The examples in the present book (amounting to over one thousand in number) consist for the most part of questions and problems framed for the use of the Junior and Middle Physics Classes at the Aberystwyth College. To these have been added (at the end of each chapter) questions from various College, University and Scholarship papers of recent years. A list of some of the more important examination papers from which these have been selected will be found on page 45, and the source from which each question is taken is in every case acknowledged. A considerable number of typical examples have been solved, and answers (with occasional hints for solution) will be found at the end of the book. Explanatory paragraphs have been inserted in the hope of giving assistance where experience seemed to show that it was most needed, but I have endeavoured not to trench upon the recognised province of the text-books.

The book has not been written with a view to the requirements of any special examination, but I have made use of portions of the MSS. in teaching classes of students taking the Intermediate Science and Preliminary Scientific Courses of the London University, and believe it will be found suitable for students who are preparing for these examinations.

For assistance in reading proofs and working out answers my best thanks are due to Mr. B. B. Skirrow, B.A., of the Mason Science College, Birmingham'; to my assistant, Mr. R. W. Stewart; to Mr. F. W. Shurlock, B.A., of the Carmarthen Training College ; and to one of my students, Mr. A. H. Leete.



August 1888.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Page 25, Ex. 17, for velocity read acceleration.
Page 27, Ex. 40, for 56 lbs. read 49 lbs.
Page 111, Ex. 117 (last line), for 50° C. read – 50° C.
Page 112, Ex. 119 (last line), for volume read pressure.
Page 127, 6th line from bottom, for mso read mst.
Page 153, Ex. 5, for 4 yards read 4


(ANSWERS.) Chap. I. (p. 247), 42, for 18 feet read 16 feet. 53, for 9.5 gm.

read 14:58 gm. Chap. II. (p. 250), 78, sp. gr. of solid=0.5; of liquid=2. 66,

Resultant pressure=62.5 lbs. Chap. III. (p. 252), 48, for 132°-3 read 131°:7. Chap. IV. (p. 253), 48, for 6.25 gm. read 625 gm. Chap. V. (p. 254), 6, for 1010 read 109. 29, for 24,396 units read 24, 124:4 units.

47, for 2.85 read 2.87. Chap. VI. (p. 255), 26, for 1 ft. 1 in. read 1 ft. 27, for inverted

read erect. Chap. VII. (p. 256), 1, 341 metres per sec. 7, 32.4 cm.

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