The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte ...: With a Concise History of the Events that Have Occasioned His Unparalleled Elevation, and a Philosophical Review of His Manners and Policy as a Soldier, a Statesman, and a Sovereign. Including Memoirs and Original Anecdotes of the Imperial Family, and the Most Celebrated Characters that Have Appeared in France During the Revolution ...


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Side 443 - Immediately after leaving the King's Bench Prison, By the benefit of the Act of Insolvency, In consequence of which he registered His Kingdom of Corsica For the use of his Creditors. The Grave, great teacher, to a level brings Heroes and beggars, galley-slaves and kings. But Theodore this lesson learn' d, ere dead ; Fate pour"d its lessons on his living head, Bestow'da kingdom and denied him bread.
Side 180 - Convention decree, in the name of the French nation, that they will grant fraternity and assistance to all those people who wish to procure liberty ; and they charge the executive power to send orders to the generals to give assistance to such people, and to defend citizens who have suffered and are now suffering in the cause of liberty.
Side 229 - I cannot believe that he would have shewn himself destitute of social virtues : we are, in a moment of fermentation like this, naturally little indulgent to his vices, or rather to those of...
Side 141 - ... which are due by the laws of nature and of nations to sovereigns ; their imperial and royal majesties making personally responsible for all events, on pain of losing their heads, pursuant to military trials, without hopes of pardon, all the members of the National Assembly, of the department, of...
Side 229 - ... the lamentable, degraded state to which he is actually reduced, is surely far less imputable to him than to the Constituent Assembly, which, of its own authority, without consent or advice of the people, restored him to the throne. I was in Paris at the time of the flight, or abdication of Louis XVI, and when he was taken and brought back. The proposal of restoring...
Side 228 - CITIZEN PRESIDENT, MY hatred and abhorrence of monarchy are sufficiently known : they originate in principles of reason and conviction, nor, except with life, can they ever be extirpated ; but my compassion for the unfortunate, whether friend or enemy, is equally lively and sincere.
Side 11 - ... every body was more or less worth gaining. Though his power, as Minister and General, made him many political and party enemies, they did not make him one...
Side 442 - Bench ; and so cruelly has fortune exercised her rigours upon him, that last session of parliament he was examined before a committee of the house of commons, on the hardships to which the prisoners in that jail had been subject.
Side 442 - ... had been subject. Yet let not ill-nature make sport with these misfortunes ! His Majesty had nothing to blush at, nothing to palliate, in the recapitulation of his distresses. The debts on his civil list were owing to no misapplication, no...
Side 217 - Citizens, representatives, the law of the nation and your decrees have intrusted to us the sacred functions of the defense of Louis. We come, with regret, to present to you the last act of our function. Louis has given to us his express charge to read to you a letter, signed with his own hand, of which the following is a copy : Letter from Louis. " I owe it to my own honor, I owe it to my family, not to subscribe to a sentence which declares me guilty of a crime of which I cannot accuse myself.

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