail.

Honorable R. J Walker, late Secretary of the Treasury.
A O. Dayton, Fourth Auditor.
Wm. B. Scott, late navy agent, Washington.
Honorable Reverdy Johnson, late Attorney General.
Major General W. Scott, U. S. army.

Log books of the Ohio, Dale, Warren, and Southampton—late cruise in the Pacific.

Washington, December 8, 1850. Sir" Commodore Jones has returned the enclosed summons to me, with a request that it be forwarded to San Francisco.

Will you have th« goodness to have it sent with the government mail? Very respectfully, your obedient servant.


Judge Advocate. Hon. Wm. A. Graham,

Secretary of the Navy, Washington.

Naval General Codkt-martial,

Washington, January 11, 1851.

Sir: At the request of Commodore Jones I have signed, and now enclose to you for the necessary orders, subpoenas for the following officers, viz:

Midshipman Bower, ship Fredonia; Surgeon Homer, Philadelphia; Purser II. Wilson, Columbus, Ohio.

I know nothing of the importance of these witnesses; nor can I conjecture whether Purser Wilson will be able to reach here before the trial is concluded. And I am not aware of any discretion vested in me, or in the court, upon a demand of this kind. In this, as in many other respects which have been brought fully to my notice during this trial, the law seems to require revision and amendment. Very respectfully, your obltient servant,


Judge Advocate. Hon. Wm. A. Graham,

Secretary of th"i Navy.

Naval General Court Martial,

Wasftington, January 11, 1S5I.

Sm: Herewith you will receive subpcenas for Mr. Petit and Mr. Pratt, in accordance with your request.

The subpoenas for Purser Henry Wilson, Surgeon Homer, and Midshipman Bower, are transmitted to the Secretary of the Navy for the necessary orders.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Judge Advocate. Commodore Thos. Ap C. Jones,

United States Navy, Sfc, Ife.

Navy Department,

November 26, 1S50.

Sir: I transmit herewith a leiter, addressed to you by Commodore Jones, enclosing a list of witnesses whom he desires that you summon to appear at his trial.

I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,

WILL. A. GRAHAM. J. M. Carlisle, Esq.,

Judge Advocate, fyc, Washington, D. C.

Navy Department,

October 22, 1850.

Sir: Your letter of the 19th instant has been received. Pursers Wilson and Green have been directed to report in person at the department, and bring with them the books and papers to which you refer.

The letter dated the 24th ultimo, addressed to the department by Commodore Jones, is not to be used as evidence, but may be referred to fof charges and specifications.

I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,

WILL. A. GRAHAM. J. M. Carlisle, Esq.,

Washington, D. C.

U. S. Naval Hospital,

Chelsea {Mass.J December 17, 1850.

Sir: 1 received this day a summons to appear before a naval genera! court-martial at the navy yard. Washington, D. C, on the 16th December, by the judge advocate, and your order to obey the summons; but my health is such that I cannot obey the summons.

I am, very respectfully, sir, your obedient servant,


Acting Boatswain U. S. Navy. Hon. Wm. A. Graham,

Secretary U. S. Navy, Washington, D. C.

I certify that what Mr. Hall states with respect to his health is true.

B. TICKNOR, Surgeon.


Very respectfully,

JNO. POPE, Commanding.

Navy Department,

December 14, 1850.

Sir: Yours of the 13th instant, in relation to certain log-books required by Commodore Jones for his defence, has been received.

Directions have been given that the log-books of the " Ohio," "Dale," and "Southampton," be sent to the commandant of the Washington navy yard, who will deliver them to you on application. The log book of the *« Warren" cannot be had without sending to the Pacific for it, as that ship is cruising in that quarter.

i am, respectfully, your obedient servant,

WILL- A. GRAHAM. J- M. Carlisle, Esq.,

Judge Advocate, <J*c, Washington.

Philadelphia, December 21, 1850. I certify that Chaplain Walter Colton, U. S. navy, is affected with dropsy, and is unable to travel, and likely to be so for some time to come.


Surgeon U. S. Navy.

Philabelphia, December 27, 1850. Sir: The above certificate will show the reasons for my not being able to appear as a witness on the trial of Commodore Jones. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Chaplain U. S. Navy. I. M. Carlisle, Esq.,

Judge Advocate.

Washington, December 30, 1850. Dear Sir: Lieutenant Woolsey (who left yesterday for Utica) desired me to ask you to put some certificate, or note of some kind, (1 know not what,) upfi the herewith enclosed summons. Please return it to me. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Purser U. S. Navy. J. M. Carlisle, Esq.,

Judge Advocate Naval General Court-martial.

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