and himself, in the months of September question was in what way this saving was and October last, relative to his removal to be made. Looking at all the taxes, he from the army.

was inclined to think that the reduction Lord Palmerston said, if there were of the Malt Tax would give the greatest one prerogative of the Crown more in- relief, and it was therefore proposed to disputable than another, it was that of give up the additional Malt Tax, this dismissing any officer without assigning Session, of one shilling a bushel. The any reasons for such dismissal, or with relief afforded by the remission of the tax out paying any regard to whether the exclusive of Ireland, would be from commissions were or were not purchased. £1,100,000 to £1,500,000 ; and in the

There had not been shewn, even in the next Session a further reduction of taxes. hon. member's own statement, the least of one million might be calculated upou. ground for presuming that that preroga. Ministers telt the necessity of not intertive had been improperly exercised; and fering with the Bank Restriction Act, but he hoped that the House would therefore they felt the relief which would be given feel disposed to negative the hon. mem- to all the money operations of the country ber's propositiou.

by encreasing It's floating debt. With Several other members then addressed this view, negociations had been opened the House, after which, Sir R. Wilson with the Bank for an advance upon Exa replied, when there appeared,

chequer Bills, and they had agreed to For his motion,


make the advances at 3 per cent., repay. Against it,


able by instalments, of £1,000,000, with a Majority, 102 view to give some relief to the distressed FRIDAY, FEB, 15.

agricultural interest. Government were The Order of the Day for taking into therefore disposed to place the £1,000,000 consideration that part of his Majesty's to be raised by Exchequer Bilis in the Speech relating to the subject of Agricul- hands of Commisssioners, who would lend tural Distress, having been read, the it to parishes upon the assignment of their. Marquess of Londonderry, atter an elo- poors'-rates to repay it. The money to quent introdnction, bearing upon the va- be repaid to Government by instalments rious branches of this most intricate of four or five years, but in no case was question, said, that he should now feel it the sum advanced to exceed the amount necessary to apprize the House of the ex- of one year's assessment. There was tept of reduction wbich his Majesty's go- one other great branch of this question vernment had made since the last Session which he wished to state to the House, of Parliament. Next, what was the pre- he alluded to the Committee which had sent state ot the income and of the expen- been appointed last year upon the Corn diture,- what the actual surplus over the Laws ; and looking as he did at the Reexpenditure,—and that would lead to the port of that Committee, he thonghit they consideration of the question of reliet:- shonld be shrinking from their duty, if he The amount of all the items of expendi- did not move to revive that Cominitttee, ture for the present year was €17,195,000; with a view of reconsidering the Report. showing a clear reduction of £1,9.58,000; The Noble Marquess concluded by moving, and it was matter of cxultation to the that there be laid before the House an Chancellor of the Exchequer, thus to Account of the net Income and Expendikeep his word with the House, of having ture of the Country, to the End of the a clear Sinking Fund of £5,000,000.- Year 1821, and the Balance remaining in At this moment the capital of the debt in- the Exchequer: also an Account of the vested in the 5 per cents. amounted to Funded and Untunded Debt, and the $155,000,009– that in the 4 per cents, to Suus applied to the Redemption of the £75,000,009, and it was the object of ministers to reduce this interest of the 5 Mr. Brougham attacked the Noble per cents. immediately, and of the 4 per Lord's statements, and Mr. Huskisson decents. eventually. The whole saving to fended them ; some few other members be made upon ihe reduction of interest spoke on the question, and at one o'clock upon the Finds would be £3,500,000, to the notion was agreed to without a be disposed of by Parliament, and the division.



Right Honourable CHRISTOPHER MAGNAY, Lord Mayor.

COURT OF COMON COUNCIL. the purpose of considering the Report and

evidence relative to the attiay at KnightsThis day a Special Court was held, for bridge, on the 20th August, 1821, when strangers were excluded, during the dis- The Rev. Dr. Rudge attended the cussion of a question of privilege.

Court, with the Secretary of the London Mr. Alderman Brown presented a pe- Orphan Asylum, to present a petition in titia from Mr. Wontner, praying to be behalf of that most excellent charity. re-elected to fill the situation of City The petition was very favourably received, Marshal, which was complied with; and and several Members of the Court spoke the other City Officers were re-elected warmly in it's support. according to custom.

A petition from the Owners of Coal The Requisition for making the Court Craft, complaiving of a want of Deputy special, to consider the Report of the Coal Meters, was referred to the Coal Committee appointed to inquire into the and Corn Committee. Disturbapees at Knightsbridge, on the The Court then proceeded to consider 26th August, 1821, having been read, and the Report of the Bridge House Com- : also the Report, Mr. Farell bronglit for. mittee, recommending an application to ward a series of Resolutions approving of Parliament, to repeal an Act of 29 Geo. Il. the Report, and condemnatory of the respecting London-bridge, so far as realleged proceedings of Government upon lates to the Water-works ; which was the occasion alluded to. The Resolutions agreed to, and a petition was ordered to being seconded by Mr. Eicke, after a long be presented to Parliament in the nsual discussion and some modification, were finally carried unanimously; as was also The Court also agreed to petition Para poetition to the House of Commons, en- liament for power to raise monies effectreating a further consideration of circum- tually to repair Blackfriar's-bridge ; and

faeees which, in the opinion of the the Annual Accounts of the Commissioners Coart, demanded it's peculiar attention. of Sewers were presented, and ordered TILRSDAY, FEB. 21.

to be printed. This day a Court of Common Council Joseph Hume, Esq. M.P, attending, was held, when Mr. Wontner attended at was then introduced by Mr. Favell and the Bar, and expressed his thanks for Mr. Eicke, the mover and seconder of the the kindness exercised towards him, in Resolution for admitting him to the Freeconseqnence of the serious accident he dom of the City, and the Chamberlain met with whilst in the discharge of his having administered the usual oath, prepablie daty on the 16th November last. sented bin the gold box ; after which

The Court ihes, mpon the motion of Mr. Hume addressed the Court, and then Mi. Akerman Brown, agreed unani- withdrew. mously to present Mr. Wontner with a The Court appointed the Coal and Corn sum of Three Hundred Pounds, in testi. Meters in trust, and the several ComRiony of their approbation of his conduct, mittees for the year ensuing. god of their sympathy in his sufferings.


SATURDAY, JAN. 12, 1822.


The King has been pleased to appoint THE King has been pleased to recon- Henry Watkin Williams Wynn, Esq. to men to the Dean and Chapter of the Ca. be his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and thedral Church of St. Paul, London, the Minister Plenipotentiary to the ConteRev. Frederick William Blomberg, Clerk, derated States of the Swiss Cantons. Master of Arts, to be by them elected into the place of Canon Residentiary of

SATURDAY, JAN. 19. the said Cathedral Church, the same be- At the Court at Carlton-House, the ing vacant by the death of Dr. Samuel 17th of Jan. 1922, present, the King's Kvier Weston.

Most Excellent Majesty in Council. The King has also been pleased to grant This day the Right Lionourable Charles to the kev. George Holcombe, Clerk, Watkin Williams Wynn, and the Right Doring in Divinity, the place and dignity Honourable William Henry Fremantle, of a Prebendary of the Collegiate Church were, by his Majesty's command, sworn of St Peter, Westminster, void by the re- of his Majesty's Most Honourable Privy signition of the Rev. Frederick Wm. Council, and took their respective places Biourberg,

at the Board accordingly, 'The fioz has also been pleased to grant His Majesty having been pleased to unto the Hon. and Rev. John Evelyn appoint the Right Honourable Robert Boseawen, Clerk, Master of Arts, the Peel to be one of his Majesty's principal plice and di: nity of a Canon or Preben- Secretaries of State, he was, this day, by dary of the Vetropolitan Church of Can- his Majesty's command, sworn one of his terbury, void by the resignation of the Majesty's principal Secretaries of State kos. George liolcombe.

accordingly. Eur. Jug. I'vi. 61. Feb. 1822.





Suffolk-A. H. Steward, of Stoke-park, The King has been pleased to appoint Esq. William Richard Winitton, Esq. one of Surrey-C. N. Pallmer, of Norbitonthe Under Secretari y ot' State for Fo house, Esq. reign Affairs, to be his Majesty's Envoy Sussex --J. Eversfield, of Catsfield, Esq. Extraordinary and Finister Plenipoten- Warwickshire-M. Wise, of Leamingtiary at the Court of the Two Sicilies. ton-Priors, Esq. CROWN-OFFICE, JAN. 19.

Wiltshire---E. Phillips, of Melksham, Member returned to serre in Parliament. Esq.

Burouzh of King's Lynn.---The Most Worcestershire-S. Ryland, of King'sflon. William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, Norton, Esq commonly called the Marquis of litch- Yorkshire--R. Bethell, of Wise, Esq. field, in the rooi of Sir Martin Brown Folkes, Bart., deceased.

Carmarthen-W. H. Bevan, of Pengay, SHERIFS appointed by his Majesty in Esq. Council for the year 1822.

Pembroke - J. Mears, of Eastington, Bedfordshire-P.A. Lautour, of Stangh- Esq. ton, Esq.

Cardigan-T.L.Lloyd, of Wern Newidd, Berkshire--Sir G. East, of Hall-place, Esq. Bart.

Glamorgan--Sir J. Morris, of Bryn, Buckinghamshire-B. Way, of Denham,

Bart. Esq.

Brecon--J. Christie, of Cwmllwyfog, Camh, and Hunt.----R. J. Adeane, of Ba- Esq. braham, Esq.

Radnor - E. Rogers, of Stannage-park, Cheshire-C. Wicksted, of Baddeley,

Esq. Esq.

Cumberland --W. Crackenthorpe, of Anglesey –W. H. Sparrow, of TyneBank-hall, Esq.

wyud, Esq. Cornwall --D. Howell, of Prideaux, Esq. Carnarron-W. L. Caldecot, of the CotDerbyshire--P. Gell, of Hopton, Esq. tage, Esq.

Deconshire --Sir T. T. F. E. Drake, of Merioneth - J. Gill, of Pant Glas, Esq. Nutwell-court, Bart.

Montgomery-J. li. Lyon, of CeinblDorsetshire -- The Right Hon. Sir E. Ne- warch, Esq. pealı, ot' Loters, Bart.

Denbigh-S. Newton, of Pickill, Exq. Exsex-Sir G. H. Smyth, of Berechurch- Flint-T.Harrison, of Saathlwydd, Esq. hall, Bart.

TUESDAY, FEB, Ö. Gloucestershire-S. J. W. F. Welch, of This Gazette contains the appointment Painswick, Esq.

of the Right Hon Sir William A'Court, Herefordshire -T. H. Symons, of Mynde- Bart. G.C.B. to be his Majesty's Enroy park, Esq.

Extraordinary and Minister PlenipotenHertfordshire--T, Daniell, of Berkhamp- tiary at the Court of his Majesty the stead, Esq.

King of the Spains; also the appointKent -J. P. Powell, of Quex, Esq. ment of the Right Fion. C. W. W. Wynn,

Leicestershire--C. J. Packe, of Prest- the Marquess of Londonderry, Earl Batwold, Esq.

hurst, the Right Hon. R. Peel, the Earl of Lincolnshire-Sir J. H. Thorold, of Sys- Liverpool, the Chancellor of his Majesty's ton, Bart.

Exchequer, Baron Teignmouth, the Right Monmouthshire - J. Jenkins, of Chep- Hon. J. Sullivan, Viscount Cranborne, the stow, Esq.

Right Hon. W. H. Fremanile, Sir G. Norfolk ---Sir R. P. Jodrell, of Sall, Bart. War: ender, Bart. ayd Dr. Phillimore, Northamptonshire-J. Nethercoat, of to be his Majesty's Commissioners for Haselbeach, Esq.

the Affairs of India; also, the appointNorthumberland-E. Craster, of Pres- ment of Viscount Melville, Sir W. J. ton, Esq.

Hope, Sir J. Osborne, Bart. Sir G. CockNottinghamshire---W. F. Handley, of burn, Sir H. Hothain, and W. R. K. Newark-ipon-Trent, Esq.

Douglas, Esq. to be his Majesty's ComOxfordshire-J. Blackall, of Great Hase- missioners for executing the office of Lord ley, Esq.

High Admiral of the United Kingdom of Ratlandshire-T. Floor, of Whissen. Great Britain and Ireland; and the elecdine, Esq.

tion of the Right Hon. William Henry Shropshire- R, B. More, of Linley, Hugh Cholmondeley, as M.P. for the Esq.

Borough of Castle Rising. Somersetshire --V. Stuckey, of Hill

WHITEHALL, FEB. 7. house, Langport Eastover, Esq.

The king has been pleased to grant Staffordshire-P. Hussey, of Wyrley- unto the Rev. Charles Lloyd, Doctor in grove, Esq.

Divinity, the office and place of Regins County of Southa.nptm-R, Shedden; Professor of Divinity in the University 01" Brooklauds, Esq.

of Oxford, togethes with the place and

dignity of a Canon of the Cathedral White, taking rank next after RearCharch of Christ in the said University, Admiral Thomas Boys. properly belonging to the Regius Profes

CROWN-OFFICE, FED, 16. sor of the said University, being void by Members returned to serre in Parliament. the death of Doctor Frodsham Hodson. Borough of Iligham Ferrers. -- The Right LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S Office, FEB. 7. Hon. H. C. Phipps, commonly called

The Lord Chamberlain of his Majesty's Viscount Normanby, in the room of W.
Household has appointed Sir William Plamer, Esq. deceased.
Adams Oculist Extraordinary to his Unirersity of Oxford. - The Right Hon.

R. Peel, of Christcburch, D.C.L.

Borough of Great Bedrin.--The Right This day, in pursuance of his Majesty's Hon. Sir J. Nicholl, Knt. pleasure, Joho Clarke Searle, Esq. was Borough and Purish of Buckingham.--promoted to be Rear-Admiral of the The Right Hon. W. Il. Fremantle.

16 that


MONTHLY MEMORANDA. THE Secretary to the SOCIETY of that the disturbances continued encreas GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION ing during all this time. In the first of TRADE, by a Circular has informed despatch, the greatest number of men the Members thereof, that in connection mentioned as assembled in hostile array is with the names formerly mentioned as 200. The last despatch speaks of as concerned with the variotis firms de many thousands. His Lordship states, scribed of No. 4, Staining-lane, the fol- " that he had resorted to additional mealowing names appear on bills in circu- sures of precaution, and military operalation ; viz.

tion ;” and a Mr. Wilson, one of his Joan Julian, Leather-factor, Pucke. Lordship’s correspondents, says, ridge, Herts;

all the well-informed were most anxious JAMES P. DEVENISH;

for the renewal of the Insurrection Act ;" G. FEAx and Co.;

and expresses his own belief, “if some WILLIAM Lewis ; and

strong ineasures were not resorted to, John HARRIS, Baker, Oxford.

or at least the old military stations again The Secretary also informs the Mem- occupied, that the county of Tipperary bers, that a person calling himself would soon be as bad as that of LimeCAPTAIN GEORGE ATKINSON, alias CAP. rick.". TAIN FORBES, alias CAPTAIN FORBES ATKINSON, late of 15, Upper George- The Thames left the Downs at twelve street, Portman-sqnare, and now living o'clock on Wednesday January 30th, and Dear Cbeam, in Surrey, is reported to that on Saturday at noon she weathered Beachy

1 Society as improper to be proposed to be Head, the wind blowing a brisk gale. As balloted for as a Member thereof;-- and night approached, the gale encreased; that

and as darkness came on, it blew a comFRANCIS HARTWELL, formerly men- plete hurricane. At length, about twelve tioned, now resides at No. 31, Weymouth- o'clock, the ship struck on a rock very terrace, City-road; also, tbat the person near the Head, but she floated from thence, undernamed; viz.

and drifted round near to the town of JAMES YOUNG, Tea-dealer, late of No. Eastbourn, where she again struck, and 6, Mount-place, Whitechapel-road, has got quite ashore. This was soon after recently obtained goods from a Member two o'clock on Sunday morning, and from of the Society, by representing himself as that until half-past nine, the ship contia partner in a Brewery at Old Ford, Bow, nued to beat with tremendous violence where any connection with him is dis- against the shore, and every succeeding claimed; also,

wave was expected to shatter her to That the house, formerly noticed, at pieces. In the course of the night, all the No. 5, Bow-lane, is now, and has for masts and seven of the crew were washed some time past been, occupied by overboard. At length, the only boat that

E. J. Jones and Co.; and that bills are conld be found large enough to attempt negociated, drawn by tbem on persons to launch in this tremendous surf was using the firm of

brought to the spot, and a midshipA GENDRO, ROSSELL and Co. Prince's. man of the Preventive Service, and six street, Bank.

seamen, in a moment volunteered their

services to attempt to reach the ship. Tbe despatches from Lord Wellesley, Several successive efforts were made to which have been laid before Parliament, launch her, but she was each time cover a period of nearly one month, ex- swamped, and her gailant little crew tending from the 3d of January to the washed ashore. Still, however, nndis. 29th. It appears, we regret to state, mayed, they made another attempt, and


succeeded in getting almost without the period, both the Commercial and Agricu! breakers, where a sea took her starboard tural interests will be restored to a pros. bow, and upset her. The six seanien

perous condition. reached the shore; but we lament to state, The amount of the reductions in the the gallant young officer fell a victim to national expenses is stated to be this his undaunted courage and humanity. year about $2,000,000, made up of a Captain Manby's apparatus for the pre- saving of €9$8,005 in the army, £832,000 servation of lives was at length bronght in the navy, and £122,000 in the miscelinto action; and a rope being thrown on laneous charges, besides £80,000 froin board the sinip and made fust, the whole the navy estimates; out of which a relaremaining of the ship's company, together tive encrease of £106,000 in the ordoance with Major and Mrs. M'Iunis, and her charges is to be deducted. female servant (passengers), were got sale The most important branch of the plan on shore; but without saving a single is, to exchange the five and four per thing except the clothes which ihey had on cents. to three per cent. Stock; which their backs..---The vessel has been saved. will be done gradually, in a favourable

state of the market, without violating the The debate of Friday evening, Febrnary public faith ; and a saving of interest, to 15th, upon the present state of the coun- the amount of nearly 4 millions, will be try, and the means to which his Majesty's ultimately effected. Upon the whole, Ministers are about to resort for the p:r- then, we are led to anticipate, that the pose of alleviating the distresses of the time is not far distant, when all real agriculturist, was perhaps more interest- canse of complaint will be removed, and ing than any of the parliamentary proceed- England will again be prosperous and ings of the present Sessions. To the happy in all it's domestic relations, and Marquess of Londonderry’s very abie and still maintain that pre-eminence among comprensive speech, it is utterly impossi- the nations of the earth, which it has wou ble for us to do justice, within our narrow by the wisdom of it's rulers, and the limits, and we therefore recapitnlate the energy of it's people. main point developed in his plan of relief.

By a partial but immediate change in AGRICULTURAL REPORT FOR JANUARY. the 5 per cent. Stock, it is calculated that The Wheats, where they have not been a saving will this year be made in the flooded, are generally found to look well, expenditure of one million four hundred bnt drawn upwards as they have been, by thousand pounds; and it is, therefore, a constant series of warm and moist weaproposed to repeal the duty of is. a ther, without the slightest check from frost, bushel now laid upon malt, which amounte, the apprebension is tar from heing groundin the total, to about the same sum. This less, that they may be exhansted by exis the only relief, in the way of a direct cessive vegetation, and ultimately be more reduction of taxation, which is now con- productive in straw than corn.

It was templated; but it's cfects on the interests supposed last mouth, from the wet and of the farmers will be considerable. The pouchy state of a great part of the lands, embarrassments which prevail among all ihat much of the wheat sowing must be classes of Agriculturists have been justly postponed till after Christmas; but from ascribed, in part, to the return to a me. subsequent accounts, in spite of all diffitallic currency, a measure dictated by the colties, it seems that a finish has been true principles of political economy,though generally made. Talavera( Spanish ) wheat the change has been effecte with more is getting out of repute; perhaps corn rapidity than was expedient, considering from a warm climate should never be the circumstances of the country. This sown in this country in the autumu, until error will be corrected, and the practical it shall have become naturalized. During relief afforded to those who stand most in several weeks past, the causes of rain need of it, by the loan of four millions and fog, oft he former particularly, appear which the Bank has agreed to furnish at to have been evidently exhausted; yet a the rate of three per cent., which is to be state of moisture in the atmosphere has placed in the hands of Commissioners, constantly prevailed, and the lands have for the purpose of being lent to whatever remained in a very wet and ponchy state. parishes choose to avail themselves of this There is at present great hopes of a faassistance. The principal and interest to vourable change. Fine heavy dry wheat, be repaid by convenient instalments in short in quantity and much in reqnest, is the course of four or five years. The re- worth 758. per quarter; but in general, payment of these advances is to be in- all kinds of produce are necessarily at a sured by the parish rates of the following' declining price. Perhaps long wool is an year. In the mean time further reduc- exception, being rather ready of sale.tions will be accomplished in the various Manufactures are in a far more prosperpublic departments, and with the opera- ous state than agriculture, and are grations of an increased Sinking Fund; it is dually relieving the land from a part of it's reasonably presumed, ihat in a sbort superfluous labourers.

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