Browne and Powles' Law and Practice in Divorce & Matrimonial Causes

Sweet & Maxwell, 1905 - 789 sider

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Side 691 - ... on the trial of any issue joined or of any matter or question, or on any inquiry arising in any suit, action, or...
Side 706 - Every contract entered into by a married woman shall be deemed to be a contract entered into by her with respect to and to bind her separate property, unless the contrary be shown.
Side 665 - ... or of having deserted or wilfully separated himself or herself from the other party before the adultery complained of, and without reasonable excuse, or of such wilful neglect or misconduct as has conduced to the [respondent's] adultery".
Side 665 - ... the petitioner has been in any manner accessory to or conniving at the adultery, or has condoned the same, and shall also inquire into any counter-charge which may be made against the petitioner.
Side 127 - Court may from time to time, before making its final decree, make such interim orders, and may make such provision in the final decree, as it may deem just and proper with respect to the custody, maintenance, and education of the children, the marriage of whose parents is the subject of such suit or other proceeding, and may, if it shall think fit, direct proper proceedings to be taken for placing such children under the protection of the Court of Chancery.
Side 668 - ... no witness in any proceeding, whether a party to the suit or not, shall be liable to be asked or bound to answer any question tending to show that he or she has been guilty of adultery, unless such witness shall have already given evidence in the same proceeding in disproof of his or her alleged adultery.
Side 26 - That if any person, being married, shall marry any other person during the life of the former husband or wife,' whether the second marriage shall have taken place in England or elsewhere, every such offender, and every person counselling aiding or abetting such offender, shall be guilty of felony...
Side 692 - If any person called to give evidence in any court of justice, whether in a civil or criminal proceeding, shall object to take an oath, or shall be objected to as incompetent to take an oath, such person shall, if the presiding judge is satisfied that the taking of an oath would have no binding effect on his conscience...
Side 104 - And each of the parties shall say to the other, ' I call upon these persons here present to witness that I, AB, do take thee CD to be my lawful wedded wife [or husband.'] Provided also, that there be no lawful impediment to the marriage of such parties.
Side 665 - The Court may, if it shall think fit, on any such decree, Alimony. order that the husband shall, to the satisfaction of the Court, secure to the wife...

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