A Treasury of Reference, consisting of Selections from the writings of the most Celebrated Authors. FIRST & SECOND SERIES. Compiled and Analytically Arranged


In Square Sro. elegantly printed on toned paper.

12s. 6d. each volume.

14s. 21s.

Presentation Edition, Cloth and Gold
Library Edition, Half bound Roxburgh
Morocco Antique
Each Series is complete in itself, and sold separately.


"MANY THOUGHTS," &c., are evidently the produce of years of research. We look up any subject under the sun, and are pretty sure to find something that has been said-generally well said-upon it."--Examiner.

"Many beautiful examples of thought and style are to be found among the selections."-Leader. "There can be little doubt that it is destined to take a high place among books of this class.-" Notes and Queries.

"A treasure to every reader who may be fortunate enough to possess it.

Its perusal is like inhaling essences; we have the cream only of the great authors quoted. Here all are seeds or gems."-English Journal of Education.

"Mr. Southgate's reading will be found to extend over nearly the whole known field of literature, ancient and modern."-Gentleman's Magazine,

"Here is matter suited to all tastes, and illustrative of all opinions; morals, politics, philosophy, and solid information. We have no hesitation in pronouncing it one of the most important books of the season. Credit is due to the publishers for the elegance with which the work is got up, and for the extreme beauty and correctness of the typography." -Morning Chronicle.

"Of the numerous volumes of the kind, we do not remember having met with one in which the selection was more judicious, or the accumulation of treasures so truly wonderful."-Morning Herald. "Mr. Southgate appears to have ransacked every nook and corner for gems of thought."-Allen's Indian Mail.

"The selection of the extracts has been made with taste, judgment, and critical nicety.”— Morning Post.

"This is a wondrous book, and contains a great many gems of thought."-Daily News.

"As a work of reference, it will be an acquisition to any man's library."-Publisher's Circular.

"This volume contains more gems of thought, refined sentiments, noble axioms, and extractable sentences, than have ever before been brought together in our language."-The Field.

"Will be found to be worth its weight in gold by literary men."-The Builder.

"All that the poet has described of the beautiful in nature and art; all the wit that has flashed from pregnant minds; all the axioms of experience, the collected wisdom of philosopher and sage, are garnered into one heap of useful and well-arranged instruction and amusement."- The Era.

"The mind of almost all nations and ages of the world is recorded here."—John Bull.




"This is not a law-book; but, departing fro our usual practice, we notice it because it is likely to be very useful to lawyers."-La Tours,

"The collection will prove a mine rich and inexhaustible, to those in search of a quotation." Journal.

"There is not, as we have reason to know, a single trashy sentence in this volume. Open where we may, every page is laden with the wealth of foundest thought, and all aglow with the loftiest inspiration of genius. To take this book into on hands is like sitting down to a grand conversazione with the greatest thinkers of all ages."-Star.

"The work of Mr. Southgate far outstrips all others of its kind. To the clergyman, the author, the artist, and the essayist, Many Thoughts of Many Minds' cannot fail to render almost incalculable service."-Edinburgh Mercery.

"We have no hesitation whatever in describing Mr. Southgate's as the very best book of the class. There is positively nothing of the kind in the language that will bear a moment's comparison with it."-Manchester Weekly Advertiser.

"There is no mood in which we can take it up without deriving from it instruction, consolation, and amusement. We heartily thank Mr. Southgate for a book which we shall regard as one of our best friends and companions."-Cambridge Curo nicle.

"This work possesses the merit of being a magnificent gift-book, appropriate to all times and seasons; a book calculated to be of use to the scholar, the divine, or the public man." "-Freemason's Magazine.

"It is not so much a book as a library of quotations."-Patriot.

"The quotations abound in that thought which is the mainspring of mental exercise." - Linpool Courier.

"For purposes of apposite quotation, it cannot be surpassed."—Bristol Times,

"It is impossible to pick out a single passage in the work which does not, upon the face of it. justify its selection by its intrinsic merit."-Do&t Chronicle.


"We are not surprised that a SECOND SERIES of this work should have been called for. Southgate has the catholic tastes desirable in a good Editor Preachers and public speakers will find that it has special uses for them.'- Edenborgin Daily Review.

"The SECOND SERIES fully sustain: the deserved reputation of the First."-John Bell.


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THE OTHER SIDE: How it Struck Us. Being sketches of a Winter Visit to the United States and Canada. By C. B. BERRY. Demy 8vo., cloth, price 9s. HEROES OF HISTORY AND LEGEND. Translated by JOHN LANCELOT SHADWELL from the German "Characterbilder aus Geschichte und Sage," by A. W. GRUBE. One vol., Crown 8vo., price 10s. 6d.



for use in the West Indies and elsewhere; written at the request of the Right Rev. BISHOP COURTENAY, Bishop of Kingston, Jamaica. By E. C. PHILLIPS. Profusely Illustrated. In Paper Boards with attractive Wrapper. Book I., price 9d. Book II., price 1s. Book III., price 1s.

DESIGNS FOR CHURCH EMBROIDERY AND CREWEL WORK, from Old Examples. A Set of upwards of Sixty Patterns, collected and arranged by Miss E. S. HARTSHORNE. In a handsome cloth case, price 5s, Eighteen sheets Demy. Three sheets Text.

THE UNION JACK; a Magazine of healthy,

stirring Tales of Adventure by Land and Sea for boys. Volume I. Edited, the first portion, by W. H. G. KINGSTON, the second by G. A. HENTY. Elegantly bound in a cloth gilt cover, price 68.

SIX LIFE STUDIES OF FAMOUS WOMEN. By M. BETHAM-EDWARDS, author of "Kitty," "Dr. Jacob,” "A Year in Western France," etc. With six Portraits engraved on Steel. Cloth, price 7s. 6d.

WOTHORPE BY STAMFORD. A Tale of Bygone Days. By C. HOLDICH. With five Engravings. Crown 8vo, cloth, price 3s. 6d. THE BICYCLE ROAD BOOK: compiled for the use of Bicyclists and Pedestrians, being a Complete Guide to the Roads of England, Scotland, and Wales, with a list of the best Hotels and notable places on each journey, population, &c. By CHARLES SPENCER, author of "The Modern Gymnast," "The Modern Bicycle," &c. Cloth, limp, 28. THE ART OF WASHING; Clothes, Personal, and House. By Mrs. A. A. STRANGE BUTSON, author of "On the Leads." Cloth, price 1s. 6d.

AMBULANCE LECTURES: or, what to do in cases of Accidents or Sudden Illness. By LIONEL A. WEATHERLY, M.D., Lecturer to the Ambulance Department, Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England. With numerous Illustrations. Dedicated (by permission) to the Ambulance Department of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Cloth, thoroughly revised, price 1s.

DEACONESSES IN THE CHURCH OF England. A Short Essay on the order as existing in the Primitive Church, and on their present position and work. Revised by the Very Reverend the Dean of Chester. With a Prefatory Note by His Grace the ARCHBISHOP of CANTERBURY. Post 8vo., Cloth, price 1s. 6d.

EIGHT MONTHS IN AN OX WAGGON: Reminiscences of Boer Life. By EDWARD F. SANDEMAN. Demy 8vo, cloth, with a Map, 15s.

TRAVEL, WAR, AND SHIPWRECK. By COLONEL W. PARKER GILLMORE (“ UBIQUE,") author of "The Great Thirst Land," &c. Demy 8vo. 9s.

POLITICIANS OF TO-DAY. A Series of Personal Sketches. By T. WEMYSS REID, author of "Charlotte Brontë; a Monograph." Cabinet Portraits, &c. Two Vols., Crown 8vo., cloth, 15s.

RECORDS OF YORK CASTLE, FORTress, Court House, and Prison. By A. W. TWYFORD (the present Governor) and Major ARTHUR GRIFFITHS, author of The Memorials of Millbank." Crown 8vo. With Engravings and Photographs. 7s. 6d.

THE BIRTHDAY BOOK OF QUOTATIONS and Autograph Album. Extracts in English, French, and German, chiefly from standard authors. With Calendar, Ornamental Borders for Photographs, Album for Translations, and Chosen Mottoes. Extra cloth and gilt, price 10s. 6d. CREWEL WORK. Fifteen Designs in Bold and Conventional Character, capable of being quickly and easily worked. With complete instructions. By ZETA, author of "Ladies Work and How to Sell it," and including Patterns for Counterpanes, Bed Hangings, Curtains, Furniture Covers, Chimney-piece Borders, Piano Backs, Table Cloths, Table Covers, &c., &c. Demy. In an Envelope, price 2s. 6d.

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