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Samuel Griswold Goodrich, American Almanac

Collection (Library of Congress)

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CIRCUIT COURT OF UNITED STATES. Maine, at Tues. in March and on 21 Tues. in Sept. Springfield, n. p., 8th ortland May 1, itt Wiscasser Oct. 1. New Hamnp. at orts. after 1st Tues, in March and on 1st Tues. in Sept. Norihama moth May 8, at Exeter Oct. 8. Mass. ar Boston May 15 and 11. P., 7th Tues. after 1st Tues in March. Cambridge, 1. t., 3d Tua ***. 16. Rhode Island, at Newport June 15, au srovidence Nov. after 41h 'Tues. in Sept. Concord, 11. P., 2d Tues. in April. Nan15. Conn. at Hartford Sept. 17, at New itaven April 30. New tucket, n. p., 1st Tues. in July.. Dedham, I. t., 5th Tues after 4th York, Ist Mond. in April and last Mond. in Feb. July ami Oct. Tues. in Sept., n. p., 3d Tues, in Feb. Plymouth, 11. p., 10th Tues. fermont, at Wudsor May 21, at Rutland Oct. 3. New Jersey, after 1st T in March. Worcester, 1. 1., lst after 4th Tues. in at 'Trenton April 1 and 'Oct. 1. If any of the foregoing days Sept., Tues. after 1st Tues. in March. happen on Sunday the Court sits the Monday following.

Cominor tus, at Boston, 1st Tues. in Jan., April, July, and Oct. DISTRICT COURT OF U. S. Maine, Portland ist Tues. Dedham, 4th Mond. in April and 3d do. in Sept. and Dec. 'Ipswich im June and Dec., Wiscasset last Tues. in Feb. and Ist do. in 3d Mond. in March and Dec. Salem, 3d do. in June. Newburyport, Sept. New Hamp, Portsmouth 3d Tues. in March and Sept., 31 Moud. in Sept. Concord, Lil Mond. in March, June, and Sept. Exeter 31 do. in June and Dec. Mass. Boston 3+1 Tues. in Cambridge, 2d do. in Dec. Barnstable, Tues. after Isi Mond. in March, 4th do in June, 211 do. in Sept. and let do. in Dec. April and on 1st Tues. in Sept. Taunton, 20 Mond. in March and Rhode Island, Newport 2d Tues. in May and 31 do. in Oct. Sept. New Bedford, 2d do. in June and Dec. Edgartown, last Mond. Providence 1st Tues. in Feb. and Aug. Vermont, Windsor May in May and Sept. Plymouth, 20 Mond. in April and Aug, and Ist 1. Rutland Oct. 6. Conn., New Haven 4th Tues, in Feb. and do. in Dec. Nantucket, Ist Tues. in July. Worcester, Ist Mond. in Allg., Hartiord 4th do. in May and Nov. New York, Southern March and Dec., 3d do. in June, and on the Mond. after 4th Mond. District, New York Ist Tues. in every month, Northern Dis. in Aug. Greenfield, 31 Moud. in March and 20 do. in Aug. and Nov. trici, All'any 3d Tires. in Jan. and 2. do. in May, Utica last Springfield, 31 Mond. in Feb. and June and 2d do. in Oct. NorthPues, in Aug. New Jersey, New Brunswick 20 Tues. in March ampton, 4th Mond. in March and 3d do. in Aug. and Nov. Lenox, and Sepe., Burlington 3d Tues. in May and Nov,

4th Mond. in Feb., June, and Oct. MAINE.

RHODE ISLAND. Supreme Judicial Court. Portland, Tues. next but one pre- Supreme Judicial Court. At Newport, Ist Mond. in March and ceding last Tues, in April and Ist Tues. in Nov. Castine, 5th 4th do. iu Aug. Providence, 3d Mond. in March and Sept. South Tucr. after 4th Tues. in May. Augusta, 1st Tues. after 4th Kingston, 4th Mond. in April and 20 do. in Oct. Bristol, 24 Mond. Tues. in May and 1st Tues. in Oct. Wiscasset, 4th Tues. in in Murch and Sept. East Greenwich, 20 Mond. in April and Ist do. Ali y and 20 do. in Sept. Paris, 30 Tues. in May and 2 do. in in Oct. Oci Bangor, 3d Tues, a!ter 4th Tues. in May and 4th do. in Common Pleas. At Newport, 3d Mond, in May and Ist do, in Oct. Norridge wock, 21 Tues. after 4th Zues. in May and last Nov. Providence, 4th Mond. in May and Nox: South Kingston, lsc do, in Sept. "Bolsast, 7th Tues. after 4th Tues. in May and 2d Mond. in Feb. and 2d do. in Aug. Bristol, 4th Mond. in Jan. and an. in Dec. Marhias, 4th Tues. after 4th Tues. in May. Alfred, 1st do. in June. East Greenwich, 3d Mond. ia Peb, and Aug. last Tues. in April and 3d do. in Sept.

CONNECTICUT. Court of Coinmon Pleai. Portland, Ist Tues. in March and Oct. and 3d Tues, in June. Costine, 4th 'Tues. in April. and 3d June. New Haven, Tues. foli'g 41h do. in July: New London, 34

Supreme Court of Errors. At Hartford, 2d Tues, in Feb. anid Jo. in Oct. Augusta, 24 Tues. in April, Aug. and Dec. Wis. Tues. in July. Danbury, 4th Tuer. in June. Brooklyn, 4th casset, 4th Tues. in Dec., 4th do. in Aug. Warren, 4th Tues. in July. Litchfield, 3d Tues. in June. Middletown, 21 Tues. in July. April.' Paris, 4th Tues. in Jan. and Sept. avd 2dl do, in June. Tolland, Tues. fóll'g 4th Tues, in July. Bangor, 1st l'ues. in Jan. and Oct. and 4th do. in May. Norridgewóck, 20 Tuesin March, last do, in June, and 1st do. in field, "Tues. foll'g 1st Mond. in April. De

Superior Court. At Hartford, 3d 'Tues. in Feb. aud Sept Nov. Bellist, 4th Tiles. in March and Nov. Machias, 1st Tues. New Haven, 4th Tues. in Jan. and 20 in March and 3d do. in Sept. Alfred, 24 Monday in Feb. last wich, 31 Tues. in March. N. London, 3o. in May and 3d do, in Oct.

4th Tues, in Jan. and Ist do. in Oct. 1 NEW HAMPSHIRE.

and Aug. Middletown, 4th Tues, in Feb Superior Court. Portsmouth, 1st Tues. in Dec. Rochester, Tolland, 3d do. in April and Oct. 21 Tues. in Dec. Concord, 3 Tues, in Dec. Amherst, 4th Tues.

County Courts. At Hartford, 4th Tues in Dec. Keene, Ist Tues. in July. Newport, 22 Tues. in July. Aug. and Nov. N. Haven, 3d Tues. in Ma Haverhill, 311 Tues. in July, Lancaster, 4th Tues. in July.

and Nov. Fairfield, Ist Tues. in Jan. Da), Common Plear. l'ortsmonth, 1st Tues. in Jan. Exeter, 1st Londou, 20 Taes. 'in Feb. and Jane. N Tie in Aug. Dover, 3d Tues. in Jan. Gilforı, 30 Tues. in Brooklyn, Ist Tues. in March 2d do. in Aug. August. Concord, isi 'Tuez, in Feb. and Sep. Amberst, 34 Tues. in April, 4th do. in Sept. and 3d do. jo l'ues. in Wb. and Sept. Kerne, 1st Tues. in April and Oct. foll's 1st Mond. in April. Middletown, 3u. Inverbill, 1st Tues. in May. Plymouth, 1st Tues. in Nov. Lan: 4ch Tues. in March, Aug., and Dec. master, 34 Tues, in May and Nov. Newport, 3d Tues. in April


Court for the Trial of Impeachmo

Errors. At Albany or New York, at sre Supreine Court. Bennington, 21 Tues. after 4th Tues, in Jan.

the Court. flutland, 1st Tues. after 4th Tulus. in Jan. Middlebury, 4th Tues. Jur. 'Danville, 7th Tues. after 4th Tues. in Jan. Burlington, each year at such times as are appointe

Court of Chancery. Two terms at k
Rues. preceding Ist 'lues. in Jan. Guildhall, 8th Tues. atter 4th

Vice Chancellor's Court. 1st Cir. 1
Tites, ju Jan. Chelsea, 5th Tues, after 4th Tues. in Jan. St.
Albana, 20 rues. in Jan. North Hero, 30 Tues. in Jan. Iras- Mond. in March and last in

and Oct. at the City Hall, N. York,
yre, ah Tues. after 4th Tues. in Jan. Montpelier, 6th Tues. Dec. 3d Cir. Albany, 30 Me
after 4th Tues. in Jan. Newfane, 31 Tues. after 4th Tues. in Aug. avd Nov. 411 Cir
Jar Woodstock, 4th Thes. after 4th Tues. in Jan.

last Mond. in April and County Courts.' Middlebury, 21 Tues. in June and Dec. Ben- Urica, Ist Mond. in Mai

rigt011, 24 Tues. in April. Manchester, 4th Tues, in Sept. Cir. Cooperstowu, 4th Mouu. Danville, 1st Tues. in Junie and Dec. Burlington, last Tues, but Ithaca, a Mond. in June ar i. me in March and Aug. Guildhall, last Tues. in May and 3 do. 7th Cir. Auburn, Ist Tues. in Ma in Dec. St. Albans, 20 'ines. in April and Sept. North Hero, Mond. in Feb. 8th "ir. Batavia, 14 Tues. after 4th Tues. in April and Sept. Chelsea, 3d Tues. Rochester, 31 Mond. in May and 41 in June and Dec. Irasburg, 30 Tues. in June and 4th do. in Dec. Rutland, 4th Tues. in April and 20 do. in Sept., Montpelier, 2 York, 1st Moud. in May. Utica, Ist

Supreme Court. Albany, 1st Mo. Tuen, in April and 31 do. in Nov. Newtane, 21 Tucs. in April

Circuit Court. Albany Co. Ist Mori and sept. "Woodstock, last Tues. in May and Nov,

ghany Co. Ist Mond. in March and 3d MASSACHUSETTS.

Mond. in Ma od 4th in Sept. Catarai Supreme Judicial Court. Boston Law Term for the Counties Mond. in Mar 1 3d Mond. in Sept.

Su.Tolk and Nantucket, let Tucs. in March. Nisi prius, 7th April and 31 in Chaukague Co. 20 Mon. Tues. after 4th u. in Sept. Plymouth and Taunton, alternately, Sept. Chenang t Mond. in May and 1. e. fur Co's of Bristol, Piymouth, Barnstable, and Dukes, 40 Co. 4th Tues. in

laat in June. Columbia Tuen. alter 4ih Tues, in Sept. Barnstable, n. p. for Co's of April and Nov. and Co. 3d Mond, in June Barnstabie and Dukes, 9th Tues. after 1st Tues. in March. Delaure Co. 411 ad. in May and Sept. Dulu Lenox, 1. 1., 21 Tues, in Sept. n. p., 10th Tues. atter ise Tues. Mond. in March and 38 in Oct. Erie Co. 30 Mond. in *** March. Siem, l. 1., 6th T vier 4th Tues. in Sept., D). p. Ist in Oct. Essez Co. Wed's after 30 Tues. in Jan. ang If swich, 8th Tues. after it! March. Northn injewi, I. i. last Tues. in June. Franklin Co. last Thursday, but one 10. Co's of Franklin, HI

Hampiden, Monday pre- Tues. in Jan. and on Thurs. after 1st Tues, in July, Gcness ceding til Tues, in Sept.,

6th Tues. after' Ist 4th Mond. in March and Ist in Sept. Greene Co. lat

and Mond. alter Ist Tues. in Oct. Herkimer Co.u Mond. in Mr. Court of Errors. Trenton, 1st Tues. in Nov.aud 3 do in May. and Sept. Jefferson Co. 3 Mond. in June and Dec. King's Co. Suvreme Court. Trenton, u Tuus. In May and Nov. lst la Sep. 4th Mond. in May and Oct. Lewis Co. Tues. belore 31 Moud. in and just in Feb. June and Dec. Livingston Co. last Mond. in Feb. avd 2d in Sept. Circuit Courts, in the several counties as follows. Middleser, Ma lison Co. 4th Moud. in Mar. and Sept. Munroe Co. 41h Mond. 22 Tues. in June and Dec. Monmouth, 4th Tues. in April and 3. in April and 31 in Oct. Montgomery Co. last Tues, but one in May do. in Oct. Esser, 21 Tuer. in April and 3d do. in Sept. Somer. and Nov. New York Co. Ist Mond. iu Mar. and May, 2d in Sept. set, 3d Tues. in April and lat do.' in Oct. Bergen, 4th Tues, in and 3d in Nov. Niagara Co. Mond. after 4th Mond. in Mar. and March and Oct. Morris, 3d Tues. in March and 4th in Sepe. last Mond. in Aug. Oneida Co. 21 Mond. in April ang hot in Oct. Burlington, 4th Tucs. in Mny and Ist in Oct. Gloucester, 3d Tues. Onondaga Co. 31 Mond. in March and lot in Oct. ntario Co. in March and 1st in Oct. Salem, 20 Tues. in June and ist in Dec. 1st Mond. in June and Dec. Orange Co. 2d Mond. in April and Cape Mar, last Tues, in May Hunterdon, 1st Tues, iu May and Sept. Orleans Co. 21 Movd. after 4th do. in Mar, and Thursday 4th do. in Oct. Cumberland, 1st Tues. in June and last in Nov. before last Mond. in August. Oswego Co. Tues. after 4th Mond. Susses, 4th Tues. in May und Nov. Warren, Ist Tues. in June in June and Dec. _Otsego Co. 3d Mond. in April and Ist in Sept. aud next after 4th in Nov. Putnam Co. 2d Tues. in May and Tues, alter 21 Mond. in Oct. Court of Common Pleas and Gen. Quart. Sess's. Middlesex, Queens Co. 3d Mond. in May and 1st Thursday in Nov. Rensse- 20 Tues. in March, June, Sept., aud Dec. Monmouth, Ath Tues. her Co. 31 Mond. in Mar. and Sept. Pichmond Co. 3d Thurs. in in Jan., April, and July and 31 in Oct. Essex, Ist Tues. in Jan., May and 2d Mood. in Nov. Rockland Co. Thurs. after 3d Moud. 2d in April, 4th in June, and 31 in Sept. Somerset, 1st Tues. in in April and Wed, after last Mond. in Sept. Saratoga Co. last Jan., 34 in April and Jupe, and 1st in Oct. Bergen, 4th Tues, in Tues. in May and Nov. Schenectady Co. 4th Mond. in Feb. and Jan., March, and Oct. and 21 in June. Morris, 3d Tues. in Dec. Ist Tnes. in Oct. Schohan Co. 4th Tues. in April and Tues. after and March, Ist in July, and 4th in Sept. Burlington, 2d Tues. in 21 Moud. in Oct. Seneca Co. last Mond. io Álay and Nuv. St. Feh, and Aug., 4th in May, and ist in Nov. Gloucester, 3d Tues. Lawrence Co. next Tues. but one atter 4th Tues. in Jau. and 20 in March and June, Ist in Oct., and 3d in Dec. Salem, let Tues. Tues, ia July. Sleuben Co. 4th Mond. in May and Nov. Sulle in March, 2d in June, 3d in Sept., and ist in Dec. Cape May, Ist Co. Ist Wed. in June and 2d after 1st Tues, in Oct. Sullivari Co. Tues. in Feb., last in May, and 4th in Oct. Hunterdon, let Tues. 31 Tues. in May and Tues. after 4th Mond. in Oct. Tioga Co. 31 in Feb., May, and Aug. and 4th in Oct. Cumberland, 3d Tues. in Mond. in May and let in Dec. Tompkins Co. 1st Mond. in June Feb., last in Nov., 1st in June, and 4th iu Sept. Sussex, 4th Tues. and 31 in Nov. Ulster Co. 4th Mund. in April and Ist in Oct. in Jan., Aug., May, and Nov. Warren, 20 Tues, in Feb., 1st iu Warren Co. Ist Tues. in June and Dec. Washington Co. 21 Movd. June, 4ih iu Aug. and next after 4th in Nov. in June and Nov. Rayne Co. 31 Mond. in April and 2 in Sept.

PENNSYLVANIA. Yales Co. 2 Mond. in June and Dec. Westchester Co. Tues, after

Circuit Court. I biladelphia, 11th of April and Oct. Ist Mond. of April and Tues. after 31 Mond. in Sept.

District Court. Philadelphia, 5d Mond. of Feb., May, Aug., and Court of Common Pleas. Albany Co. 3d Tues. of March and Nov. Pittsburg, Ist Mond. in May and 311 in Oct. 2d do of June, Sept., and Dec. Alleghaw Co. 21 Tues. of Feb. and

Supreme Court. Holds six terms for argument, and adjourned 4ch do. of June and Oct. Broome Co. 2 Tues. of March and last

courts as they may deem necessary. The regular terms are, at du. of Aug. and Nov. Ca taraugus Co. last Toes. of Jan., 31 do. I biladelphia, on the 31 Movd. in March and 2d in Dec. Lancaster, Jone, and 1st do. of Oct. Cayuga Co. 30 Mond. of Jan. May, and 31 Moud. in May. Sunbury, on the Weel. full’y the 20 week of the Sept. Chautruque Co., 21 Tues, of Feb, und Det. and 4th do of term of the Lancaster District. Pittsburg, Ist Mond. in Sept. June. Chenango Co. 2 Tues. of Feb., June, aud Oct. Clinton

Chambersburg, on the Mond. week foll'g the end of the 2d week of Co. Ist Tues. of Jan., 2d do. of May, and 1st do. of Oct. Colum

the term of the Western District. 34 Mod. in Feb., June, and Sept. Corrland Co. last 'l'ues.

Court of Common Pieas and Quart. Sess. Philadelphia, 1st Del zware Co. 1st Mond. of Feb., June, Mond. in March and June, 31 in Sept., and let in Dec. York, ist

Mund. of Fe and June and last do. Mond. of Jan., April, Aug., and Nov. Lancaster, 24 Mond. after d. of March and Jurre, 4th do. of Aug., the commencement of the court in York. Berks', 1st Mond. in Co, 24. Tues. of Jan. and April and Jan., April, Aug., and Nov. Northampton, 21 Moud, after the Co. Ist Turs. of Feb. and 24 do of June cominencement of the courts in Berks. Lehigh, on the Mond. sucMond. of Feh. and Sept. and last do. of ceeding the 2d week of the courts of Northampton county. BedAlond. of Feb., Juve, and Oct. Jeffer ford, 1st Mond. in Jan., April, Ang., and Nov. Huntington, 20 6. and June and ist dó. of Sept. and Dec. Mond, in the same montbe. Mitilin, 3d Mond. in same months. 1., April, July, and Oct.

Livingston Co. Centre, 4th Mond. of the same months. Beuver, 2d Mond. iu Jan., y, and Sep, Madison Co. Ist Tues, of April, and Aug. and let do. in Nov. Alleghany, 3d Mond. in Nov. and Oct. Monroc Co. 4th Mond of Mar. and ith in Jan., April, and Aug. Venango, 1st Mond. in Nov.,

of Oct. and Dec. Montgomery Co. 2d Feb., May, and Aug. Mereer, 3d Mond. of the saine mouths. Sept., and Dec

N-0 York Co. 31 Moud. Crawford, 4th Moud of the same months. Erie, the lond. Socira Co. Ist Tues. of Jan., May, and Sept. ceeding the cominencement of the courts in Crawford. Montgon.eFeb., May, Aug., and Nov. Orange Co. ry, 20 Mond. after commencement of the courts in Chester. Bucks, of Muy, and Iwe do. of Sep. and Dec. 24 Mond. after commencement of the courts in Montgomery. CoJan.. June, aud Sept. Osuego Co. 3d lumbia, 1st Mond. in Jan., April, Aug., and Nov. Norihumberland, be, and 20 do. ot' Dec. Putrum Co. Ist 24 Moud. after comm. of the courts in Columbia. Lycoming, 21

Sept: Queens Co. 3d Tues. of Feh. Mond. after comm. of the courts in Northumberland. Luion, 24 of Oct. Rensselaer Co. last Mond. of Mond. after comm. of the courts in Lycoming. Cumberland, Ist bond Co. 21 Tues. of April, Sept., and Mond. in Jan., April, Aug., and Nov. Adums, Mond. next suc. of Feb. and 31 do. of April and Nov. ceeding the courts in Cumberland. Franklin, Mond. gucceeding pril and last do. of Aug. and Dec. the courts in Adams. Westinoreland, Mond. preceeding the last

do. April, and 2d do. Oct. Mond. in Feb., May, Aug., and Nov. Cambria, Ist Mond. of d Oct. Seneca Co. Ist March, June, sepl.; and Dec. Indiana, 2d Mond. of the surno St. Lawrence Co. 34 months. Armstrong, 31 Mond. of saine months. Luzerne, lol

, es. of Jan., last do. of months. Wayne, 4th Mond. of the same months. Schuylkill, last Co. last Tues. of Jan. avd 21 Mond. in March,'July, Oct.. and Dec. Lebanon, 1st Monel. after Tues. of Jan., May, and Sept. comm. of the courts in Schuylkill. Dauphin, 2d Moud. after comm. May, and Sepi. Ulster Co. 20 of the courts in Lancaster. Susquehanna, lst Mond. after the nd Dee. Warren Co. 30 Tues. of courts in Wayne. Bradford, 1st Mond. after the courts ia Susque. See. Wayne Co. 4th 'Tues. of Jan., set, last Mond. in Feb., Alay, Aug., and Nov. Fayette, 1st Mond. fo. 24 Tues. of March, last do. of hannah. Tioga, 1st Mond. after the courts in Bradford. Somer

Co. 4th Mond. of May aud Sept. and in March, June, Sept., aud Dec. Greene, 3d Mond. in the same 0.24 Tues. of Jan, and June and last months. Washington, itse Mond. following those of Greene. Delu

last Tues. in April and 21 do. iu Oct. ware, 3d Mond. in Jan., 2. in April, 4th in July, and 3d in Ocı. an. ad 31 do, in April and Sept. Oneida Chester, 2d Mond. after the 3d Mond. in Jan., April, July, and Oc. Aug., and Nov. Otsego Co. lst Tues. in Feb. Mond. of same months. Somerset, Mond. following those in Bed. June, Septor and Dec.cognoudaga for the Franklin, 24 Mond. in Jan., April, Aug., and Novi Bedford

, che 21 do. in Oct.

ford. Butler, 20 Mond. in Nov., 3d do. in Jan., April, and Aug. NEW JERSEY.

DELAWARE. r. Trenton, 1st day of Anril sud Oot.

Circuit Court. Newcastle and Dorer, alternately, 30 June and Sure. New Brunswick, 2d Tuu. of March and Sept. 27th Oct. 3d Tues. of May aud Nov.

District Court. Newcastle and Dover, a Hernately, on the 4tda Chancers. Trentou, 31 Tues, tu Jan., ist in April, sad Tues. of Nov. and of each 3d calendar month thereaker.

y and Oct.

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