Law for the Registration of Vital Statistics in California

W.W. Shannon, Superintendent State Printing, 1905 - 16 sider

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Side 6 - He. shall carefully examine the certificates received monthly from the local registrars, and If any such are incomplete or unsatisfactory he shall require such further information to be furnished as may be necessary to make the record complete and satisfactory.
Side 12 - That if the interment, or other disposition of the body is to be made within the State, the wording of the burial permit may be limited to a statement by the registrar, and over his signature that a satisfactory certificate of death having been filed with him, as required...
Side 10 - The personal and statistical particulars (Items 1 to 13) shall be authenticated by the signature of the informant, who may be any competent person acquainted with the facts. The statement of facts relating to the disposition of the body shall be signed by the undertaker or person acting as such.
Side 8 - And when it appears necessary for the convenience of the people in any rural district the local registrar is hereby authorized, with the approval of the State registrar, to appoint one or more suitable persons to act as subregistrars, who shall be authorized to receive certificates and to issue burial or removal permits in and for such portions of the...
Side 11 - Officer or coroner, as directed by the local registrar, for the medical certificate of the cause of death and other particulars necessary...
Side 16 - ... duties of registrars, coroners, physicians, undertakers, sextons and other persons in relation to such registration and fixing penalties for the violation of this act.
Side 15 - He shall have authority to investigate cases of irregularity or violation of law, personally or by accredited representative, and all registrars shall aid him, upon request, in such investigations. When he shall deem it necessary, he shall report cases of violation of any of the provisions of this Act to the prosecuting attorney...
Side 12 - And all physicians, midwives, informants, or undertakers connected with any case, and all other persons having knowledge of the facts, are hereby required to furnish such information as they may possess regarding any birth or death, upon demand of the State Registrar, in person, by mail, or through the local registrar.
Side 7 - For any search of the files and records when no certified copy is made, the State registrar shall be entitled to a fee of fifty cents for each hour or fractional part of an hour of time of search, said fee to be paid by the applicant.
Side 14 - Registrar to be a true copy thereof, shall be prima facie evidence in all courts and places of the facts therein stated.

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