GROOMBRIDGE'S SCIENCE MANUALS. Designed for the use of Schools, Colleges, and Candidates for University and other Examinations.


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INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTIFIC CHEMISTRY. By F. S. Barff, M.A., Assistant to Dr. Williamson, Professor of Chemistry, University College, London. Second Edition, fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 4s., post free for 48 stamps.

"This is the first volume of an educational series of elementary treatises being issued for students. The student who knows Mr. Barff's book in the way it is intended to be known will have a solid groundwork of chemical knowledge on which he may safely rear the more speculative branches of the science. For the purposes of clear instruction for preparing for the earlier examinations, and last, though not least, for cheapness and excellence, we heartily recommend Mr. Barff's work to the notice of students."-Lancet.

2. HEAT. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SCIENCE OF HEAT. By T. A. ORME, Teacher of Chemistry and Experimental Physics, University College School, London. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 3s. 6d., post free for 42 stamps.

The subject is so treated as to render it intelligible to all who have a knowledge of arithmetic; and special attention is paid to those parts of the science which are practically useful.

"A better or more intelligible manual than this volume it would be difficult to name. Mr. Orme's book will be a welcome aid to students and an agreeable addition to the family library."—Globe.

3. MECHANICS.-AN ELEMENTARY COURSE OF THEORETICAL AND APPLIED MECHANICS. By RICHARD WORMELL, M.A., B.Sc., Medallist in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Lond. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 48., post free for 48 stamps.

A suitable Text-Book for Students preparing for the Matriculation Examination, London; Examination in Science (First B.Sc.); Examination in Arts (Second B.A.); Examinations of the Science and Art Department, and the Competitions for the Whitworth Scholarships.

"We have no doubt that this excellent work will be a great success. The Introduction of the principle of limits is highly commendable. The student should make its acquaintance early."-Nature.

4 HYDROSTATICS and SOUND.-AN ELEMENTARY COURSE OF HYDROSTATICS AND SOUND. By RICHARD WORMELL, M.A., B.Sc., Medallist in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Lond. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 3s., post free for 36 stamps.

This book contains all that is required on these subjecta for the B.A. and B.Sc. degrees of the University of London. "The work is fully illustrated, and, in addition to the very clear and simple yle of treatment of the sciences, the author has given a decidedly practical alue to his work by the insertion of a number of exercises upon each important vision, many of which have been judiciously worked out as types of the best ay of solving similar problems."-Public Opinion.

GROOMBRIDGE & SONS, Paternoster Row, London.

GROOMBRIDGE'S SCIENCE MANUALS. Designed for the use of Schools, Colleges, and Candidates for University and other Examinations.


A Course of Natural Philosophy, containing the Elements of Mechanics, Hydrostatics, and Optics. By RICHARD WORMELL. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 4s., post free for 48 stamps.

"It lays a sound foundation for a more advanced knowledge of the subject." -Educational Times.

"Useful in laying a sound foundation for the study of physics; it is accurate and well arranged."-Mechanic's Magazine.

"Is characterised by its clearness of style, and the numerous and pointed illustrations it gives of natural philosophy."-Public Opinion.

6. SOLUTIONS TO QUESTIONS in A COURSE OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. BY RICHARD WORMELL. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 2s., post free for 24 stamps.

7. SOUND. CHAPTERS ON SOUND FOR BEGINNERS. By C. A. MARTINEAU. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 1s. 6d., post free for 18 stamps.

"We are sure that old and young will be charmed with Miss Martineau's book, and will take no little pleasure in performing the easy experiments which are introduced."-Examiner.

"We can heartily recommend this work."-Practical Magazine. 8. ARITHMETIC.

CONCRETE ARITHMETIC. An Introduction to the Elements of the abstract Science of Number, for young Children. By T. A. ORME. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 2s., post free for 24 stamps.

"Is an excellent handbook. The method is good, and the book deserves to be generally known and used."-Scotsman.

"A capital little handbook for instructing young children."-Examiner. "There is a good store of simple and varied exercises in this handy volume." -Nature.

"Is so exceedingly simple that children of even three years old may be taught on a system that they will look upon as a pleasant amusement.”— Cambridge Chronicle.

Uniform with Groombridge's Science Manuals.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 1s. 6d., post free for 18 stamps. ELEMENTARY LATIN EXERCISES. Intended to illustrate by easy and appropriate examples the Accidence of the Latin Grammar, and the more common Rules of Syntax. By M. THORNBorrow.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 4s., post free for 48 stamps. THE ENGLISH ELOCUTIONIST. A Collection of the finest passages of Poetry and Eloquence, especially fitted for recitation and reading aloud; with the Pronunciation of Proper Names. For the use of students of elocution, the higher classes in schools, and public reading. By CHARLES HARTLEY.

In this work, the Editor has sought to select passages combining the highest poetry and eloquence with peculiar fitness for expressive reading aloud and recitation; and trusts that he has thus supplied a want that teachers and students of elocution and masters of schools have long felt, "We commend this as an excellent abstract of a library, which the reader may carry in his pocket. In advanced elementary schools it might serve the purpose of a reading book in the upper classes."-School Board Chronicle.

GROOMBRIDGE & SONS, Paternoster Row, London.

Crown 8vo., cloth. Price 3s. 6d.



Written and Compiled by EMANUEL AGUILAR.

Containing information from the greatest authorities on every point connected with Pianoforte Playing. Minute instructions, when and how to commence, also Rules and directions for Students and Teachers.

"A little book sold for 3s. 6d.. of more real value to Teachers and Students of the Pianoforte than most of the instruction books for that instrument of ten times the size and ten times the price. It is sui generis, new in its substance and peculiar in its object. The author is one of our most eminent teachers of long standing and extensive experience."-Illustrated London News.

"In addition to the very able remarks of the author-himself an experienced teacher-many quotations are given from the works of the most eminent performers on the instrument, which cannot be too much taken to heart by all students, whether professional or amateur."-Musical Times.

18mo., cloth. Price Is.


For Elementary Schools.

By RICHARD BITHELL, C.T., Author of "Spelling Taught by Transcribing and Dictation."

The chief peculiarities of this work are, its divisions into lessons of equal length, each lesson treating of a distinct subject, and containing as much matter as can be read and remembered without undue labour on the part of teacher or pupil; and in the exclusion of those details of war and bloodshed, which too frequently occupy the attention of children on their first introduction to History. An attempt has also been made to treat every historical event in such a manner as to cherish sentiments of charity and forbearance towards all good men, by refraining from the practice of exciting odium against whole bodies and sects of men. Appended to the work are copious Genealogical, Chronological, and other tables, from which the teacher may collect facts and dates, wherewith to fill up the historical outline given in the body of the work.



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History of England. Price 4d.
Geography: First Lessons. Price 4d.
English Grammar. Price 4d.
Domestic Economy. (Double Size.)
Price 8d.

British Empire. Price 4d.
Physical Geography. (Double Size).

Price 8d.

First Steps to Knowledge. Price 4d.
Bible Geography. Price 4d.
Sacred History. Price 4d.

The superior character and exceedingly low price of these Manuals will recom mend them to all who are interested in education. They are also admirably adapted for Elementary Classes in Superior Schools, and for the purposes of Each Manual contains 64 pages, Home Instruction and Self-Improvement. Order Groombridge's Manuals. strongly stitched in a neat stiff cover. GROOMBRIDGE & SONS, Paternoster Row,


Foolscap 8vo. cloth, price 2s. 6d.






Advice and hints on all the Subjects, the Method of Examination, Number of Marks given, Directions for filling up the Schedule, Entering Name, Writing the Papers, and much Useful Information to every Candidate, whether working with or without a Tutor, with Specimens of Examination Papers.

"The subject is dealt with very thoroughly and comprehensively, useful hints and details being furnished on all points, with advice as to the course of reading that should be undertaken."-Scotsman.

"A thoroughly practical little work, All who think of Matriculating at London, especially those who do not enjoy the advantage of being prepared for the examination by competent tutors, would do well to procure it."-Literary World.

"One of the most useful books we have seen for a long time. It is a very complete Guide indeed.”—Nottingham Journal.

"Will supply a widely felt want. Here the student is advised upon the arranging of his course of study and in the choice of books, and examples given of the questions put when the student is under examination. No young student should be without this book."-Weekly Times.

12mo, cloth gilt. Price 5s.








Author of the "Cyclopædia of Practical Receipts," etc., etc.

GROOMBRIDGE & SONS, Paternoster Row, London.




Small post 8vo, price 3s. 6d., cloth, post free for 42 stamps. THE DESK-BOOK OF ENGLISH


Designed to afford assistance in Composition, and also as a Work of Reference, requisite for the Secretary, and useful to the Student.


"A very valuable help to the art of composition, as well as a useful book of reference to the secretary and student. Besides the etymology of words we find their general acceptation also explained. An analytical index, containing the whole of the Synonymes indicated by the pages where they occur, arranged in alphabetical order, facilitates the search for a required word." -Public Opinion.


ODELL'S SYSTEM OF SHORTHAND, by which the nature of taking down Sermons, Lectures, Trials, Speeches, &c., may be acquired in a few hours, without the aid of a master. Price 8d., post free for eight stamps.

SUPPLEMENT to System of Shorthand, containing Exercises and other useful information for the use of those who wish to further perfect themselves in the art; being a continuation of the above popular treatise. Price 8d., post free for eight stamps.

DIMBLEBY'S SHORTHAND DICTIONARY, being a complete Alphabetical Arrangement of all English Words, written without vowels: adapted to all systems of Shorthand Writing. Crown 8vo, cloth, price 3s. 6d., post free for 42 stamps.

"The design of this book is to assist inexperienced writers to read what they have written, and to make the introduction of vowels less necessary by proficient reporters."

AIDS TO REPORTING; or, The Student's Guide to Press Occupation. By a PARLIAMENTARY VETERAN. Price 1s., post free for 12 stamps.

GROOMBRIDGE & SONS, Paternoster Row, London.


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