Aitogemssa, a city of Arman), 464

Arzanena, a province of Mesopotamia,
393 A

Ascalon, a city of Palestine, 29

Ascanimia, n mountain in Scythia, 340

Asclepiades the philosopher, 304

Asclepiadotus, count, 65

Asia Minor, description of, 289

Asmiru, a mountain in Serica, 341

Asp, the largest species of serpent in
Egypt, 311

Aspabota, a city oi‘ Scythia, 341

Aspacaraa, a tribe of the Seres, 34-1

Aspacuras, a Persian satrap, 466

Asparata, a city of the Beta, 341

Assanite Saracens, 350

Assyria, the wife of Barbatio, 165

a province of Persia, in the time
of Amrnianus called Adiabene, 333

Astacia, a city of Bactria, 340

Astracus, a city in Bithynia, also called
Nicomedia, 287

Atacotti harass the Britons, 413

Athagors, a Scythian tribe, 341

Athanaric, a Gothic chief, 447, 583

Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, his
character, 67

Athos, a mountain in Macedonia, 286

Athribis, a city of Egypt, 313

Athyras, a port in the Propontis, 287

Ati, a people near the cataracts of the
Nile, 308

Atlas, a mountain in Africa, 50

Attuarii, a tribe of F ranks. 235

Auch (Ausci), a town in Aquitania, 79

Augnry, modes of, 245

Augusta (Londinium), the capital of
Roman Britain, 483

Augnstamnica, a province ofligypt, 312

Augustus, Emperor, his correction of
the calendar, 408

Anlion, a cave near the Euxine, 290

Aurelian, the Emperor, 570

Aureolus, a conspirator against Con-
stantius, 274

Austoriani, a people of Mauritania, 413

Autuu (Augnstodunum), the chief town
of the Edui, 79

Anxerre (Autosidorum), 0. city in Gaul,

Avenches (Aventicum), the capital of
the Helvetii, 79


Avernus; a lake in Campania, 489

Avitianus, deputy-governor of Afiics,

Axius, a river of Macedonia, 258

Azmorna, a city of Hyrcania, 339

Azov, sea of(Palus Mantis), 288, 577,


Bsnrnon, 334

Bacchus, 290

Bacchylides, the lyric poet, 383

Bactra, a river in Bactria, 340

Bactrians, 339

Bietica, a consular province of Spain,

Bagrada, a river in Persia, 337

Bainobaudes, a tribune of the Scutnrii,
39, 105 ; (2) a tribune of the Cornuti,
106 ; killed in the battle of Stras-
burg, 121

Balistg a military engine for discharg-
ing stones, described, 322

Bappo, a tribune, commander of the
Promoti, 54

Baraba, a town in Arabia Felix, 333

Barbatio, count of the domestics, 40;
promoted to the command of the
infantry, 104-, 136; 8 swarm of
bees on his house regarded as a bud
omen, 165; an arrogant and trea-
cherous man, 166; beheaded, 166

Barbitani, mountains in Persia lying
towards India, 343

Barchalbas, a tribune, 430

Bards, the poets of Gaul, 74

Barzala, a fort in Mesopotamia, 179

Barzimeres, tribune of the Scntarii, 546

Basilica of Sicininus in Rome, probably
the church of Santa Maria Maggiore,

Basilinn, mother of the Emperor J ulian,

Basilisk, a kind of Egyptian serpent,

Bassianus, a Roman of noble family, 515

Bassus, prefect of Rome, 146

Batne, a. town near the Euphrates,
where an annual fair was held, 10

Battus, a Spartan, the founder oi
Cyrene, 312

Bautis, a river in Serica, 341

Bazas (Vasataz), a town in Gaul, 79

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Bebase, a town in Mesopotamia, 178

Bebrycia, a district in Bithynia, 288

Bclgae, the most warlike people of Gaul,

Belias, a river of Mesopotamia which
falls into the Euphrates, 321

Bellovaedius, a tribune given as a host-
age to the Persians, 394

Berenice, also called Hesperides, a town
in Libya, 312

Beruea, a city of Thrace, 444

Berytus, a city of Phoenicia (the modern
Beirut), 28

Besa, the name of an Egyptian deity, 208

Besanoon, a city ofthe Sequani, 79, 253

Besbicus, an island in the Propontis, 287

Bssi, a Thracian tribe, 444

Beta, a people in Serica, 341


Bezabde, a town on the Tigris formerly
called Phumioe, 225, 266 ; captured
by Sapor, 227; unsuccessfully be-
sieged by Constantius, 237-239

Bineses, a Persian satrap, 394-

Bingen (Bingium), a town in Germany,

Bisula, a river (the Weichsel), 292

Bitaxa, a town of the Ariani, 342

Bitheridus, a German noble, 525

Bithynia, 288

Bizes, a river of the Euxine, 288

Blemmysz, n people near the cataracts
of the Nile, 11

Boar, an island on the coast of Dalmatia,

Bonitus, a Frank, the father of Silvanus,

Bomnunster (Bononin), a town in Pan-
nonia, 257

Bonn (Bonna), a town in Germany, 161

Boriou, a promontory in Egypt, 307

Bosporus, the Thracian (the Straits of
Constantinople), 288

-— the Cimmerian (Straits of Yene-
Kali ;, 70

Boitn, a city ofArzibia, 29

Boulogne (Bononis), 1 town in Gaul,

Bourdeaux (Burdegala), a city in Aqui-
tania, 79

Brahmans, 336, 470

Branchidse, an oracle in the Milesian _
w-rimiy, 511 |

Brianeon (Vii gantia), 76

Brigantia (the lake of Constance), 52

Brisoana, a Persian river, 337

Britain, corn exported to Rome, 161;
pearls found in the British sea, 345;
sufiers from the incursions of the
Picts and Scots, 212. 453; invaded
by the Saxons, 413; distzres of, 453;
Theodosius goes to assist, 483 .

Bruchion, a quarter in Alexandria,
inhabited by opulent persons, 314

Brumat (Brocomagus), a city of Ger-
many, 86

Bucenobantes, a tribe of the Allemanni

Buffaloes in Egypt, 309

Bura, a town destroyed by an e_m-th-
quake, 140

Burgundians, 495; their kings called
Hendinos, 495; their chief priest
called the Sinistm, 496

Busan, a fort in Mesopotamia, 183

Byzantium (Constantinople), 287

Byzares, a people near the Euxine,

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CABILLONUM (Chalons sur Marne), 98,

Cabyle, a town in Thrace, 607

Cadnsii, a tribe on the Caspian Sea,

Cacraniiis, a philosopher, 520

Caesarea, formerly Mazaca, a town in
Cappa-lncia, 233

a town in Mauritania, 534

a town in Palestine, 29

Csesariensis, a province of Mauritania,
526 '

Cmsarius, prefect of Constantinople,

secretary of the Emperor, 551

Cwsius, treasurer of the commander of
the cavalry, 200

Cafaves, a people of Africa, 532

Calatis, a town in European Scythia,

Calicadnus, a rive." in lsauria, 9

Callichorus, a river near the Euxine
Sea, 290 '

Callimarhus, an ancient Grecian gene-
ral, 369


Callipolis, a city at the head of the
Hellespont, 287
Callisthenes, a pupil of Aristotle, 166
Callistratus, an ancient orator, 554
Camaritae, a tribe near the Euxine Sea
Cambyses, king of Persia, 129
a river in Media, 337
Camels first seen by the Romans at
the siege of Cyzicus, 340
Camenius, a Roman senator, 473
Camp of Hercules (Castra Herculis), a
town in Germany, 161
Camp of Mars, a town in Dacia, 608
Camp of the Moors, a town or fortress
in Mesopotamia, 173,393
Canini, a people on the borders of
Rhaetia, 52
Canopus, a city of Egypt, 314
Cantichus, a gulf in Armenia, 332
Capellatum, a district on the borders of
the Burgundians, 164
Capersana, a town in Syria, 179; called
also Capessana, 255
Caphareus, a promontory of Euboea,
Carambis a promontory in Paphlagonia
(now Cape Kerempe), 289
Carcinites, a river and bay on the
Euxine Sea, 292
Carmania, a province of Persia, 338
Carnuntum, a city of Illyria, 559
Carpi, a people on the Danube, 446, 468
Carrae, a town of Mesopotamia, 177,
237, 320
Cascellius, a Roman lawyer, 556
Caspian, tribes of the, 291
Cassianus, Duke of Mesopotamia, 98,
176, 201, 396
Cassium, a town in Egypt, 312
Cassius, a mountain in Syria, 28;
Julian sacrifices to Jupiter upon it,
Castalia, a fountain in Phocis, at the
base of Mount Parnassus, 303
Castricius, Count of Isauria, 8
Catadupi, the cataracts of the Nile, or
the people who live near them, 307
Catalauni (Chalons sur Marne), 436
Cato, the censor, 16, 81, 88
Catulus, the aedile, 20
Caucalandes, a town in Sarmatia, 588

Cella, a tribune of the Scutarii, 105
Celse, a town in Phoenicia, 23
Cephalonesus, a town on the Borys-
thenes, 293
Ceras, a cape on the Propontis, 287
Cerasus, a town in Pontus, 289
Cercetae, a tribe near the Euxine Sea,
Cercius, the charioteer of Castor and
Pollux, 290
Cercusium, a fortress in Mesopotamia,
Cerealis, uncle of Gallus, 43; (2) a
master of the horse, 482, 564
Cethegus, a senator, beheaded, 471
Chaerecla, a town in Libya, 313
Chalcedon, a town in Bithynia, 287;
inscription found on a stone in the
walls of 577
Chalcenterus, an author, 314
Chaldaea, 335
Chalites, a gulf in Armenia, 332
Chalybes, a tribe near the Caspian Sea,
Chamavi, a German tribe, 141
Charax, a town in Parthia, 338
Charca, a town on the Tigris, 183
Chardi, a Scythian tribe, 341
Charietto, count of Germany, 144,
Charinda, a river in Media, 337
Charte and Chartra, towns in Bactria,
Chasmatiae, a kind of earthquake, 139
Chauriana, a town in Scythia, 341
Chiliocomus, a district of Media, 21
Chilo, a Roman deputy, 469
Chionita', a tribe bordering on Persia,
99, 134, 176
Chnodomarius, a king of the Allemanni,
107, 112, 120; taken prisoner and
sent to Rome, 121; his death, 121
Choaspa, a town in Arachosia, 343
Choaspes, a river in Media, 337
Choatres, a river in Parthia, 338
Chronius, a river of the Euxine Sea,
Chrysopolis, a city on the Propontis,

Cibalae, a town in Pannonia, 566
Cicero, 5, 49, 61, 81, 84, 210, 245,
274, 284, 310,406, 433,443, 457,
462, 476, 491, 531, 555, 570,
Cilicia, description of 27
Ciminia, a district in Italy, 140
Cimon, son of Miltiades, 145
Cineas, the ambassador of Pyrrhus, 100
Circesium, a town of Mesopotamia,
described, 325
Cius, a town on the Propontis, 287
Civilis, prefect of Britain, 455
Claritas, a Roman matron, 474 -
Claros, in Lydia, seat of a temple and
oracle of Apollo, 210
Claudiopolis, a city in Isauria, 27
Claudius, prefect of Rome, 439, 542
Cleander, a prefect under the Emperor
Commodus, 418
Clematius, a citizen of Alexandria, 2
Cleopatra, 313
Coche, a town in Persia, 363
Coela, a town near the Hellespont,
Coeni Gallicani, a station in Bithynia, 38
Colchi, a tribe of Egyptian origin, 290
Colias, a Gothic noble, revolts, 592
Cologne (Colonia Agrippina), 86
Comedus, a mountain in the country
of the Sacae, 340 -
Comets, their nature, 401
Commagena, a province of Syria, 334
*Commodus, the Roman Emperor, 507,
Como (Comum), a town in Italy, 48
Constans, son of Constantine, 2, 94
Constantia, daughter of Constantius,
423, 539
Constantianus, a tribune, 322, 482,
Constantina, daughter of Constantine
the Great, 2, 37,244, 245
- a town in Mesopotamia, 178
Constantine the Great, 60, 81, 98, 97,
131, 419
Constantinople, 287; threatened siege
of, by the Goths, 622
Constantius the Emperor, his cruelty,
13; summons Gallus to Italy, 23;
makes war on the Allemanni, 32;
his speech, 34–36; retires to Milan,
36; his jealousy, 37; his severe
treatment of Gallus's friend, 51;
invests Julian with the title of


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Caesar, 70; his weakness, 99; his
triumphal procession to Rome, 100;
his arrogance, 101; erects an obelisk,
130; reply to Sapor, 135; receives
the title of Sarmaticus, 156; marches
against the Limigantes, 204; jealousy
of Julian, 216; besieges Bezabde,
237; marries Faustina after the
death of Eusebia, 253; crosses
the Euphrates, 255; his speech to
his army, 267; unfavourable dreams
and omens, 269; his death, 271 ;
virtues and vices, 272; buried at
Constantinople, 276
Contensis, a town in Africa, 534
Coptos, a town in the Thebais, 312;
story of his wife, 291
Corax, a river flowing into the Euxine,
Corduena, a province belonging to the
Persians, 175, 321, 393
Cornelius Gallus, procurator of Egypt,
Cornelius, a senator, 474
Coronus, a mountain in Media, 335
Costoboci, a Scythian tribe, 293
Cottius, a king on the Alps, 75
Craugasius, a noble of Nisibis, 200;
story of his wife, 201
Crescens, deputy-governor of Africa,
‘Cretio, count of Africa, 254
Crispus, son of Constantine the Great,
Crissaean Gulf in Western Locris, 140
Criu-Metopon, a promontory of Thrace,
Crocodiles in Egypt, 309
Croesus, 64
Ctesiphon, the winter residence of the
Parthian kings, 334
Curandius, a tribune of the archers,
Curio, a Roman general, 530
Cybele, festival in honour of 321
Cyclades, 286
Cydnus, a river in Cilicia, 27
Cylaces, a Persian eunuch, 463
Cynaegirus, a Grecial, general, 369
Cynossema, a promontory in Caria, now
Cape Volpo, 287
Cyprus, 29

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Cyrene, a city in Libya, 312
Cyreschata, a town in Sogdiana, 340
Cyria, a Mauritanian princess, 531
Cyrinus, 280
Cyropolis, a town in Media, 337
Cyrus, 90,331
Cyzicus, 287; besieged and taken by
Procopius, 426; taken by the Scy-
thians, 591


DACIA, 423
Dadastana, a town on the borders of
Bithynia, 403
Dagalaiphus, captain of the domestics,
255, 347, 359, 388, 407; sent by
Valentinian to oppose the Allemanni,
415; made consul, 428
Dahae, a Scythian tribe, 290
Damascus, 28
Damasus, bishop of Rome, 441
Dames, 95 -
Dandace, a town in the Tauric Cher-
sonese, 292
Daniel, a Roman count, 546
Danube, description of the, 293
Daphne, a suburb of Antioch, 210; (2)
a town in Moesia, 445
Dardanus, a town in the Hellespont,
Darius, 331, 428
Darnis, a town in Libya, 312
Datianus, a Roman consul, 133
Davana, a town in Mesopotamia, 321
Davares, a people of Africa, 532
Decem Pagi (Dieuse), 86
Decentius, a tribune, 216
Decius (the Caesar), 614
Delos, 139, 303
Delphidius, an orator, 160
Delta in Egypt, 309
Demetrius Chytras, a philosopher of
Alexandria, 209
Democritus, 46, 88, 286
Demosthenes, 549, 554
Diabas, a river of Assyria, 334
Dibaltum, a city of Thrace, 600
Dicalidones, a tribe of Picts, 453
Didius, a Roman general, 443
Didymus, surnamed Chalcenteros, 314
Dieuse (Decem Pagi), 86
Dinarchus, a Grecian orator, 554

Dindyma, a mountain of Mysia, 287
Dinocrates, an architect, 313
Diocles, treasurer of Illyricum, 451
Diocletian, 59,317
Diodorus, a count, 301
Diogenes, governor of Bithynia, 514
Diogmitae, a kind of light-armed troops,

Dionysiopolis, 444
Dionysius, king of Sicily, 44, 64, 97
Dioscurias, a city on the Euxine, 290
Dipsades, a species of Egyptian serpent,
Discenes, a tribune, 202
Dius, a Mauritanian chief, 527
Divitenses, a German tribe, 424,436
Domitian, the emperor, 168
Domitianus, prefect of the East, 23, 49
Domitius Corbulo, 48
Dorians, 73
Doriscus, a town in Thrace, 176
Doros, a surgeon of the Scutari, 92
Dorostorus, a city of Thrace, 444
Dracontius, master of the mint, 301
Drangiana, a province of Persia, 342
Drepanum, a town m Bithynia, 425
Drepsa, a town in Sogdiana, 340
Druentia (the Durance), a river in Gaul,
Druids, 73, 74
Drusus, a Roman general, 443
Drypetina, daughter of King Mithri-
dates, 95
Dulcitius, a Roman general, 455
Duodiense, a fort in Mauritania, 536
Dura, a town beyond the Tigris, in
Mesopotamia, 326, 347, 391
Dymas, a river in Sogdiana, 340
Dynamius, 55

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