payment. Such issue shall be authorized by ordinance, stating the amount of the issue and the purpose or purposes for which such bonds or obligations are to be issued. Such bonds or obligations shall be issued in such denominations, payable in currency or in gold or silver coin, bearing such rate of interest, payable quarterly, semi-annually or annually, not exceeding 6 per cent, per annum, and payable at such time or times, not exceeding twenty years from the date of issue and at such place or places and with such conditions as to optional payment before maturity, as the ordinance authorizing the issue may prescribe. Each such bond or obligation shall bear the signature of the mayor and the city comptroller or such other officer or officers as the ordinance authorizing the issue shall direct. § 5. PROVISION For PAYMENT of Bonds AND INTERESTs.] The city council shall, before or at the time of authorizing such bond issue, by ordinance provide for the collection of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the interest on such bonds as it falls due, and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof at the time such principal shall fall due. § 6. CITY FUNDs MAY BE INVESTED IN cITY BONDs or TAX warRANTs.] The city council shall have authority to invest and reinvest any moneys in any fund set aside for some particular purpose, that is not immediately necessary for such purposes, including moneys in any sinking fund, in any bonds or tax warrants of the city. No bond thus acquired by the city with funds taken from any special fund shall be then retired or canceled unless of the series of bonds for the redemption of which such fund was raised. § 7. ISSUE of NEw Bonds To BE subMITTED To voters.] No new bonded indebtedness, other than for refunding purposes, shall be incurred until the proposition therefor shall be consented to by a majority of the legal voters of the city voting on the question at any election, general, municipal or special. § 8. IRREGULARITY Not To INVALIDATE BoxDS IN HANDs of HoldFR For vaLUE.] The failure to comply with any of the requirements herein contained with reference to the form or manner of issuing bonds, or other obligations of the city, shall not invalidate, in the hands of a holder for value, any such bond or obligation which shall have been duly authorized as herein provided if the same constitutes equitably a charge against the city; but upon such failure appropriate proceedings may be brought to restrain the issue of such bonds or to compel compliance with the law. § 9. AssuMPTION of INDEBTEDNEss By AccEPTANCE of Act.] The city of Chicago shall, under this Act, become bound for, and shall be held to have assumed, all the debts and liabilities of all municipal corporations, quasi-municipal corporations, local governments and authorities hereby consolidated with it, including any bonds heretofore issued under statutes intended to apply to all or any of such particular corporations or corporate authorities.



SECTION 1. CITY To succFED TO ALL Pow ERS OF PARK BOARDS NOT InconsistENT witH THIs ACT.] The city of Chicago shall be vested

with all powers heretofore granted to any park commissioners, park boards or boards of park commissioners whose authority is abrogated by this Act, and which powers have not heretofore lapsed or expired and are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, and all powers now existing with regard to any of said parks to enlarge the same by reclaiming submerged lands under public waters in this State and all powers and rights incidental thereto shall extend to the submerged lands under any and all public waters within the jurisdiction of or bordering upon the city of Chicago, for the benefit of said city. § 2. CITY's Powers of Acquisition.] The city shall have power to acquire by dedication, gift, lease, contract, purchase or condemnation, lands or easements, inside or outside of the city limits, for park or boulevard purposes, and for ways connecting parks with the city or each other. § 3. CITY MAY EXTEND PARK systEM.] The city council shall have power to extend the park system of the city of Chicago, both within and outside of the city limits, by adding to or otherwise enlarging any parks and by opening and establishing new parks, and by extinguishing or acquiring such title to, or such easements and rights in or over any lands abutting on or in the vicinity of any existing or projected park as may be necessary or appropriate to control the surroundings of such parks so as to increase the advantage thereof to the public or secure to the public the full benefit, use and enjoyment thereof. For any such purpose the city may extinguish easements or rights in land and may acquire lands and easements and rights in or over land, by dedication, gift, lease, contract, purchase or condemnation, and may, in its discretion, take under the power of eminent domain or otherwise, the title in fee simple absolute to any land which the city is authorized to acquire, or in or over which it is authorized to acquire easements and rights as aforesaid, and such title shall not terminate or be defeated by cessation or abandonment of the use for which it was acquired. The declaration of the city council that any such lands or easements or rights in or over land are necessary or appropriate for any such purpose shall constitute sufficient prima facie evidence of such necessity or appropriateness. The city council may vacate streets and alleys within the limits of or adjacent to any lands acquired for the purpose of this section. § 4. MAY CREATE or Discontinue Boulevards.] The city council, upon the recommendation of the board of park commissioners, shall have the power to set apart any street or streets of the city or any portion thereof for a boulevard or driveway and shall also have the power, upon such recommendation, to discontinue the use of such streets or any part thereof as boulevards and resume control over them as city streets. No street or portion thereof shall be changed into a boulevard, or discontinued as such, without the consent of the owners of the greater portion of the frontage of the lots abutting upon such street or boulevard or portion of street or boulevard. The board of park commissioners shall have authority to enter into contracts in the name of the city of Chicago with owners of property abutting upon, or in the vicinity of, any boulevard, whereby such owner in consideration of the location or continuance of such boulewards may bind themselves to make annual contributions towards the maintenance and repair of same. Such contracts, if so provided therein, shall operate as covenants running with the land, and when recorded in the office of the recorder of deeds of Cook county in accordance with law, the amounts agreed to be paid shall constitute liens upon the property to which such contract relates. § 5. CITY MAY Discontinue PARKs.] The city council, upon the recommendation of the board of park commissioners, may discontinue any parks, or any portion thereof, by a vote of three-fourths of its members, and may dispose of the land and property the use of which has been so discontinued in the manner provided by statute for the disposition of other city property which ceases to be used for city purposes. This section shall not apply to the discontinuance of a bouleyard when such boulevard is reconverted into a street. Submerged lands reclaimed for park purposes may, if discontinued in accordance . this section, be devoted to such purposes as the city council shall irect. Personal property, no longer needed for park purposes, may be sold under such regulations as the city council may prescribe. § 6. MAY ERECT CITY BUILDINGs on LANDS AND PERMIT county, STATE or FEDERAL BUILDINGS THEREoN.] The city shall have authority to acquire and hold lands and to fill in and reclaim submerged lands for the erection and maintenance thereon of public buildings of the city and for public grounds surroundings such buildings or connected therewith, or for other public and municipal purposes, and shall have the right to permit buildings of the county of Cook, the State of Illinois, the United States of America or other governmental or public bodies to be erected and maintained on such lands and grounds upon such terms and conditions as the city council may prescribe. Subject to such use, the city shall have the same power to manage and control, improve, maintain and beautify such lands and grounds as is in this Act conferred upon said city with respect to parks, and for any of the purposes hereinbefore in this section specified the city may acquire or dispose of the title to or rights or easements in or over lands abutting on or in the vicinity of such lands or public grounds in like manner and to like extent as in this Act provided with respect to parks. § 7. CITY councIL MAY PAss ordin ANCEs for Gover NMENT of PARKs.] The city council, upon the recommendation of the board of park commissioners, may from time to time, whenever the same is deemed necessary, establish by ordinance all needful rules and regulations for the government and protection of parks herein provided for, and for ways connecting parks with each other or with the city, and of boulevards. Such ordinances may provide for excluding from such parks, boulevards and ways, or any of them, all funeral processions, hearses, traffic teams, through teaming and all objectionable travel and traffic, and may regulate the speed of vehicles in such parks, boulevards and ways, and provide penalties for the violation of same. General city ordinances now in force or hereafter enacted shall be presumed not to apply to such parks, boulevards and ways, if contrary to any regulation made under the authority of this section. —18 L

$ 8. ORDINANCEs SHALL BE PUBLISHED IN Book ForM AND RULES POSTED.] All ordinances, for the violation of which fines are imposed, shall be published in the newspaper selected as the official journal of the city, and same may be printed in book or pamphlet form in such manner as the city council shall direct, and rules framed in conformity with such ordinances shall be brought to the notice of the public by being posted in conspicuous places in the parks. When such ordinances are printed in book or pamphlet form, purporting to be published by authority of the city council, such book or pamphlet shall be received as evidence of the passage and publication of such ordinances as of the dates therein mentioned in all courts without further proof. § 9. The board of park commissioners as provided in this Act shall have full power to manage and control, improve, maintain and beautify the parks of the city in accordance with appropriations made and bonds issued by and under authority of the city council as in this Act provided. § 10. COST OF NEw PARK MAY BE MET BY GENERAL or SPECIAL TAXATION OR BY BOTH.] The cost of the first establishment of any park and the cost of any other local improvement in or relating to the same may be met by general taxation, or by special taxation, or by special assessment, or by a combination of special with general taxation, or of special assessment with general taxation, or otherwise, as the city council shall by ordinance determine. The provision of the statutes governing the making of local improvements in the city shall be applied to the proceedings for the taking of lands and the meeting of the expenses in connection with such improvements, in so far as the same are applicable. The cost of maintenance and repair shall not be met by special taxation or special assessment. § 11. CITY MAY Do CERTAIN work BY DAY LABOR or CoNTRACT.] Any work to be done by or under the direction of the board of park commissioners, the cost of which is not met in whole or in part by special assessment or special taxation, may be done, in the discretion of the city council, either directly through park employees and other laborers hired for the purpose or by contract entered into for that purpose, or partly by the one method and partly by the other. § 12. MUSEUM, ART INSTITUTE OR LIBRARY IN PARKs.] The city council may purchase, erect and maintain within any public park, any museum, art institute or library, or permit any museum, art institute or library established for public use by private endowment to be erected and maintained therein. An admission fee, not to exceed twenty-five cents for each visitor over ten years of age, may be charged or permitted to be charged for visiting any such museum or art institute: Provided, that all such museums and institutes shall be open to the public without charge for not less than three days each week, and to the children in actual attendance upon any of the schools in the city on every day. Any arrangement or agreement existing at the time this Act shall take effect with any museum, art institute or library, that shall be now located or authorized to be located in any park, shall not be impaired or affected, but shall be continued in force, by the provisions of this Act. Where any power has heretofore been granted by statute to any board of park commissioners to levy taxes for the support of any museum or museums of art, science or natural history located and maintained, or authorized to be located and maintained in any public park, the city council may appropriate and include in the levy of taxes for park purposes a tax on each dollar of taxable property in the city of Chicago, not to exceed that named in the statute conferring such power upon said board of park commissioners, for the same purpose or purposes, subject to the provisions of this Act upon the subject of taxation and revenue. If any owner of land abutting upon any park, or adjacent thereto, has any easement or property right in such park appurtenant to his land which would be interferred with by placing any museum, art institute or library within the park, or any right to have such park remain open and free from buildings, such easement or right may be condemned in accordance with the provisions of the statutes regulating the exercise of the power of eminent domain. § 13. APPROPRIATIONS AND BOND ISSUES.] All appropriations and bond issues for the use of parks shall be made by the city council, in accordance with the general provisions of this Act. All warrants upon which any portion of such funds are to be paid out shall bear the signature or signatures of such official or officials as may be designated by the city council. § 14. PUBLIC MonumENTs.] The board of park commissioners shall have charge and control of all public monuments within the city and the city council may establish, by ordinance, all needful rules and regulations tending to the preservation of such public monuments and to prevent their defacement, in the same manner and with the same effect as it may make ordinances for the protection of the public parks. § 15. PRIVATE PROPERTY THRow N open To PUBLIC–PLACE OF HISToric INTEREST.] The board of park commissioners shall have power, by agreement with private owners, to undertake the preservation and care, in whole or in part, of places under private ownership, the use of which is thrown open to the public; and in like manner to undertake the preservation and care of places of historic interest, and to mark the same by appropriate memorial tablets and inscriptions, which shall be regarded as public monuments, and also to purchase, preserve and maintain sites and buildings of historic interest.



SECTION 1. MANAGEMENT of PUBLIC LIBRARY.] The city council shall have full power to manage, control, maintain, operate and extend or enlarge the public library of the city of Chicago; to acquire, by dedication, gift, lease, contract, purchase or condemnation, property and rights necessary or proper for library purposes; to make appropriations and tax levies and issue bonds for such purposes; and to exercise any and all powers and rights not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, now vested in the board of directors of said library under the laws of the State relating to such libraries.

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