LXXXII. Given 2S; bp; doc. LXXXIII. R; a-:c;

S. S'

a max. LXXXIV. 262-(bis. of 6)?; p; axbxc.

LXXXV. b; B; and atp b.
LXXXVI, (a--c) A-C; btm when m : 2R,

LXXXVII. b; B; (a—c). 2R a max.

(a+c); (p+b); B, and when deter

minable. LXXXIX.

2S; prolongation of bis. of 6 to

cir. of cr. O; a2 +62 +c%. XC. b; A-C; mono a max. when

m and n are the lines from A and

C to middles of a and c.
XCI. B; a£c; bfm, when m is a line

from B, making any < with b. XCII. B; 28; and line from B to divide

6 Pi.

R;u xo'; and A-C a max.

0 A; and axca max. B being

obtuse. XCV.

l; l' the bisector of supplement of

vertical <ica. XCVI.

b; B; l. (s~5)a max. XCVII.

2S; B; axc. XCVIII.

b; A-C; bis. of b. XCIX.

B; r"; axc + mXn, or axcmXn, when m, n are the lines from A and C to the centre of

insc. O. C. btc; b-a; bp either given, or a

CI. a, b, c to pass through three points.

B; R; p.
CIII. b; a line from B to a given point

in b; B a max. CIV.

A-C; bis. of b; 2SX (a +246) X

pa max. CV.

2S; B; bp a max. CVI.

a; c; bis, of 6 Xb a max. CVII.

b; A; I. CVIII.

l; and per. from A, C on it.


CIX. Given B; side of inscr. O'; axm when

m is the portion a between the

corner of o? and b. CX. b; a-c; segment of a between B

and perp. from A. CXI.

B; bma:- and mtn, when m is

the perp. from C on c, and n the portion of c towards A.


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