BIRTIS. LATELY, at their house in Montague. Letitia Buonaparte Wyse, the lady of square, the lady of Major G. Becher, of Thomas Wyse, jun. Esq. of the manor of her ninth son.

St. John's, Waterford, Ireland. Lately, in l'pper Berkeley-street, the 20. In Gloucester-place, the Lady of larly of Clayton Freeling, Esq. of a daugh: G. H. Cherry, Esq. M.P. of a son and

heir. Lately, at Toppesfield Rectory, Essex, At Irnham Hall, Lincolnshire, the Mrs. Lewis Way, of a daughter.

Hon. Mrs. Clifford, of a son. Lately, at Ferregles-house, Dumfries, 30. At Langley Park, Forfarshire, the tire lady of Alexander Gordon, Esq. of Right Hon. Lady Anne Lætitia Cruicktvin sons.

shank, of a daughter. Lately, at Brighton, the Right Hon. Feb. 9. In Stratton-street, Piccadilly, Lady Caroline Hamilton, of a danghter, Lady Jane Peel, of a son.

JAN. 6. At Rome, of a son and heir,

MARRIAGES. LATELY, at Edinburgh, the Marqnis Faulkner, daughter of the late General de Riaro Sierza, to Miss Lockhart, daugh- Spry, of the Engineers. ter of the late Rear-admiral Lochbart. 5. At St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, by the

Lately, the Farl of Albemarle, to Miss Rev. William Wodsworth, rector of St. Hnnloke, danghter of the laie Lady Hun- Peter, Sandwich, Samuel Barlow, jun. loke.

Esq. of Old Broad-street, to Mary-Ann, JAN. 25. At Edinburgh, Charles Dan only daughter of William Slark, Esq. of das, Esq. M.P. for the connty of Berks, Clapton. to Mrs. Erskine, niece to the laie Earl of 9. At St. Michael's, College-hill, by Landerdale.

the Rev. William Henry Sprin et, chap. 30, At St. Mary's Church, Newington- lain to the Lord Mayor, William Boyd, of Potts, Mr. Joha Ebbutt, of Croydon, Shamrock Lodge, county of Down, Ireto Sarah, daughter of William Francis land, to Jane, eldest danghter of the Cook, of Newington.

Right Hon. Christopher Magnay, Lord Fes. 2. At Beddington Church, by the Mayor of London. Rev. Jolin Courtnay, David Walker, Esq. 12. At the parish-church of Adderly, in of Liscooly, in the county of Donegal, the county of Salop, by the Hon. and Rev. Ireland, to Anna, eldest danghter of Henry Cust, the Hon. John Henry Knox, William Meeke, Esq. of Beddington, third son of Viscount Northland, to the Sarrev.

Right Hon. Lady Mabella Needham, The Rev. T. B. S. Carwithen, vicar youngest daughter of the Earl of Killo of Sandhurst, Berks, to Mrs. Augustus morey.

DEATIIS. LATELY, the Rev. Dr. Hodgson, Prin- Aug. 12, 1821. At Dana, Richard Ouren cipal of Brazenpose College, and Regius Wynne, Esq. Second Judge of Appeal and Professor of Divinity in the University of Circuit in the Bengal Establishment. Oxford, who, whilst on a visit to bis Nov. 16. At sea, Dr. Helenus Scott, Grace the Duke of Buckingham, was M.D. many years first Member of the taken ill with a disorder in his bowels, Medical Board of Bombay, and late of which, baffling the power of medicine, Russell-square. brought him to a premature grave.

JAN. 29. At Maidenhead, at the ad-' Lately, in the 14ti year of his age, vanced age of 77 years, James Payo, Esq. Nicholas Charrington, second son of opwards of fitty years Recorder of that N. Charrington, Esq. Mile-end.

town, and Treasurer for the County of Lately, at Pudlicote House, Oxford. Berks. shire, Mary-Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan 30. At his Lordship's seat, Thornton,

Essex, the Right Hon. Frances Lady Lately, after a few days illness, at Petre. Glasgow, Captain J. Aveling, of the 77th FEB. I. At Plymouth, after a short regiment, having actively served 22 years ilness, Captain Sir T. Lavie, K.C.B. in the same regiment.

commanding his Majesty's ship Spencer, Lately, at his house, at Welwyn, Herts, of 74 guns, leaving a widow and ten John Cotton, Esq. of Devonshire-street, children. Purtland-place.

4. At her house, in Nottingham-place,

Birch, Esq.

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Marylebone, Mro. Ann Frederick, relict mont, in the play of Deaf and Dumb," was of the late Rear-admiral Frederick, aged equal in conception and effect to any 72.

theatrical performance that we ever wit6. At Bootham, Yorkshire, William H. nessed, and the late Mr. Fox declared Merriman, Esq. formerly of the Royal that he had never seen such acting since Navy, and late of the Hon. East India the days of Garrich.--The truth is, that Company's Service.

the good sense of Mr. Wroughton induced 7. Af his house in Howland-street, him to keep his eye steadily upon human in the 74th year year of his age, Rich- lite, and to study attentively the nature ard Wroughtou, Esq. This Gentleman of the character which he was to perform. long and deservediy held a conspici. Hence he was totally free fron those ous station on the London Stage. Mr. trickerics of gesture, and that affected mixWroughton possessed a sound understand- ture of the ierrific and the familiar, which ing, and had observed the world with a have degraded the stage of late years, discerning eye. His talents as an actor and whichi, while they captivate the igniowere not of the very highest order, but rant and vulgar, can only make “ the juwere in the next degree, and, in the prinne dicious grieve.” Mr. V roughton was a of his life, he occasionally appeared with model of integrity in private lite, and all great credit in first-rate characters. He who consulted him might sately depend was of the Old School, as it is now upon the suggestions of his knowledge, styled, meaning the School of Garrick and prudence, and experience. As a compaof Nature, which entirely overturned that vion he was humourous and well-bred, cold and pompous style so highly praised with something of a satirical smartness by Colley Cibber, who, however, had that gave point to what he said, and his published his apology many years before conversation was always enlivened hy Garrick appeared, and whom at last, anecdotes, which he related with force though with much reluctance, he adınitted and effect, but without any obtrusion or pato be the true Actor of Nature. Mr. rade. He was highly esicemed by a large Wroughton was much respected for bis circle of friends, and has left an amiable theatrical talents, at a tiine when Gar- and accomplished widow to lament the rick, Barry, and Smith, were high in loss of a pleasant companion and affec, public favour. His performance of Darle

tionate protector.

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Ertracted from the London Gazette.
N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, anless

otherwise expressed. The Country and London Attornies' Names are between

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. BUTCHER, O. Burnham Westgate, Norfolk, HAVILAND, R. Cirencester. Gloucester, rectifier. farmer.

SUMMERSETT, J. Shorsted, Kent, farmer. GRAY, J. Bishopsgate.street Within, silversmith. WATSON, P. Liverpool, merchant.

BANKRUPTS. ALLSUP, CHS. High Holborn, halter, March 0. BANTLING, JAMES, Cumberland-st. St. Mary-le(Pearce and Co. Si, Swithin'] Jan 26.

bone, carpenter, March 9. (Williams and Co. ASPELL, JOHN, Manchester, check-inanufacturer, Gray's.Innpl. Gray's Inn.) Jar. 26

March 12, Bridgwater Anns. Nianchester. (Had- BURGIE, JAMES, Mark la. carpenter, March 9. held and Co. Manchester; and Hurd and Co. (Leigh. Mansion.House.) Jun. 26. Temple) Jan 20.

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BOWRING, JOHN GODWIN, Fenchurch-bu. ALDERSON, JOHN, Liverpool, oil-merchant, broker, March 18. (Kearsey and Co. Bishopsgate

March 16, George, Liverpool. [Orred and Co. st.) Jan. 29.
Liverpool; and lowe and Co. Southampton-bu. BUTCHER, JAS. Alphamstone, Essex, malister,
Chancery-la.) Feb 9.

March 12, Red Lion, Colchester. [Daniels and ATKINSON, MICHAEL, Fulbeck. Lincoln, money- Co. King's. Arin's-yard, Coleman sto; and Cole scrive ner, March 19. Hare and Hounds, Fulbeck. chester. Jan. 09. [White, Grantham; and Taylor, John-sti. Bed- BAKER, THOS. Wolverhampton, Stafford, mercer, ford-row.) Feb. 5.

March 16, Whiston Cross, Salop (Wood, Wool! AXFORD, THOS. Abingdon, Berks, wine merchant, verhamton ; and Williams and Co. Old BuildMarch 26, (rown and Thistle, Abingdon. (Nel- ingy, Lincoln's Inn.) Feb. 2. son, Strand; and Graham, Abingdon.] BRANWELL, JAS, Learenball-st. hatrer, March Feb. 12.

(Shelton and Co. Od Bailey.i Feb. 2. ANDREWS, THOS, W. Stamford, Lincoin, cabi. BLACKLEE, DAN. Cambridge, bricklayer, March

net-maker, March 30, Horns, Stamford. [Thomp- 19. Hoop, Cambridge. Chevell, Cambridge ; and son, Stamford ; and Wright, Inner Temple.] Farlow, Gray's louis Feb 5. Feh. 16.

BULLOCK, JOAN, Leadenhall st. grocer, March BOND), WM. Houndsdisch, wafer-inanufacturer, 23. (Smith and Co. Halion-co. Threadneedle-st.) March 9. (Knight and Co. Basingliali-st.] Jar.

Feb. 9. 26,

BILSBOROUGH, BEN. Lower Merton, Surrey,


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tsa keeper, Masche, and us. [Robinson, Pask.

Wettinster.) Fed. 9.
BOSTOCK, EDW, Earl Shillon, Leicester, bleacher,

Narcis, Nard. Pe!! Hretel, Leicester. (Bond,
Lektster; and Holme and Co. New Inn.] Feb.
CAMP, JAMES, Bmed st. Wapping. rictualler,
Waschi. [Hall and Co. Great James st. Bedford-
Pow. Jan. D.
COLONAS, JOHN, New Kent-road,
ar xate?, Martli 9. [Maymoir, Black
fra-rat) Jas. 26,
CATE, WM.'Jis. Wist Smithfield, coppersmith,

HEMMING, JOAN, Union, Oxford, dealer, March

26, Bull, Burford.' [Newmarch, Windrush; and

King, Serje int's Inn, Fleet-st ) Feb, 19. HERRINGTON, JOHN. Fareham, Southampton,

mercer, March 25. Red Lion, Fareham. (Hicks
and Co. Bartlett's-bu.; and Prior, Pareliain.)

Feb. 19.
HOBSON, RICH. Maidstone, haberdasher, March

2. and 30. (Ashurst, Sambrook co. Basinghall-st, POLLEY, WN. Walworth.common, keeper, March 2, and 36. (Bcargill, Freemason's

Nach 19. [1hompson,, Fenchurch-si.] COLLING, WM. KELLOWAY, Liverpool, pictnre. cepez, March 16, at the Office of Mr. Mawdstey. lidt, Liverpool. Mawdsley. Liverpool; and

Tv Castle !. Holborn) Feb. . CHINSOCK. KICH. Frome Selwood, Somerset, bktaret 16. Red Lion, Wolverton, Somite

*: Jo, Chancery la.; and seymour, Frome.] CAPON, JOS. Strand. laitet. March 19. Mr.

ustae, South Sea Chambers, Threadneedle&' . 5.

TE HEY. Church-st. Bethnal-green, cabinei. raker, March 23. (Clift, Gray's lan 1 Fre. 0. CTRLING, WH. Shadwell High-st. slopseller, ucha. Tuntins, Hizh-st. Shadwell.) Feb. 9. COLLINS, FRANCIS WM. Dorset-p!, Claphan. Part, cora and coal-merchant, March 7, 9, and

(Heeres, Furniyal's Inn, Holborn.) DYF BICH. Peckham, wheelwright, March 9.

Thua, $thin's-la. Loin hard-ot.] Jun . DEST. ASTHOYY, Sizela. merchant, March 19.

Barrogansin. Bistinpirate-. Jan. 29. Dlack, GEORGE, Dawlish, Devon, builder, Vach 16, subsc ption Room, Exeter. (Brut.

, O; and Bratton, Exeter.] D413E1. TV. Bol, Breset, March 30, White

lir. Brisil. (Dix. sy mond's inn,' ani Frans, Bristol Feb. 16. EDMOND, EDW. Newport, alonmouth, draper,

Vac1%. Bos Tavern, Bristol. (Messrs. E. and 1. Daniel, Bristol ; and Pearson, Pump-co. Tem.

ple, 1 Jaa. 25. HEMER, GEO. jan. Birmingham, roller of me.

March 16, Royal Hotel, Birmingham. (Holme and Co. New Inn; and Meredith, Bir

Fr. 5. GREEN, CHARLES, Leather-la. Holborn, victual. le, orch 9. (Vandercom and Co. Bush-la. Can.

128, 25. GREES, WMjon. Exmouth-st. Clerkenwell, iron.

araget, March 12. (Jones and Co. GILL, V. Skipton, York, haberdasher, March 16.

Perall and Co. Od Jerry.] Feb. g.
GREY, CHAS. Oxford-st. horse-dealer, March 23.

(Pa'i, Peb. 9.
Gk!FFITHS, THOS. Oxford-st. jeweller, Marche,

and 49. 4 ppleby and Co. Gray's Inn.) Feb. 19. GRAY, THO. THOMPSON, Wardour-st. Soho,

Coa! dealer, March . [Ewingtoo, Hertford.) GILEEKT, JOHN, and Co. Bristol, commission. merchants, Diarch 1, 2, and April 9. Commercial

Bristol, (Evans, Harton-garden ; and
Haberlo, Bristol Fed. 19.
BOHARD, JAS, Norwich, buicher, March 12, Nor-

laik Hotel. Sorwich. (Simp on and Co. Norwich;
CIG. T. and R. Taylor, Featherstone-bu. Hol

bora Jan. 99. Eupany, ROB. and THOS, Liverpool, corn

mectants, March 12, George, Liverpool. [For. ps, Liseril; and Perkins and Co. Holborn-co. Gr.17.) Jan. 29.

LILEY. KICH. Lomby, York, dealer, March 12. Wite Horse. York. (Parker, Selby; and

menith, Gray's] Jan. 29. BLO, Rerent .t. Piccadilly, tailor, March 16.

e jern; st. Piceadilly.) Feb. 2.

31. lpur Liscanos!. Lisson-green, car. Dern. 13areb 9. (Carlon, High-st. Mary.le. F-*

Ril'll. Tottenham Court.road, linen. 2*, March 3. [lleweti, Tokenhouse-yard.)

Pb. 16.
JACKSON, WM.ORANGER, and Co. Great Sor.

rey-st. Surrey, linen-drapers, March 16. (Jones,

Siz la.] Fibe.
JAKVIS, THOS. Addlerbury, Oxford, fellmonger,

March 16, King's Arins, Deddingion, Oxford.
(Chilton,; and Churchill and Co.

Deriding on ) Feb. 2.
JABET, RICH. Birmingham, printer, March 16,

Woolpack, Birmingham. [Meyrick and Co. Red
Lion-89. London ; and short, Solihull.) Feb. .
JOSELIN, JOS. jun. Smith's bo Southwark, rope-

manufacturer, March 13. [Turner, Lincoln's Inn
felds.) Feb.9.
JUDD, ROB. RYMELL and Co. Birininghamn,

dealers, March 26, Royal Hotel, Temple-row,
Birmingha'n. [Clarke and Co. Chancery-la. ;
and Tyndall and Co. Birmingham.] Feh. 12.
JOHNSON, MATTHEW, Leeds, woollen.cloth.
meichant, March 8, and 26, Court House, Leeds.

(Wilson, Greville-st. Hatton garden; and Smith
and Co. Leeds.) Fub. 12.
KNIBAS, JOHN HANS, Lloyd's Coffee house, in.

surance-broker, March 9. (Passmore, Warn. Throgmorton-st.) Jan 26.
KNIGHT, JOHN, Barton-under-Needwood, Staf.

ford, draper, March 20, White Hart, Burton-upon.
Trent, stafford. [Cooknev, Castle-st. Holborn;
and Osborne, Burton upon Treut, Staffordshire.]

Fe, 12.
KENDALL, JOS. Mile end, cnw.keener, March 30,

[Purniey and Co. Church co. Walbrook.] Feb.

16. LILIEY, VITH. Leeds, linen manufacturer, March

9. Bay Horse, Kwarpebough. (Holme and Co.
Newinn; and Richardson and Co.Knaresborough)

Jan. 26.
LIDBETTER, THOS. of Southwick, Sussex, corn.

merchant, March 9, Old Ship, Brighthelmstone.
(Gregson and Co. Angel co. Thrigtoron st.;

and Beliingham, Brigbuelinstone.) Jan. 26. LILWALL, KICH. Pembroke, malster, March 1A,

19, and April 2, Green Dragon, Pembroke. (Bow. ring, Pembroke; and Bell and Co. Bow Church

yard.) Feb. 19. MILORED, THOS. DAN. Size la. merchant,

March 19. (Kearsey and Co. Bishopsgate-st.)

Jan. 29.
MACKIE, JOHN, Watling-st. merchant, March 19.

(Tomlinson and Co. King's Arın's.yard, Coleman.
st.) Jan. 29.
MAXWELL, WM. Lancaster, draper, March 1, 2,

and 43, George, Liverpool. Pichford, Liverpon!; and Blackstock and Co. King's Bench-walk, Temple.) Feb, 9. MORGAN, GEO. MEDOWS, Queenhishe, Unper wholesale stationer, March 20. (Col.
lins, Great Knight Rider-st.) Feb. 12.
MILNES, JOHN, Halifax, York, grocer, March
26, Union Cross, Halilaz. (Wiglesworth, Gray's
Inn ; and Wiglesworth, Halitax.) Feb. 12.
MARSH, Thos. Culton). Mills, stafford, miller,

March 26, Talbot Arms, Hugely, Stafford. (d.and
W. Lowe and Cn. Tantield co. Temple; and

Smith, Rugely. Stafford.) Feb. 12
MORTON, JOHN, Ratcliffe-highway,

victualler, March 9, and 30. (Oakley and Co.

Martin's-la, Cannon st.) Feb. 16.
MANNING, THOS. Foulsham, Norfolk, grocer,

March 13, 14, and prils, Castle, Norwich. (Long-
dill and Co. Gray's Inn square; and Beckwilli,

Norwich.1 Feb. 19.
MELANSCHEG, GEO. Strand, Furrier, March 5.

16, an 1 April 2. [Pearce and Co. Swithin's-la.]

Feh. 10.
NIBLETT, FRANCIS, St. Mary axe, milliner,

Marchio. (Warrandi. Jarl la.] Jan. 28.
NEWMAN, CHARLES, Brigheni, dealer in coach

lamps, March 10. [Bennett, Token house.yari.)

Frh. 2.
PASSMORE, JOIN, Farnham, Surrey, linen.dra.

per, Varchy. [Durani, Puole; and Holme and
Co. New lon.] Jun, 26.

rope- manufacturer, March 9. (Orme, Churche co. Cornhill.] Feh. 19. row, Stepney:) Jan. Yli.

SMALL, THOS. Alnwick, Northumberland, comPYNÉ, WM. HEN, Nassau-st. Soho, publisher, mon-brewer, March 18, 19. and 39, White Swan, March 16. (Van Sandan, Nicholas-la. Lombardo Alnwick.. [Meggison and Co. Verulam bu. Gray's Feb..

Inn; and Kerr and Co. Alnwick.) Feb 16. PROWSE, THOS. Axbridge, Somerset, surgeon, SMITH, WM. Griffin-st. Shadwell, dealer. March

March 14, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Ed- 5. and 30. [Grace, Feuchurch-si.) munds, Exchequr Office of Pleas, Lincoln's Inn; Feb 1ti. and Russell, Bristol.). Fib. 2.

TANTON, WM. Prince Edward's Island, Norih PILSBURY, LEWIS, Stafford, nurseryman, March America, merchant, Marco g. Weahley's Holei,

19, at the Office of P. Seckersoll, Stafford. Plymouth Dock. (Raine and Co. Temple; and (Wright, King's Bench Walk, Temple ; and Elworthy, Plymouth Dock.] Jan. 26. Seckerson, Stafford.) Feb 5.

THOMPSON, CCTHBERT, Deans, Durham, cat. PITSTOW, JOHN, Earl's Colne, Essex, miller, tle jobber, March 9, George, Newcastle upone

March 19, Red Lion, Colchester. [Andrew, Great Tyne. [Pell and Co. Bow Church.yard; and
Coggershall, Essex ; und Wilson, King's Bench Dawson. Newcastle. Jan. 96.
Walk, Tample) Feb. 5.

THORNLEY, JOS. Cheetham Hill, Manchester, PORTEN. SAV.' London, Stationer, March 23. hatinanufacturer, March 19, Palace Inn, Mani.

(Vizard and Co. Lincoln's Inn-fields.) Feb. 9. chester (Mahinson, Temple; and Makinsun, PARKEH, JOHN, and Co. Birchin-la. merchants, Manchester) Feb. h.

March 23. (Lane and Co. Lawrence Pouniney: THOMPSON, JOHN. Carlisle, manufacturer, March pl.) Feb. 9.

26. Blue Bell, Curlisle. (Nounsey and Co. (ai. POWNALL, JAS. EDW, Lambeth, money.scri. lisie; and Mounsey and Co. Stapie Jun.) Fib.14.

vener, March 23. (Gaines, Caroline-st. Bedford. TOMLIN: ON, KICH. J. Bristol, oil or vitriol ma. sq.) Feb. 9.

nufacturer, March 1, and 46, Bush Tavern, Bristol. PRICE, JAS. Little Malvern, Worcester, dealer, (Clarke und Cn. Chancery-la. ; and Cooke and

March 13, 14, and so, Crown, Worci sier. (King, Co. Bristol.) feo 12. Serjeant's Inn.; and Clarke, Lyon- TURELFALL, BEN Blach burn, Lancaster, draper, upon- Severn, Worcestershire. Feb. 16.

March 7, and 8. Oi Bull, Bachburn, and so, RIDGWAY, RICH. BOWLING HUNTER, St. Kings Arms, Lancaster, Neville and en. Islack.

Alban's-pl. St. James's, wine-merchant, March 9. bum: and Milne and Co. Temple.) Feb. 16. Allen, Commercial Sale-rooms, Minchis la.) TAYLOR, JOHN, Prant, Sorsex, dealer, March 4, Jan. 98.

and 30. jonc3 and Co. toi. RUSSELL, HENRY, and Co. St. Martin's co. TUTIN, RALPH,Chandus si Covent garden, cheese

Charing cross, cabinet inakers, March 19. [l'us. monger, March 30. (Hutchinson, ton, How Churcl.pard, Cheapsidc.) Jan. 29.

Threadneedle-sl. Feb. 16. POFER, ANN, Gosport, southainpton, brewer, URMSON, JOHN, Liverpool, ship chandler, March

March 16, Sur, Guaport. (Hewson, Gusport; 6, 7, and 10, George, Dale-s . Liverpool. (Gandy, and Dene, Lincoln's Inn-tields.) Feb. 4.

Lord-street-Chambers, and Clare, Chorley-si. RIGHTON, JOI, Chipel.en-le Fria, Herby, dealer, Live! pool; and Chester, Staple Ion. Feb. 19.

Maret 9, 4, and April 2, Red Lion, Heaton Norris, WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, Langbourn Chambers, Lancaster. [Back, 'Temple; Fenchurch st. Marco 9. [Wirket, Cloak-la.)

and l.ingard and ('o: Heaton Nurris.] Frl. 19 Jan. 20. SMITH, ADAM, hapsite, scorclufac. WHITE JOHN, Great Winchester st. stationer,

tor, Marcli 9. (Batsford, Horsleydown-la. South March 9. (Aspinail and Co. Furnival's lun.) Wark. Jan. 20.

Jan. SAMPSON, DAVID WOODHOUSE, Giltspur st. WECTCH, SAM. George-st Ratcliffe. linen dire

tea dealer, March 9. (Gellibrand, Ausun.mars.) per, Maren 9. [Swain and co. Frederick's-pi. Jun. 26.

Od Jewis) Jun. 26.
STEAD, WM. Soyland, York, merchant, Pack WASKROUGH, MATHEW, Camberwell, stationer,

Horse, Huddersfield, and March 19, Casile of March 9. [Abrahan, Jewry-st. Aldgate.) Jan.
York, York. [E.Stephenson and Co. Holmirili, 86
York; and Batiye, Chancery-la.) Feb. 5.

WELLS, JOS. St. Michael, Winchester, grocer, SYLVESTER, THOS. Witney, Oxford, currier, March 19. Fleur de lis, St. Michael. (Stevenson

March 19, at the house of K. Bartrain, Oxford. and Co. Lincoln's Inn; and Lampard, Manches

[Bigg, Southampton.bu. ) "F68. 5. ter.) Feb. 5. SHARI'E, WM. Coleorion, bulcher, March 4, 5, WILLIAMS, ERASMUS, Liverpool, joiner, March

and 23, Queen's Head, la Zouch. (Vido 6, 7, and 16, Star and Garier, Paradise 31. liver. docke, Ashby de la-Zouch : and Baxter, Gray's pool. [Blackstock and Co. Temple; and Bards. Inn-place.) 116.9.

well, Drury la. Liverpool.] Fit. 18. SHIRLEY, JOHN, Moreton in the Marah, Glouces. WILSON, JOS. Ely, Cambridge, miller, March 26,

ter, baker, Marcin 4, 5, White Hari, Broadway, Hoop, Cambridge. [Peacocke, Cambridge; and Worcester, and 23, White Hart, Evesham, Wor. Robinson, Half moon st. Piccadilly.) Feb. 12. cester. (Taylor and Co. Gray's lon; and Grif. WILKINSON, WM. and Co. Mincing la. fiths, Chirping Campden.) Feb. 9.

wine merchants, March 12, and sn. (Clarke, SMITH, ROB. Humburton, York, dealer, March Warnford-co. Feb. 16.

29, Crown, Boroghbridge. (Spence, Thread. WATKINS, JOS. JAS. New Crane, Shadwell,

needle-st. ; and Hirst, Boroughbridge.] Feb. 9. butcher, March 2, 9, and 30. (Townson, Ratcliffe STEVENS, JOS. Stafiord, wine-merchani, March 23, higlinay.) Feb. 16.

(Leigh, Charlotte-row, Mansion House.] Feh.9. WILSON, ĠEO. Belt st. Ratcliffe-higlıway, brewer, SWANN, THOS. Wardour se. eating housekeeper, March 19, 2*, and April 2. (Cranch, Union co.

Narch 99. (, Golden-sq.). Feb. 9. Feb, 19.
SMITH, JOHN, Drury-la. tavern.



AUBREY, G. E. Manchester, Feb. 4.
Armstrong, J. Norld Warnborough, Hants, Feb. 23.
Andrews, J. sen. Birmingham, Frb 98
Altnom, W. jun. New brouge, Caistuck, Cornwall,

tab. 20.

Andrews, J. St. George's Lodge, Manchester, Mar.o.
Asquithi, T. otherwise T. G. and D. Bermondsey,

and udellish, T. New Kent road, Feb. 96.
Alport, T R. Birmingham, March 9.
Archii, ., Great Chapel-s1. Subo, dlarcha .

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Anderson, A. Saltera' March 16. Jones, J. Lambeth, and Jones, J. H.
Asery. J. Barte, beson, March 16.

Kent-road, Fib. 19,
Baile, G. and (o). Finsbury-pl. ch.4.

Johnsou, W. Heybridge, Essex, Feb, 29.
Pato, W. sen. and jun. Paternoster-row, Feb. 26. Jolinson, A. Paliner's village, Westminster, Feb. 9.
B2116, J. Aussit-friers. Feb. 16.

Jent, T. Piccadilly, Feb. 16.
Hainen, E. Leicester, Feb. 15.

Jones, A. W. New Brentford, Feb. 9.
Reisey, R.G. Iustin.friars, Ieb. 16.

Jackson, H. Great Prescot-st. Goodman's-Gelds,
Brownie, 1.R. New-road, st. l'ancras, Feb. 5.

March 2.
Barn. J.lothurry, Fcb. 19.

Johnston, J. Queen-81. Cheapside, March 2.
Bssh, J. Paterno terornw, Feb. 93.

Jones, T. St. John's-st. Sinithelit, March 23.
Bill. W. Horncastie, Lincoln, Feb. 05.

Josling, N. Bexley beatlı, Kent, March 19.
Parkett, R. Westbury, Wilts, Feb. 27.

hing, C. M. Upper East Smithfield, Jan. 20.
Bilir, G. and Co. Feb. 13.

Kilner, W. and J. Huddersfield, York, Feb. 8.
Bodie, T. Le-st. Marchio.

Kemp, W. Bath, Feb. 97.
BW. E. and Co. Blackburn, March R.

Ker, T. Strand, Feb. 23.
B:1,20*, R. jun. Lloyd's Coffee-house, March 5. Little, A. Mealsgate, Cumberland, Jan. 3o.
Brn. E Saracen's Heald, Friday-st. Feb, 5. Little, W. Mealsgate, Cumberland, Jan. 30.
Bowler, V, and Co. Cil-st. Southwk, March 9. Lovegrove, R. Arborfield, Berks, Feb. ll.
Rail, J. Chopei en-le Frith, Derby, March 11. Lewis, J. Three Feb. 5.
B: 5, J. jun. Manchester, March 15.

Lathy, J. Honiton, Devon. Feb. 7.
Brion, 11. Hammersmith, Feb. 9.

Lavender, J. Leominster, Hereford, Feb. 15.
Cuda!l, R. jun. York, Feh. 5.

Lewis, W. and Co. Little Tower-st. Feb. 19,
CUI 1415, J. (Poacester, Feb. 26.

Lewis, J. Thrce King', April 2.
Chi, T. an't Co. 'esthouse, York, Feb. 16.

Langford, J. Milk st, Cheapside, Jarch 9.
Cel, T. Westhou.e, York, feb. 9.

Leech, I. and Co. March 12.
Ca. J. Kingston upon Hull.

langhorn, H. and Co. Buchlersbury, March 12. Crasie, S. and H. S. Stratford, Essex. Feb. 23.

Middleditcli, J. Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, Feb, 18.
Crowther, J. Huddersfield, York, Feb, 28.

Massey, E. Eccleston, Lancaster, Feb. 95.
Clugh, J. anu R. Fes. 25.

Mead, T. Sandovic'ı, Kent, March 19.
Crone, S. and H.S. Stratford, March 2.

Murdoch, J. and Co. Nóttingham, March 12.
Cigporth, T. Redditch, Worcester, March 18.

Miller, S. Emsworth, Southampton, March 30.
Courman, J. Curtain soad, Shoreditch, March 16. Miller, G. Watling-st. March 12.
Coates, J. Worcester, feb. 1S.

Mowbray, A. and Co. Lothbury, March 12.
Cobeck, T. Westhouse, York, Feb. 23.

Mott, W. R. Brighton, March 6.
Cross, W. Lombard-st. Feb. 5,

Morris, J. Uplnilind, Lancaster, Marc. 14.
Dorker, J. Great Russell-st. Covent-garden, Mar. 23. Morris, E. Redditch, Worcester, March 18.
Douil, A. sen. William-st. Black-friars, Feb. 26. McDonnell, M and Co. March 16.
Denn, R. Norwich, Feb. 16.

Nicol, J. and W. Old Jewry, March?.
Ehe, F. and Co. St. Mary-axe, Feb. 19. Nichols, J. Earsham. Norrik, Feb. 12
Esirds, J. Warminster, Wilts. Warchi.

Needes, il. Brick-la. Spital fields, Marche.
Efd, Wand Co. Norwich, Feb. 96.

Ockley, v. Terrington, Norfolk, March 4.
EX, V, Pleapside, Feb. 93.

Park, D. Dudbridge, Gloucester, Jan. 29.
E'ls, C. Birmingham, March 2.

Park. R. jun. Poriseа, Southampton, Feb. 9.
England, G. Exrr, March 19.

Palmer, E.T. Bedford, Jan. 22.
Evertct, W. Tuusust. Southwark, March 19.

Pluskett, J. Dock-head, Southwark, Feb. 16.
Feuillade, C.W. Girorg. st. Hanover-saj. Feb, . Philips, H. and Co. Birmingham, Feb. 19.
Teeman, J. Htin erden. Feb. 2.

Pech, J. Blachhath-hill, Kent, Feb. 19.
Frasci, J. VES.CO. Swathin's-la. Feb. 26.

keid, D. Prince's-st. Spital-fields, Feb. 23.
Ti, J. Museum.. omsbury, Feb. 9.

Richardson, A. Mary-le-Bone, and Welch,
Forbes, W.and Co. Liverpool, feh. 15.

T. Cleveland-st. Jan. 29.
Fincitam, Basen. and jun. Epping, Essex, Feb. 19. Richardby, J. Durham. Feb. 21.
Finley, T. H. Whitle Hills, Lancaster, Feb. 27. Rayner, J. D. Bow. Feb. 23.
Fox, k. Greut Queen-st. Lincoln's inn-fields, Mar... Richmond, T. Nottingham, Feb. 26.
Fr*, G. Tunb idge Wells, March 2.

Roper, W. P. London, March %.
Ginir g, R. Broad-strect.bu. Jan. 15.

Kead, E, and Co. Great Russell-st. Bloomsbury,
Grog, S. Wood st. Cheapeide, Feb. 2.

Marcii 2.
Gilbert, H. and Co, Prixhan, Devon, Feb. 15. Reynolds, T. Highworth, Wilts, Feb. 21.
Gii, JW, P, F|(13h 2k, Ft. 10.

Rawlins, J. Whitehaven, Cumberland, March 15.
Grundon, New Yalion, York, Feb. 10.

Richardson, T. Iron Acton, Gloucester, Feb. 83. Gratrix, W. Manchester, Feb. 23.

Swaine, R. and Co. Halifax abd London, Feb. 16.
Gordon, J. Liverpool, Feb. 96.

St. Barbe, J. Austintfriars, Feb. 16.
Gomertz, A. Great Winchester-st. Feb. 19.

Shingles, S. Basinghall st. Feb. 19.
Groning, R. Broad-street bu. Feb. 26.

Sinith. H. W. Bird's. bu. Islington, Feb. 19.
Green, 1. Oxlord-st. Feb. 23.

Schmaeck, A. St. Mary-axe, Feb. 19.
Grinsted, C. and Co. Horsham, Sussex, March 15. South, J. Fulham, Feb. 26.
Haigh, J. Ley. Moor, York, Feb. 9.

Slater, J. Masket-st. Millbank-st. March 2.
Hand ey, W. Stretton-en-le-Fields, Derby, Feb. 6. Syme, G. Vine-st. Minories, Feb. 26,
Hackett, J. Breerlon-on-the-Hill, Leicester, Feb. 6. Shand. F. Liverpool, March 1.
***t!, J. St. Martin' Feb. 9.

Sherwood, M. Doncaster, March 2.
Harington, S. Putney, Surrey, Feb. 5.

Sedgwick, M. London, March 2.
Hobbes, R. Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Feb 7. Stratham, P. and Co. Pall mall, March 2.
Hale, s. London Tarern, Bishopsgate-st. Feb. 16. Snuggs, J. W. A. and Co. Lime-st. March 2.
Honines. T. Long-acre, feb. 19.

Sowerby, J. W. Fish.street hill, March5.
Hall. ). Chatham, Kent, Feb. q.

Summer, C. C. Hillingdon, near Uxbridge, Mar. 19.
Husnby, B. Bernard st. Foundling Hospital, Feb. 5. Tollervey, C. W. H. Portsea, Southampton, Feb. 11.
Hollisty, G. and Cr, Covene-garden, Thomas, D. Greenwich, Feb. 86.

Thurkle G. M. New-street-sq. Fetter-la. Feb. 5.
Hailstone, W. Mildenhall, Suffoik, March 9.

Thompson, S. T. Cannon-st. Feb. 93.
Hoopit, J. Southwark, Feb. 9.

Thompson, 1. Keekle Grore, Cumberland, Mar. i.
Hackel, J. Breedon-on the Hill, Leicester, March 4. Thompson. W. and Co. Dear-st. Southwark, Mar..
Haridlev, W. Stretten-en le. Field, Derby, March 4. Tollervey, E. Westbourne, Sussex, Marches.
Hur.cock, W. Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, Feb. 18. Treadway, T. Sloane-sq. Chelsea, March 9.
Hannc, J. Bath, Feb. 83.

Wotherspoon, M. Liverpool, Feb. 19.
Hutchinson, W. St John' Feb. 26.

Worrall, W. Liverpool, Feb. 18.
Himplyers, $. Charlotte st. Portland-pl. Peb. 19. Wilson, W. R. Crown:6). Broad st. Feb. 26.
Hirst. T. N. and Co. Huddersfeld, York, Feb. 98. Wetton, J. and Co, Wood-së. Feb. 23
Hewit, B. and Co. Nantwish, Chester, March 4. Weiton, J. Wood st. Feb. 26.
Hlem, W. and J. Hepworth, York, March 6.
Ust son, W.ond Ca. Tower-st. Marcin 12

Wishes, J. Thaxted, Essex, March 1.

Wilson, G. Liverpool. March 4.
Holmes. J. Newcastle-spon Tyne, March 14. Woolrich, G. and J. Spital- q. March 9.
Ining. J. ja Carlisle, March's.

Wall, R. St. Thomas the Apostle, Devon, Varch 85.
Juner, A. W. New Brentford, Feb. 2.

Williams, J. Bishopsgate-strect Within, March 12. Eur, Mi. 1'ot. 81. Fib. 1522.


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