Rickman's Gothic Qrchitecture.


STYLES OF ARCHITECTURE IN ENGLAND. Fifth Edition, with considerable Additions. 8vo. 30 Engravings on Steel, and 465 on Wood. In this Edition the Text of Rickman was scrupulously preserved, and large additions made to it by referring to examples, and giving engravings of them as far as practicable.

Ecclesiastical and Architectural Topograpby


comprising the Counties of Berks., Bucks., and Oxon., Bed. fordshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, and Suffolk. This work was intended to take the place of the Appendix to Rickman, which was found on examination to be far from satisfactory. Mr. Parker expected that he would have been warmly supported and assisted in this work by the different local Architectural Societies. A survey of their respeetive counties seemed the first thing that each would undertake, and short notes to indicate what was worth seeing in each place, seemed just what was wanted for setting a new Society to work. But with the exception of the Cambridge Architectural Society, he has been entirely disappointed in these expectations, and has received no support whatever. He has therefore been reluctantly compelled to suspend the work, for which a large quantity of materials had been prepared, including all the Notes of Mr. Rickman, unpublished as well as published, and those of several other eminent antiquaries. He has however completed so much as to enable the Students of the two Universities to know what objects of interest there are in the neighbourhood of each.

The Domestic Architecture of the

Middle Ages. FROM WILLIAM I. TO HENRY VIII., (Inclusive).

4 vols. 8vo., with 400 Engravings. The first volume of this work, comprising the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, was written by the late Mr. Hudson Turner, whose great knowledge of the Records of that period made him peculiarly well fitted for the task. After his decease the work was carried on and completed by Mr. Parker. The complete list of the “ Licences to Crenellate” forms an important link in the general history of England, with which the history of English archi. tecture must necessarily be closely connected.

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