PICTURES OF THE PAST: Memories of Men I Have Met, and Sights I Have seen. By FRANCIS H. GRUNDY, C.E. One vol., Crown 8vo., cloth, price 12s.

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Contains personal recollections of Patrick Branwell Brontë, Leigh Hunt and his family, George Henry Lewes, George Parker Bidder, George Stephenson, and many other celebrities, and gives besides descriptions of very varied experiences in Australia. STORIES from EARLY ENGLISH LITERATURE, with some Account of the Origin of Fairy Tales, Legends and Traditionary Lore. Adapted to the use of Young Students. By Miss S. J. VENABLES DODDS. Cr. 8vo., price 5s. THE LIFE MILITANT: Plain Sermons for Cottage Homes. By ELLELL. Crown 8vo., price 6s. HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF THE REFORMATION. By the Rev. FREDERICK GEO. LEE, D.C.L., Vicar of All Saints', Lambeth, &c., &c., &c. One volume, Post 8vo., 10s. 6d. cloth. THE COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS OF THE SEA; or, Marine Contributions to Industry and Art. By P. L. SIMMONDS, author of "The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom." One vol., with numerous Illustrations, 16s. A GLOSSARY OF BIOLOGICAL, ANATOMICAL, AND PHYSIOLOGICAL TERMS, for Teachers and Students in Schools and Classes connected with the Science and Art Department, and other Examining bodies. By THOMAS DUNMAN, Physiology Lecturer at the Birkbeck Institution and the Working Men's College. Crown 8vo., cloth, 2s. 6d. THE CRIMEAN CAMPAIGN WITH THE CONNAUGHT RANGERS, 1854-55-56. By Lieut.-Colonel NATHANIEL STEEVENS late 88th (Connaught Rangers). volume, Demy 8vo., with Map, scarlet cloth, 15s. "A welcome addition to the military history of England,"United Service Gazette.


MEMORABLE BATTLES IN ENGLISH HISTORY: The Military Lives of the Commanders. By W. H. DAVENPORT ADAMS. With Frontispiece and Plans of Battles, Two vols., Crown 8vo., cloth, price 16s.


of the Nations which have from the Earliest Ages held Dominion over the Sea, comprising a Brief History of Navigation from the Remotest Periods up to the Present Time. By ALFRED ELWES. With 16 Illustrations by W. W. MAY. Cr. 8vo. Price 98.


ART. From the celebrated collections in the Vatican, the Louvre, and the British Museum. By STEPHEN THOMPSON, Author of "Old English Homes," &c. Twenty-five Examples in Permanent Photography. Super-Royal Quarto. Elegantly bound, price £2.2s.


Notabilia, or CURIOUS AND AMUSING FACTS ABOUT MANY THINGS. Explained and Illustrated by JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A. Post 8ve, 6s. "There is a world of wisdom in this book."—Art Journal.

Ancestral Stories and Traditions of Great Families. Illustrative of English History. With Frontispiece. Post 8vo., price 7s. 6d. "An interesting and well written book."-Literary Churchman. Strange Stories of the Animal World. A Book of Curious Contributions to Natural History. Illustrations by ZWECKER. Second Edition. Post 8vo, gilt edges, price 68.

"Will be studied with profit and pleasure."-Athenæum.

The Day Dreams of a Sleepless Man: being a series of Papers
contributed to the Standard, by FRANK IVES SCUDAMORE, Esq.,
C.B. Post 8vo, price 3s. 6d.

Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee. WITH A
EDWARD BOWDICH, ESQ. With preface by his daughter,
Mrs. HALE. With map of the route to Coomassie. ōs.

BRAY, Author of "Life of Stothard," etc. Post 8vo, price 7s. 6d.
"Readers will rise from its perusal, not only with increased informa
tion, but with sympathies awakened and elevated."-Times.

The Good St. Louis and His Times. By Mrs. BRAY. With
Portrait. Post Svo, price 7s. 6d.

"A valuable and interesting record of Louis' reign."-Spectator. Sagas from the Far East, or KALMOUK AND MONGOLIAN TALES. With Historical Preface and Explanatory Notes by the Author of "Patrañas," etc. Post 8vo, price 9s.

The Vicar of Wakefield; a Tale by OLIVER GOLDSMITH. With eight Illustrations by JOHN ABSOLON. Beautifully printed by Whittingham. 3s. 6d. cloth; 10s. 6d, morocco antique.

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Worthless Laurels. By EMILY CARRINGTON. Three volumes Crown 8vo. 31s. 6d.

Louis; OR, DOOMED TO THE CLOISTER. A Tale of Religious Life in the time of Louis XIV. Fonnded on Fact. By M. J. HOPE. Dedicated by permission to Dean Stanley. Three volumes, crown 8vo, 31s. 6d.

Tried by Fire. By FRANCIS CARR, Author of "Left Alone," &c. Three vols., crown 8vo, 31s. 6d.

For a Dream's Sake. By Mrs. HERBERT MARTIN, Author of "Bonnie Lesley," &c. Two vols, crown 8vo, cloth, 21s.

The Secret of the Sands; or, THE WATER LILY AND HER CREW. A Nautical Novel. By HARRY COLLINGWOOD. Two vols. crown 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, price 12s.

Cloth, price 5s,

Kind Hearts. By Mrs. J. F. B. FIRTH, Author of "Sylvia's New
Home," &c. With Frontispiece.

Very Genteel. By the Author of "Mrs. Jerningham's Journal." Stephen the Schoolmaster. A STORY WITHOUT PLOT. By Mrs. GELLIE (M. E. B.)

My Sister's Keeper; A STORY FOR GIRLS. In one vol. By LAURA M. LANE, Author of "Gentleman Verschoyle," &c. With

a Preface by Mrs. TOWNSEND, President of the Girls' Friendly Society.

My Mother's Diamonds. By MARIA J. GREER. With a Frontispiece by A. LUDOVICÍ.

"Bonnie Lesley." By Mrs. HERBERT MARTIN, Author of "Cast Adrift," &c. With Frontispiece by Miss C. PATERSON.

Left Alone; or, THE FORTUNES OF PHILLIS MAITLAND. BY FRANCIS CARR, Author of "Not Lancelot, nor another," &c.

St. Nicolas Eve and other Tales. By MARY C. ROWSELL. Crown 8vo. Price 7s. 6d.

Fifty Years in Sandbourne. A SKETCH. By CECILIA LUSHINGTON. Fcap. 8vo., cloth, 1s. 6d.


Ambition's Dream. A POEM IN TWO FYTTES. New Edition. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

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The Seasons; a Poem by the Rev. O. RAYMOND, LL.B. Feap. 8vo, with Four Illustrations. Price 2s. 6d.

STANESBY'S ILLUMINATED GIFT BOOKS. Every page richly printed in Gold and Colours.

The Bridal Souvenir. New Edition, with a Portrait of the Princess Royal. Elegantly bound in white morocco, price 21s.

"A splendid specimen of decorative art, and well suited for a bridal gift.” The Birth-Day Souvenir. A Book of Thoughts on Life and Immortality. Price 12s. 6d. cloth; 18s. morocco antique. Light for the Path of Life; from the Holy Scriptures. Small 4to, price 12s. cloth; 15s. calf, gilt edges; 18s. morocco antique. The Wisdom of Solomon; from the Book of Proverbs. Small 4to, price 14s. cloth elegant; 18s. calf; 21s. morocco antique. The Floral Gift. Price 14s. cloth elegant; 21s. morocco extra. Shakespeare's Household Words. With a Photograph from the Monument at Stratford-on-Avon. New and Cheaper Edition, Price 6s. cloth elegant; 10s. 6d. morocco antique.

Aphorisms of the Wise and Good. With a Photographic Portrait of Milton. Price 6s. cloth elegant; 10s. 6d. morocco antique.


I. The Book of Remembrance for every Day in the Year. With blank space for recording Birthdays, Weddings, &c. &c. Beautifully printed in red and black. Imp. 32mo, prices from 2s, upwards. Or with photographs, from 5s.

**May also be had in various leather Bindings.

II. The Churchman's Daily Remembrancer. With Poetical Selections for the Christian Year, with Calendar and Table of Lessons of the English Church, for the use of both Clergy and Laity. Cloth elegant, price 2s.; or with photographs, cloth elegant, 4s. May also be had in various leather Bindings.

III. The Anniversary Text Book of Scripture Verse and Sacred Song for Every Day in the Year. Cloth, 1s.; or gilt edges, 1s. 6d. May also be had in various leather Bindings.

Emblems of Christian Life. Illustrated by W. HARRY ROGERS, in One Hundred Original Designs, from the Writings of the Fathers, Old English Poets, &c. Printed by Whittingham, with Borders and Initials in Red. Square 8vo, price 10s. 6d. cloth elegant, gilt edges; 21s. Turkey morocco antique.

Bishop Ken's Approach to the Holy Altar. With an Address to Young Communicants. Limp cloth, 8d.; superior cloth, red edges, 1s; with Photographs 2s. extra.

* May also he had in various leather Bindings.

Clergymen wishing to introduce this Manual can have specimen copy, with prices for quantities, post free for six stamps, on application. Confirmation; or Called, and Chosen, and Faithful. By the Author of "The Gospel in the Church's Seasons" series. With a Preface by The Very Reverend the DEAN OF CHESTER. Fcap. 8vo, cloth 1s.

A cheaper edition for distribution, price 9d.

An Illuminated Certificate of Confirmation and First Communion. Price 2d.

A New "In Memoriam " Card. Printed in silver or gold. Price 2d. A reduction made on taking a quantity of the above cards.



A Daring Voyage across the Atlantic, by two Americans, the Brothers ANDREWS, in a Small Boat, "The Nautilus." The Log of the Voyage by Captain WILLIAM A. ANDREWS. With Introduction and Notes by Dr. MACAULAY, Editor of the "Boy's Own Paper." Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, price 2s. 6d. Mudge and her Chicks. A Story of Children's Home Doings. By a BROTHER AND SISTER. With Fifteen Illustrations. Cloth elegant, price 3s. 6d.

Two Rose Trees. The Adventures of Twin Sisters. By Mrs. MINNIE DOUGLAS. With Four Illustrations. Cloth elegant, price 2s. 6d.

Hilda and her Doll.

By E. C. PHILLIPS, Author of "Bunchy," "The Orphans," &c. With 14 Illustrations. Cloth elegant, price 3s. 6d.

The House on the Bridge, and other Tales. By C. E. BOWEN, Author of "Among the Brigands," &c. With Thirteen Illustrations by A. H. COLLINS. Crown 8vo, price 2s. 6d.

Ten Shillings and Sixpence each, cloth elegant.

Golden Threads from an Ancient Loom; Das Nibelungenlied adapted to the use of Young Readers. By LYDIA_HANDS. Dedicated by permission to THOMAS CARLYLE. With Fourteen Wood Engravings by J. SCHNORR, of Carolsfeld. Royal 4to.

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