IBBON'S Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Complete and Unabridged, with Variorum Notes. Edited by an English Churchman. With 2 Maps and Portrait. 7 vols. 3s.6d. each. GILBART'S History, Principles, and Practice of Banking. By

the late J. W. Gilbart, F.R.S.

New Edition, revised by A. S.
Michie. 2 vols. Ios.

GIL BLAS, The Adventures of .

Translated from the French of

Lesage by Smollett. With 24 Engravings on Steel, after Smirke, and Io Etchings by George Cruikshank. 6s. G-IRALD US CAMBRENSIS" IHistorical Works. Translated by Th. Forester, M.A., and Sir R. Colt Hoare. Revised Edition, Edited by Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A. 5s. GOETELE'S Faust. Part I. German Text with Hayward's Prose Translation and Notes. Revised by C. A. Buchheim, Ph.D. 55. GOETELE'S Works. Translated into English by various hands.

I4 vols. 3s.6d. each.
I. and II.—Autobiography and
III.–Faust. Two Parts, com-
plete. (Swanwick.)

IV.–Novels and Tales. V.—Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship. VI.—Conversations with Eckermann and Soret. VIII.—Dramatic Works. IX.—Wilhelm Meister's Travels. X.—Tour in Italy, and Second Residence in Rome. XI.–Miscellaneous Travels. XII.–Early and Miscellaneous Letters. XIII.—Correspondence with Zelter. X" –Reineke Fox, West-Eastern Tivan and Achilleid.

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Contained in Bohn's Libraries. I I

GUIZOT’S History of the English Revolution of 1640. From the Accession of Charles I. to his Death. Translated by William Hazlitt. 3s.6d.

– History of Civilisation, from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution. Translated by William Hazlitt. 3 vols. 3s.6d. each.

HALL'S (Rev. Robert) Miscellaneous Works and Remains. 3s.6d.

HAMPTON COURT: A Short History of the Manor and Palace. By Ernest Law, B.A. With numerous Illustrations. 55.

HARDWICK'S History of the Articles of Religion. By the late C. Hardwick. Revised by the Rev. Francis Procter, M.A. 5s.

HAUFF"S Tales. The CaravanThe Sheik of Alexandria–The Inn in the Spessart. Trans. from the German by S. Mendel. 3s.6d.

HAWTHORNE'S Tales. 4 vols. 3s.6d, each. I.-Twice-told Tales, and the Snow Image. II.—Scarlet Letter, and the House with the Seven Gables. III.—Transformation [The Marble Faun], and Blithedale Ronance.

e IV.–Mosses from an Old Manse.

HAZLITT'S Table-talk. Essays on Men and Manners. By W. Hazlitt. 3s.6d. – Lectures on the Literature of the Age of Elizabeth and on Characters of Shakespeare's Plays, 3s.6d. Lectures on the English Poets, and on the English Comic Writers. 3s.6d. – The Plain Speaker. Opinions on Books, Men, and Things. 3s.6d.

- Round Table. 3s.6d.

HAZLITT’S Sketches ard Essays. 3s.6d. — The Spirit of the Age; or, Contemporary Portraits. Edited by W. Carew Hazlitt. 3s.6d. View of the English Stage. Edited by W. Spencer Jackson. 3s.6d. HEATON'S Concise History of Painting. New Edition, revised by Cosmo Monkhouse. 5s. TIEGEL’S Lectures on the Philosophy of History. Translated by J. Sibree, M.A. HEINE’s Poems, Complete Translated by Edgar A. Bowring, C.B. 3s.6d. – Travel-Pictures, including the Tour in the Harz, Norderney, and Book of Ideas, together with the Romantic School. Translated by Francis Storr. A New Edition, revised throughout. With Appendices and Maps. 3s.6d.

HELP’S Life of Christopher Columbus, the Discoverer, of America. By Sir Arthur Helps, K.C.B. 3s.6d. Life of Hernando Cortes, and the Conquest of Mexico. 2 vols. 3s.6d, each. Life of Pizarro. 3s.6d. Life of Las Casas the Apostle of the Indies. 3s.6d. HENDERSON (E.) Select Historicall)ocuments of the Middle Ages, including the most famous Charters relating to England, the Empire, the Church, &c., from the 6th to the 14th Centuries. Translated from the Latin and edited by Ernest F. Henderson, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 55. HENFREY'S Guide to English Coins, from the Conquest to the present time. New and revised Edition by C. F. Keary, M.A., F.S.A. 6s. HENRY OF HUNTINGDON'S History of the English. Translated by T. Forester, M.A. 5s.

HENRY'S (Matthew) Exposition HUGO’S (Victor) Dramatic

of the Book of the Psalms. 5s. HELIODORUS. Theagenes and

Charicle.a. – See GREEK RO


Rev. Henry Cary, M.A.

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Works. Hernani-Ruy BlasThe King's Diversion. Translated by Mrs. Newton Crosland and F. L. Slous. 3s.6d.

HERoDorus. Translated by the Poems, chiefly Lyrical. Trans35. 6d.

lated by various Writers, now first collected by J. H. L. Williams. 3s.6d. EIUMBOLDT’S Cosmos. Translated by E. C. Otté, B. H. Paul, and W. S. Dallas, F.L.S. 5 vols. 3s.6d, each, excepting Vol. V. 5s. Personal Narrative of his Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America during the years 1799– 1804. Translated by T. Ross. 3 vols. 5s. each. – Views of Nature. Translated by E. C. Otté and H. G. Bohn. 53. EUMPHREYS Coin Collector's Manual. By H. N. Humphreys. with upwards of 140 Illustrations on Wood and Steel. 2 vols. 5s. each. HUNGARY: its History and Revolution, together with a copious Memoir of Kossuth. 3s.6d. HUTCHINSON (Colonel). Me. moirs of the Life of. By his Widow, Lucy: together with her Autobiography, and an Account of the Siege of Lathom House. 3s.6d. HUNT's Poetry of Science. By Richard Hunt. 3rd Edition, revised and enlarged. 5s. INDIA BEFORE THE SEPOY MUTINY. A Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical AcCount, from the Earliest Times to the Annexation of the Punjab. with upwards of Ioo Engravings on Wood, and a Map. 5s.

INGULPH'Bi Chronicles of the Abbey of Croyland, with the CONTINUATION by Peter of Blois and other Writers. Translated by H. T. Riley, M.A. 5s.

Contained tn Bohn's Libraries. I3

IRVING'S (Washington) Complete works. 15 vols. With Portraits, &c. 3s.6d, each.

I.-Salmagundi, Knickerbocker's History of New York. II.—The Sketch-Book, and the Life of Oliver Goldsmith. III.—Bracebridge Hall, Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey. IV.—The Alhambra, Tales of a - - Traveller. V.-Chronicle of the Conquest - of Granada, Legends of - the Conquest of Spain. VI. & VII.—Life and Voyages of Columbus, together with the Voyages of his Com- panions. VIII.-Astoria, A Tour on the - Prairies. XI.—Life of Mahomet, Lives of the Successors of Mahomet. X.—Adventures of Captain Bon

neville, U.S.A., Wolfert's |

Roost. XI.—Biographies and Miscellaneous Papers. XII.—XV.—Life of George Washington. 4 vols. — Life and Letters. By his Nephew, Pierre E. Irving, 2 vols. 3s.6d, each.

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JESSE’S (J.H.) Memoirs of the Court of England during the Reign of the Stuarts, including the Protectorate. 3 vols. With . 42 Portraits. 5s. each.

- Memoirs of the Pretenders and their Adherents. With 6 Portraits. 5s.

JOHNSON'S Lives of the Poets. Edited by Mrs. Alexander Napier, with Introduction by Professor Hales. 3 vols. 3s.6d, each.

JOSEPHUS (Flavius), The Works

of. Whiston's Translation, re

vised by Rev. A. R. Shilleto, M.A

With Topographical and Geo.

aphical Notes by Colonel Sir

# W. Wilson, K.C.B. 5 vols. 3s.6d, each.

JOY CE'S Scientific Dialogues. With numerous Woodcuts. 5s.

JUKES-BROWNE (A. J.), The Building of the British Isles: a Study in Geographical Evolution. Illustrated by numerous Maps and Woodcuts. 2nd Edition, revised, 7s.6d.

–– Student's Handbook of Physical Geology. With numerous Diagrams and Illustrations, 2nd Edition, much enlarged, 7s.6d.

JULIAN, the Emperor. Containing Gregory Nazianzen's Two Invectives and Libanus' Monody, with Julian's extant Theosophical Works. Translated by C. W. King, M.A. 55.

JUSTIN CORNELIUS NEPOS, and EUTROPIUS. Translated by the Rev. J. S. Watson, M.A. 55.

JUVENAL, PERSIUS, SULPICIA and LUCILIUS. Translated by L. Evans, M.A. 5s.

JUNIUS’S Letters. With all the Notes of Woodfall's Edition, and important . Additions. 2 vols. 3s. 6d, each.

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LESSING'S Dramatic Works, Complete. Edited by Ernest Bell, M.A. With Memoir of Lessing by. Helen Zimmern. 2 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

Laokoon, Dramatic Notes, and the Representation of Death by the Ancients. Translated by E. C. Beasley and Helen Zimmern. Edited by Edward Bell, M.A. With a Frontispiece of the Laokoon group. 3s.6d.

LILLY'S Introduction to Astrology. With a GRAMMAR of ASTROLOGY and Tables for Calculating Nativities, by Zadkiel. 5s.

LIVY'S History of Rome. Translated by Dr. Spillan, C. Edmonds, and others. 4 vols. 5s, each.

LOCKE'S Philosophical Works. Edited by J. A. St. John. 2 vols. 3s.6d each.

Life and Letters: By Lord

King, 35. 6d.

LAMARTINE'S History of the
Girondists. Translated by H. T.
Ryde. 3 vols. 3s.6d, each.
– History of the Restoration
of Monarchy in France (a Sequel
to the History of the Girondists).
4 vols. 3s.6d, each.
– History of the French Re-
volution of 1848. 3s.6d.
LAMB’S (Charles) Essays of Elia
and Eliana. Complete Edition.
– Specimens of English Dra-
matie Poets of the Time of

Elizabeth. 3s.6d.
Memorials and Letters of
Charles Lamb. By Serjeant

Talfourd. New Edition, revised, by W. Carew Hazlitt. 2 vols. 3s.6d..each. Tales from Shakespeare With Illustrations by Byam Shaw. 3s.6d. LANZI'S History of Painting in Italy, from the Period of the Revival of the Fine Arts to the End of the Eighteenth Century. Translated by Thomas Roscoe. 3 vols. 3s.6d, each,


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