Annual Report of the Town Officers ... and the Town Records


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Side 4 - ... it shall be the duty of legislatures and magistrates, in all future periods of this commonwealth, to cherish the interests of literature and the sciences, and all seminaries of them; especially the university at Cambridge, public schools and grammar schools in the towns...
Side 3 - Wisdom and knowledge, as well as virtue, diffused generally among the body of the people, being necessary for the preservation of their rights and liberties; ana as these depend on spreading the opportunities and advantages of education, in the various parts of the country, and among the different orders of the people, it shall be the duty of...
Side 22 - Hereof fail not, and make due return of this warrant with your doings thereon to the Town Clerk, at the time and place of meeting as aforesaid.
Side 36 - Every person who enters his particular drain into such main drain or common sewer, or who, by more remote means, receives benefit thereby for draining his cellar or land...
Side 22 - Maine, you are hereby required to notify and warn the inhabitants of the town of...
Side 13 - Case of Great Britain as laid before the Tribunal of Arbitration at Geneva.
Side 37 - ... maintaining and repairing main drains or common sewers shall be paid by such city or town.
Side 37 - ... provided that, before making his application the party shall give one month's notice in writing to the selectmen or mayor and aldermen of his intention so to apply, and shall therein particularly specify his objections to the assessment made by them ; to which specification he shall be confined upon the hearing by the jury.
Side 9 - ... who shall not attend some Public School or suitable institution of instruction, at least twelve weeks in a year, six of which shall be consecutive in the summer term, and six of which shall be consecutive in the winter term, shall be deemed an absentee. 4. Absentees of the Second Class.
Side 76 - ... in addition to the public debt already heretofore authorized by the Constitution; and for that purpose may provide by law for issuing and negotiating the bonds of the State, and appropriate the...

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