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Apamia, a city in Syria, 28

Arethusa, a town in Thrace, the burial.
Apis, the sacred Egyptian ball, 306 place of Euripides, 443
A poderius, the secretary for the pro- Argæus, a mountain in Cappadocia, 233

vinces, 41, 46; sentenced to be Argonauts, the, 27
burnt alive, 280

Ariana, a province of Persia, 342
Apollinarii, father and son, the former Arias, a river in Arcana, 342

governor of Phænicia, the latter Ariaspe, a town in the province of
steward of the palace, 26

Drangiana, 342
Apollo, the Cima of Daphne, Arimaspi, a fierce one-eyed nation

303; the Palatine, 320 ; the Smin bordesing on l'ersia, 332
thian, 286

Arimphæi, a nation bordering on the
Apollonia, a city of Thrace, 293

Euxine, 292
in Assyria, 334

Arinchi, a savage tribe near the Euxine,
Apollonius of Tyana, 270

Apronianus, prefect of Rome, 317; Arintheus, a tribune, 54; commands
suppresses the magicians, 411

the left wing of the army under
Aprunculus Gallus, an orator and sooth Julian, 347; ambassador to the

sayer, afterwards governor of Nar Persians, 393, 446
bonne, 277

Aristænetus, prefect of Bithynia, lost
Aquileia, the capital of Venetin, 261; his life in an earthquake, 138

besieged by Julian, 261; surrenders, Aristarchus the grammarian, 314

Aristides, 558
Aquitani, a nation of Gaul, 78

Aristobulus consul with Diocletian,
Arabia reduced to a Roman province 317

by the Emperor Trajan, 29; Arabia Arles (Arelate), a town on the Rhone.
Felix, 338

Arabis, a river in the country of the Armenia conquered by Galerius, 134;
Drangeani, 342

its restoration to the Persians de.
Aracha, a town in Susiana, 335, 337 manded by Sapor, 135; abandoned
Arachosia, a Persian province, 342 by Jovian in the treaty of Dura,
Arachotoscrene, a marsh in Arachosia, 394, 549

Armonius, a mountain in Asia Minor,
Aradius, count of the east, 317

Araharius, a Sarmatian chief, 149 Arsaces, the first king of the Parthians,
Arar, a river in Gaul (the Saone), 80 330
Arator, duke, 481

king of Armenia, an ally of Con-
Aratus the poet, 299, 386

stantius, 235; of Julian, 318; taken
Ajaxates, a river in Sogdiana, 340 prisoner by the Persians, 394 ; pat
Araxius, prefect of the prætorium, 422 to death, 463
Arbaca, a city in Arachosia, 343 Arsacia, a city of Media, 937
Arbela, a city in Adiabene, 334 Arsiana, a city of Susiana, 335
Arbetio, 36, 47, 92; made consul, 71, Arsinoë, a city of Cyrene, ancierius

called Tauchira, and now Tochira, 312
Arboreus, high chamberlain, 49 Artabannes, a Persian satrap, 463
Arbor Felix, fortress of, 605

Artabius, a river in Gedrosia, a district
Arcadius, a river of the Euxine, 289 of Persia, 343
Archelaus, a general of King Mithri- Artacana, a city of Parthia, 338
dates, 116

Artemis, a river in Bactria, 340
Archipcedes the mathematician, 407 Artemisia, queen of Caria, 487
Ardea, a town in Persia, 338

Artemius, deputy-gorernor of Roma,
Areans, a sect, 485

Areopagus, 518

duke of Egypt, 300


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Artogerassa, a city of Armeza, 464 A vernus, a lake in Campania, 489
Arzanena, a province of Mesopotamia, Avitianus, deputy-governor of Africa,

Ascalon, a city of Palestine, 29

Axius, a river of Macedonia, 258
Ascanimia, a mountain in Scythia, 340 Azmorna, a city of Hyrcania, 339
Asclepiades the philosopher, 304 Azov, sea of (Palus Mæotis), 288, 577,
Asclepiadotus, count, 65

Asia Minor, description of, 289

Asmira, a mountain in Serica, 341 BABYLON, 334
Asp, the largest species of serpent in Bacchus, 290
Egypt, 311

Bacchylides, the lyric poet, 383
Aspabota, a city of Scythia, 341 Bactra, a river in Bactria, 340
Aspacaræ, a tribe of the Seres, 341 Bactrians, 339
Aspacuras, a Persian satrap, 466 Bætica, a consular province of Spain,
Asparata, a city of the Betæ, 341

Assanite Saracens, 350

Bagrada, a river in Persia, 337
Assyria, the wife of Barbatio, 165 Bainobaudes, a tribune of the Scutarii,

a province of Persia, in the time 39, 105; (2) a tribune of the Cornuti,
of Ammianus called Adiabene, 333

killed in the battle of Stras.
Astacia, a city of Bactria, 340

burg, 121
Astracus, a city in Bithynia, also called Balista, a military engine for discharge
Nicomedia, 287

ing stones, described, 322
Atacotti harass the Britons, 413 Bappo, a tribune, commander of the
Athagoræ, a Scythian tribe, 341

Promoti, 54
Athanaric, a Gothic chief, 447, 583 Baraba, a town in Arabia Felix, 338
Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, his Barbatio, count of the domestics, 40;
character, 67

promoted to the command of the
Athos, a mountain in Macedonia, 286 infantry, 104, 136; a swarm of
Athribis, a city of Egypt, 313

bees on his house regarded as a bad
Athyras, a port in the Propontis, 287 omen, 165; an arrogant and trea-
Ati, a people near the cataracts of the cherous man, 166; beheaded, 166
Nile, 308

Barbitani, mountains in Persia lying
Atlas, a mountain in Africa, 50

towards India, 343
Attuarii, a tribe of Franks, 235

Barchalbas, a tribune, 430
Auch (Ausci), a town in Aquitania, 79 Bards, the poets of Gaul, 74
Augury, modes of, 245

Barzala, a fort in Mesopotamia, 179
Augusta (Londinium), the capital of Barzimeres, tribune of the Scutarii, 546
Roman Britain, 483

Basilica of Sicininus in Rome, probably
Augustamnica, a province of Egypt, 312 the church of Santa Maria Maggiore,
Augustus, Emperor, his correction of 441
the calendar, 408

Basilina, mother of the Emperor Julian,
Aulion, a cave near the Euxine, 290 383
Aurelian, the Emperor, 570

Basilisk, a kind of Egyptian serpent,
Aureolus, a conspirator against Con 311
stantius, 274

Bassianus, a Roman of noble family, 515
Austoriani, a people of Mauritania, 413 Bassus, prefect of Rome, 146
Autun (Augustodunum), the chief town Batne, a town Dear the Euphrates,
of the Ædui, 79

where an annual fair was held, 10
Auxerre (Autosidorum), a city in Gaul, Battus, a Spartan, the founder of

Cyrene, 312
Arenches (Aventicum), the capital of Bautis, a river in Serica, 341
the Helvetii, 79

Bazas (Vasatæ), a town in Gaal, 79

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many, 86

Bebase, a town in Mesopotamia, 178 Briançon (Virgantia), 76
Bebrycia, a district in Bithynia, 288 Brigantia (the lake of Constance), 52
Belge, the most warlike people of Gaul, Brisoana, a Persian river, 337

Britain, corn exported to Rome, 161;
Belias, a river cf Mesopotamia which pearls found in the British sea, 345;
falls into the Euphrates, 321

suffers from the incursions of the
Bellovædius, a tribune giren as a host Picts and Scots, 212, 453; invaded
age to the Persians, 394

by the Saxons, 413; distress of, 453 ;
Berenice, also called Hesperides, a town Theodosius goes to assist, 483
in Libya, 312

Bruchion, a quarter in Alexandria,
Berea, a city of Thrace, 444

inhabited by opulent persons, 314
Berytus, a city of Phænicia (the modein Brumat (Brocomagus), a city of Ger-

Beirut), 28
Besa, the name of an Egyptian deity, 208 Bucenobantes, a tribe of the Allemanni
Besançon, a city of the Sequani, 79, 253 524
Besbicus, an island in the Propontis, 287 Buffaloes in Egypt, 309
Bessi, a Thracian tribe, 444

Bura, a town destroyed by an earth-
Betæ, a people in Serica, 341

quake, 140
Bezabde, a town on the Tigris formerly Burgundians, 495 ; their kings called

called Phænice, 225, 266 ; captured Hendinos, 495; their chief priest
by Sapor, 227; unsucoessfully be called the Sinistas, 496

sieged by Constantias, 237–239 Busan, a fort in Mesopotamia, 183
Bineses, a Persian satrap, 394

Byzantium (Constantinople), 287
Bingen (Bingicm), a town in Germany, Byzares, a people near the Euride,

Bisula, a river (the Weichsel), 292

Bitaxa, a town of the Ariani, 342
Bitheridus, a German poble, 525 CABILLONUM (Chalons sur Marne), 98,
Bithynia, 288

Bizes, a river of the Euxine, 288 Cabyle, a town in Thrace, 607
Blemmyæ, a people near the cataracts Cadasii, a tribe on the Caspian Sea,
of the Nile, 11

Boæ, an island on the coast of Dalmatia, Cæranius, a philosopher, 520

Cæsarea, forinerly Mazaca, a town in
Bonitus, a Frank, the father of Silvapus, Cappailocia, 233

a town in Mauritania, 534
Bonmunster (Bononia), a town in Pan - a town in Palestine, 29
ponia, 257

Cæsariensis, a province of Mauritania,
Bonn (Bonna), a town in Germany, 161 526
Borion, a promontory in Egypt, 307 Cæ:arius, prefect of Constantinople,
Bosporus, the Thracian (the Straits of

Constantinople), 288

secretary of the Emperor, 551
the Cimmerian (Straits of Yene Cæsius, treasurer of the commander of
Kali), 70

the cavalry, 200
Bostra, a city of Arabia, 29

Cafaves, a people of Africa, 532
Boulogne (Bononia), a town in Gaul, Calatis, a town in European Scythia,

Bourdeaux (Burdegala), a city in Aqui- Calicadnus, a river in Isauria, 9
tania, 79

Callichorus, a river near the Euxine
Brahmaps, 336, 470

Sea, 290
Branchidæ, an oracle in the Milesian Callimachus, an ancient Grecian gere
territory, 511

ral, 369

Callipolis, a city at the head of the Cella, a tribune of the Scutarii, 105
Hellespont, 287

Celse, a town in Phænicia, 23
Callisthenes, a pupil of Aristotle, 166 Cephalonesus, a town on the Bouys.
Callistratus, an ancient orator, 554 thenes, 293
Camaritæ, a tribe near the Euxine Sea Ceras, a cape on the Propontis, 287

Cerasus, a town in Pontus, 289
Cambyses, king of Persia, 129

Cercetæ, a tribe near the Euxine Sea,
a river in Media, 337

Camels first seen by the Romans at Cercius, the charioteer of Castor and
the siege of Cyzicus, 340

Pollux, 290
Camenius, a Roman senator, 473 Cercusium, a fortress in Mesopotamia,
Camp of Hercules (Castra Herculis), a 324
town in Germany, 161

Cerealis, uncle of Gallus, 43; (2) a
Camp of Mars, a town in Dacia, 608 master of the horse, 482, 564
Camp of the Moors, a town or fortress Cethegus, a senator, beheaded, 471
in Mesopotamia, 173, 393

Chærecla, a town in Libya, 313
Canini, a people on the borders of Chalcedon, a town in Bithynia, 287;
Rhætia, 52

inscription found on a stone in the
Canopus, a city of Egypt, 314

walls of, 577
Cantichus, a gulf in Armenia, 332 Chalcenterus, an author, 314
Capellatum, a district on the borders of Chaldæa, 335
the Burgundians, 164

Chalites, a gulf in Armenia, 332
Capersana, a town in Syria, 179 ; called Chalybes, a tribe near the Caspian Sea,
also Capessana, 255

Caphareus, a promontory of Euboea, Chamavi, a German tribe, 141

Charax, a town in Parthia, 338
Carambis a promontory in Paphlagonia Charca, a town on the Tigris, 183
(now Cape Kerempe), 289

Chardi, a Scythian tribe, 341
Carcinites, a river and bay on the Charietto, count of Germany, 144,
Euxine Sea, 292

Carmania, a province of Persia, 338 Charinda, a river in Media, 337
Carnuntum, a city of Illyria, 559 Charte and Chartra, towns in Bactria,
Carpi, a people on the Danube, 446, 468 340
Carræ, a town of Mesopotaunia, 177, Chasmatiæ, a kind of earthquake, 139
237, 320

Chauriana, a town in Scythia, 341
Cascellius, a Roman lawyer, 556 Chiliocomus, a district of Media, 21
Caspian, tribes of the, 291

Chilo, a Roman deputy, 469
Cassianus, Duke of Mesopotamia, 98, Chionita, a tribe bordering on Persia,
176, 201, 396

99, 134, 176
Cassium, a town in Egypt, 312 Chnodomarius, a king of the Allemanni,
Cassius, a mountain in Syria, 28; 107, 112, 120; taken prisoner and

Julian sacrifices to Jupiter upon it, sent to Rome, 121; his death, 121

Choaspa, a town in Arachosia, 343
Castalia, a fountain in Phocis, at the Choaspes, a river in Media, 337

base of Mount Parnassus, 303 Choatres, a river in Parthia, 338
Castricius, Count of Isauria, 8

Chronius, a river of the Eudine Soa,
Catadupi, the cataracts of the Nile, or 292

the people who live near them, 307 Chrysopolis, a city on the Propontis,
Catalauni (Chalons sur Marne), 436 287
Cato, the censor, 16, 81, 88

Cibalæ, a town in Pannonia, 566
Catulus, the ædile, 20

Cicero, 5, 49, 61, 81, 84, 210, 245,
Caucalandes, a town in Sarmatia, 588 274, 284, 310, 406, 433, 443, 457,

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482, 476, 491, 531, 555, 570, Cæsar, 70; his weakness, 99; his

triumphal procession to Rome, 100;
Cilicia, description of, 27

his arrogance, 101 ; erects an obelisk,
Ciminia, a district in Italy, 140

130; reply to Sapor, 135; receives
Cimon, son of Miltiades, 145

the title of Sarmaticus, 156; marches
Cineas, the ambassador of Pyrrhus, 100 against the Limigantes, 204; jealousy
Circesium, a town of Mesopotamia, of Julian, 216 ; besieges Bezabde,
described, 325

237; marries Faustina after the
Cius, a town on the Propontis, 287 death of Eusebia, 253;
Civilis, prefect of Britain, 455

the Euphrates, 255; his speech to
Claritas, a Roman matron, 474

his army, 267; unfavourable dreams
Claros, in Lydia, seat of a temple and and omens, 269; bis death, 271;
oracle of Apollo, 210

virtues and vices, 272 ; buried at
Claudiopolis, a city in Isauria, 27 Constantinople, 276
Claudius, prefect of Rome, 439, 542 Contensis, a town in Africa, 534
Cleander, a prefect under the Emperor Coptos, a town in the Thebais, 312;
Commodus, 418

story of his wife, 291
Clematius, a citizen of Alexandria, 2 Corax, a river flowing into the Euxine,
Cleopatra, 313

Coche, a town in Persia, 363

Corduena, a province belonging to the
Cæla, a town near the Hellespont, Persians, 175, 321, 393

Cornelius Gallus, procurator of Egypt,
Cani Gallicani, a station in Bithynia, 38 129
Colchi, a tribe of Egyptian origin, 290 Cornelius, a sepator, 474
Colias, a Gothic noble, revolts, 392 Coronus, a mountain in Media, 333
Cologne (Colonia Agrippina), 86 Costoboci, a Scythian tribe, 293
Comedus, a mountain in the country Cottius, a king on the Alps, 75
of the Sacæ, 340

Craugasius, a noble of Nisibis, 200;
Comets, their nature, 401

story of his wife, 201
Commagena, a province of Syria, 334 Crescens, deputy-governor of Africa,
Commodus, the Roman Emperor, 507, 501

Cretio, count of Africa, 254
Como (Comum), a town in Italy, 48 Crispus, son of Constantine the Grening
Constans, son of Constantine, 2, 94 41
Constantia, daughter of Constantius, Crissæan Guif in Western Locris, 140
423, 539

Criu-Metopon, a promontory of Thrace,
Constantianus, a tribune, 322, 482, 289

Crocodiles in Egypt, 309
Constantina, daughter of Constantine Crosus, 64
the Great, 2, 37, 244, 245

Ctesiphon, the winter residence of the
- a town in Mesopotamia, 178 Parthian kings, 334
Constantine the Great, 60, 81, 98, 97, Curandius, a tribune of the archers,
131, 419

Constantinople, 287 ; threatened siege Curio, a Roman general, 530
of, by the Goths, 622

Cybele, festival in honour of, 321
Constantius the Emperor, his cruelty, Cyclades, 286

13; summons Gallus to Italy, 23 ; Cydnus, a river in Cilicia, 27
makes war on the Allemanni, 32; Cylaces, a Persian eunuch, 463
his speech, 34-36; retires to Milan, Cynægirus, a Greciau general, 369
36 ; his jealousy, 37; his severe Cynossema, a promontory in Caria, now
treatment of Gallus's friend, 51; Cape Volpo, 287
invests Julian with the title of Cyprus, 29

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