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Name. Date app't'd.

Bultard. R. L Apr. I. 01

Moon, H. B Apr. 13, 01

Glenn. E. F Apr. 22, 01

Cecil, G. R May 4, 01

Mann. W. A July 1, 01

Waltz. M. F July 5. 01

Ames, R. F July 11, 01

Getty, R. N July 23, 01

Jones, F. B July 26, 01

Byrne, G Sept. 22. 01

Abercromble, W. R...

Sept. 27, 01
Nichols, W, A....Oct. 5, 01

Terrett, C. P Oct. 7, 01

Phister, N. P Oct. 15, 01

Paxton, A, R Oct. 1G, 01

Torrey, Z. W.....Nov. 8, 01

Jackson, J. B Nov. 11, 01

Turaer. R. B Dec. 8, 01

Frederick, D. A. .Jan. 31. 02
Tillaon, J. C. F.Mar. 12, 02
Brown©, E. H..Mar. 28, 02

Ducat, A. C Apr. 14, 02

Travis, P. M. B.Apr. 14, 02

Cooke'. G. F July 28. 05 Goe, J. B ...Apr. 15, 02

Chubb, C. St. J. ..Oct. 11,05 Liggett, H.... May 5. 02

Wood P. G Oct. 30, 03 Kennon, L. W.-V.May 28. 02

Majors. { Lassdter, W May 28, 02

Crittenden. J. J..Feb. 2, 01 ( Morton, C. G May 28, 02

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Pickering, A June 9. 02

Maney, J. A June 28, 02

Bailey, H. I June 29, 02

Mallory. J. S July 8, 02

Emery, J. A July 10. 02

Palmer, G July 15* 02

Miller, S. W July 30, 02

Benham, H. H. .Sept. 24. 02
Van Vliet, R. a..Oct. 3, 02

Buck. W. L Oct. 11. 02

Clark, W. O Nov. 28, 02

Chvnoweth, E Dec. 5, 02

Name. Date app't'd.

Howe. E. W Feb. 10, 03

Dunning. S. W...Mar. 19. 03
Part alio, J. M. T.Apr. 17, 03
Strother, L. H....Apr. 20. 03
Fremont, F, P....May 25, 03

Truitt, C. M June 23. 03

BeU, G.. jr July 26, 03

Clarke, C. J. T.^.July 29, 03
Parke., J. S.. Jr...July 31, 03

McCoy, F. B Aug. 8, 03

Chandler. K Aug. 9, 03

Noyes. C. R......Aug. 12, 03

Blatchford, R. M.Aug. 13, 03

Beacom, J. H Aug. 14, 03

May. W. T Aug. 14, 03

Hovey, H. W Aug. 14, 03

Hearn, L. 5 Aug. 15, 03

Wright, W. K Aug. 26, 03

Hardin, C. B Aug, 26. 03

Pendleton, E. P..Aug. 26, 03
Leonhaewser, H. A.Sept, 3, 03

Penrose, C. W Oct. 15. 03

Howell, D. L Nov. 24, 03

Stafford, J Nov. 28, 03

Kernan, .F. J... - *Jau. 20, 04
Kennedy, C, W...Jan. 24, 04

Griffith.. T. W Mar. 29, 04

Mclver. G. W Mar. 29, 04

Richardson, W. P. .Apr. 7, 04

Barth, C. H Apr. 7. 04

Bundy. O .July 12, 04

Hatch. E. E Oct. 20. 04

Shanks, D. C Nov. 5. 04

Allaire, W. H Nov. 5, 04

Stamper, W. Y Dec, \6,04

Blauvelt, W. Fl...Apr. 0, 05
Hodges, H. CL, jr..July 15, 05

Hirst. R. L July 20, 05

Roberts, H. L July 28, 05

Ohatfield, W. EL..Aug. 15, 05

Morrison. J. F Oct. 6, 05

Rowan, A. S Oct. 11, 05

Andrus, F. B. ...a.Oct. 30, 05


Board of Managers—The President of the United States; the Chief Justice -of the United States; the Secretary of War, ex-officlis; General Martin T. McMahon, president, 346 Broadway (New York Life Building). New York (term expires 1910); General Thomas J. Henderson, first vice—president, Princeton. III. (term expires I90S); General J. Marshall Brown, second vice-president, Portland, Me. (term expires 190&); General Charles M. Anderson, secretary, Greenville, O. (term expires 1906); Captain Henry E, Palmer, Omaha, Neb. (term expires 1910); Colonel Walter P. Brownlow, Jonesboro, Tenn. (term expires 1908); John M. Hoiley, La Crosse, Wis. (term expires 1910); Major William Warner, Kansas City, Mo. (term expires 190G); Colonel Henry H. Markham, Pasadena, Cal. (term expires 1910);_ Franklin Murphy, Newark, N. J. (term expires 1906); Colonel Edwin P. Hammond, Lafayette, Ind, (term expires 1908); Major Moses Harris, general treasurer.

Tho principal officers of branch homes are; Central, Dayton, Ohio: governor, J. B. Thomas; treasurer, A. J. Clark; surgeon, F. W. Roush. Northw-istem, Milwaukee, Wis.: governor. Cornelius Wheeler; treasurer. J. E. Armitage; surgeon, Oscar Chrysler, i Eastern, Togus,* Me.; governor, John T. Richards; treasurer, A. L. Smith; surgeon, W.! E. Elwell. Southern, Hampton, Va,: Governor, William Thompson; treasurer, B. A. Beeson; surgeon, John A. Johnston. Western, Leavenworth, Kan.: governor, Sidney G. Cooke; treasurer. W. W. Martin; surgeon, John L. Fryer. Pacific, Santa Monica, Cal.: governor, O. H. La Grange; treasurer, T. J. Cochrane; surgeon. O. C. McNary. Marion, Marion, Ind.: governor, Geo. W. Steele; treasurer, J. Q. Adams; surgeon, Harry Miller. Danville, Danville. III.* governor. Isaac Clements; treasurer, M. J. Barges; surgeon, D. C. Jones. Mountain, Johnson City. Tenn.: governor, J. P. Smith; treasurer, P. E. Divine; surgeon, E. T. West. Battle Mountain Sanatorium,, Hot Springs, S. D.: surgeon and superintendent, A. G. Hull; building.

The requirements for admission Include an honorable discharge from the United States service and disability which prevents the applicant from earning his living by labor. Soldiers or sailors whose pensions exceed $10 a month are not eligible unless the reasons are explained to the manager and are satisfactory to him.

There are also thirty State homes, located as follows: Veterans* Home of California, Yountville; Colorado Soldiers and Sailors* Home, Monte Vista; Fitch's Home for Soldiers,, Noroton, Conn.; Idaho State Soldiers' Home, Bois£; Illinois Soldiers.and Sailors' Home, Quincy; Indiana State Soldiers' Home, Lafayette; Iowa State Soldiers' Home, Marshalltown; Kansas State Soldiers' Home, Fort Dodge; Massachusetts State

NATIONAL HOME FOR DISABLED VOLUNTEER SOLDTECRS—<Cor.tfnued). Soldiers' Home, Chelsea; Michigan State Soldiers' Home, Grand Rapids; Minnesota Stats. Soldiers' Home, Minnehaha; Missouri State Federal Soldiers' Home, St. James; Montana State Soldiers* Home. -Columbia Falls, Nebraska State Soldiers and Sailors* Harare. Grand Island; Nebraska State Soldiers and Sailors' Home, Mllford; New-Hampshire State Soldiers' Home, Tilton; New-Jersey State Scldiers? Home, Kearny; New-Jersey State Home for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Their Wives, Vineland; New-York State Soldiers and Sailors' Home., Bath; New-York State Woman's Relief CoVps Home, Oxford; North Dakota State Soldiers1 Home, Lisbon; Ohio State Soldiers' Home, Sandusky; Oregon State Soldiers' Home, Roseburg; Pennsylvania State Soldiers and Sailors*' Home, Erie; Rhode Island State Soldiers' Home,'Bristol; South Dakota State Soldiers'. Home, Hot Springs; Vermont State Soldiers' Plome, Bennington; Washington State Soldiers' Homje. Orting; Wisconsin Veterans' Home, Waupaca; Wyoming State Soldiers' j

Home, Cheyenne. • =— ]


An aet of Congress, approved Jan. 21, 1903, defined as the organised' militia of the: ITnited States the regularly enlisted, organized ant3 uniformed militia of the various States arid Territories, and provided that the organization, armament and discipline of this militia should be within fivs years from the date of the approval of the Act the same as those prescribed for the regular and volunteer forces of the United States. The Federal Government now issues stores a?id ruppifes to the militia and conducts joint manoeuvres of regular and militia forces. The following table give's the militia strength in each- State and Territory, the State headquarters and; injurs of State Adjutants General:

States and


Aiizona .„.......„,.,

Arkansas ,..,„,

California *..,...,,..
Colorado ............

Connecticut .».».....

Delaware ...

nitrict o-f Columbia. Florida .v....

Georgia .......

Hnwaii ,«.,..,

Idaho .....„,......,

Illinois ..........

Indiana ...... -..

Iowa ,.»


TTn-n*i^ky ...........

f-oliisiana ...........

Ma :-rv A ..............


Mo p?a oh-usett? ......

Mi^Vgan ...........

J^fnnesota ..........

Micsi's^rppi ,,,»,..,<,.
Mv«sourt ............

M'"it> > $r><\ ............

Nebraska ..,,,.,..,.


New-Hampshire ... .

"NT<nv- Jersey w,.,.,..,
T^ew-Mexico .......

New-York ' ..........

N'ortn Carolina

^/vth Dakota ........


Oklahoma ...»>..—


"Pennsylvania ,..„...

Rhode. Island ,

^outh Carolina ......

Pouth DakoM. . •

Tennessee .- ......

Te^as ........»'..=....

Utah ................



'Washington .........

west Virginia ...*... Wisconsin ..........

Wyoming »•

~ TOtal rr»....

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Adjutants general.

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Brig. G*>ti. Wm. W. Brandon.
Col. Benjamin W. Leave!!.
Maj. Gen. Charles Jaeobsorc.
Brig. Gen.. J. B. Lauok.
J3rig. Gent ^uiKeiey Wells.
Brig. Gen. George M. Cole.
Brig. Gen. L p. Wickershamv
Lieut. Coi. Lloyd M. Brett.
Maj. Gen. ,T. C. R. Foster. .
Brig. Gen. S. W. Harris.
Prig. -Gen. John H, Soper.
Col. David Vic-kers.
Brig. Gen. Thomas W, Scott.

WiTliaxi, H. Thrift.
S. H. TOisey.
Perey Haly.
D. T. Stafford.
A. B. Farnham.
Clinton L. Rigga.
Tames A. Fryc.
Wm. T. MoGurrin.
Fred B. Wood.
Arthur Fridge.
.Tames A. DeArmond.
J. H. Culver.
Lemuel Allen.
AwuPtUvS D. Avlinff.
R. Heber Breintnall.
A. P. Tarftinflow.
Nelson H. Henry.
Thos. R. Robertson.
H. -M. CreeT.
A.^B. CritehfioKT.
F. P. Burline-ame.
Wm. B, Flnzer.
Thomas J. Stev/art
. Fred'k M. Sackett
John D-. F?-npt.
C. H. Engelshy.
Harvey^ H. Hannali.
John A, Huleh.

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Frig. Gen. Wm. H. Gillmore.

Brig. Gen. W. NalTe.

Brig. Gen. J. A. Drain.

Brig. Gf-.n. fi. B. Baker.

Brig. Gen. C R. Snardmar?,

Brig. Gen. P. A". Gatchell.


Situated at West Point, N. Y,


The United States Military Academy at West Point was founded in 1802. Eaca Congress district and Territory, the District of Columbia and Porto Rico is entitled to have one eadet at the academy. Each State is also entitled to have two cadets at the academy from the State at large. Forty are also appointed from the United Statesat large. The appointments (except those from the Uoited States at large and from the District of Columbia) are made by the Secretary of War at the request o€ the Senator, Representative or Delegate in Congress: and the person appointed must be an actual resident of the State. District or Territory from which the appointment is made. The appointments from the United States at large and from the District of Columbia are specially conferred by the President. The appointment of the cadet from Porto Rico is made by the President on the recommendation .of the Resident Commissioner from Porto Rico. The number of students is thus limited to 522.

Appointments are required by law to be made one year in advance of date of admission, and may be made either after competitive examination or given direct, at the option of the Representative. For each candidate appointed there may be nominated two alternates, who will bo examined with the regular nominee, and one of whom may tee admitted in the event of the iatter's failure to pass the prescribed preliminary examinations. Appointees to the Military Academy must be between seventeen and twenty-two years of age at date of admission, at least five feet three inches in height, weigh 100 pounds, be unmarried, free from any infectious or moral disorder, and. generally, from any deformity, disease or Infirmity; must be well versed in reading, fei writing, including orthography, in arithmetic, and have a knowledge of the elements of English grammar, of descriptive geography (particularly of the United States), and of the history of the United States. The course of instruction requires four years, and is largely mathematical and professional,

The principal subjects taught aro mathematics, French, drawing, tactics of all arms of the service, natural and experimental philosophy, chemistry, mineralogy, geology and electricity, history, International, constitutional and military law, Spanish, and civil and military engineering and science of war. Academic duties commence September 1 and continue until June 1. Examinations are held in each December and Juno, and cadets deficient in either conduct or studies are discharged. From about the middle of June to the end of August cadets live in camp, engaged only in military duties and receiving practical military instruction. Cadets sre allowed but one leave of aosence during the four years' course and, as a rule, it is granted at the expiration of the first two years. The pay of a cadet, with commutation for ration,, is §609 50 a year, and with proper economy is sufficient for his support. Upon graduating cadets are commissioned a3 second lieutenants in the United Slates Army... •

MANNER OF APPLICATION.—Applications may bo made at any time, by letter, to the Secretary of War, to have the applicant's name registered for submission to the proper Representative when a vacancy occurs. The application must exhibit the. full name, date of birth and permanent abode of applicant, with the number of the Congress district in which his residerxe is situated. Immediately after his admission, and before receiving his warrant of appointment, the cadet mu^t sign the following engagement for service, in the oresence of the Superintendent or norae officer deputed by him; "I, , of the' State (or Territory) of , aged years

months, do herely engage (with the consent of my paient or Tiardian) that, from the date of my admission-as a cadet of the United States Military Academy. I will servo in the Army of the United States for eight years, unless sooner d.scharged by competent authority. In the presence ." The candidate must then take

the following oath or affirmation: "I, . do s<.demnl> swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and bear true allegiance to the National Government; that I will maintain and defend the sovereignty of the United States paramount to any and all allegiance, sovereignty or fealty I may ewe to any State or country whatsoever, and that I will at all times obey the legal orders of my superior, officers, and the rules and articles governing the armies of the United States."


^Commissioners—Major General Henry C. Corbin, Adjutant General; Major General F. C. Alnsworth, the Military Secretary; Quartermaster General Charles F. Humphrey, Commissary General Alfred C. Sharpe, Surgeon General Robert M. O'Reilly, J:udg*e Advocate General G. B. Davis, Brigadier General Alexander Mackenzie, Chief of Engineers, and Brigadier General Hamilton S. Hawkins (retired); secretary of the board, N. Hershler.

Officers of the United States Soldiers' Home, Washington—Brigadier General Hamilton S. Hawkins (retired), governor; Brigadier General Edw. B. Williston (retired), deputy governor; Major Henry M. Kendall (retired), secretary and treasurer; Major Wm. A. Arthur, attending surgeon.


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1The maximum pay of a colonel is, by law, $4,500 per annum.

8The maximum pay of a lieutenant-colonel is, by law, $4,000 per annum.

°Regimental adjutants and regimental quartermasters are never retired as such.

NOTES.—Under Seo. 1,261, Revised Statutes, an aide-de-c-amp to a major-general !s allowed $200 a year in addition to the pay
of his rank, not to be included in computing the service increase; an aide-de-cami: to a brigadier-general, $150 a year, and an
acting commissary of subsistence $100 a year. Assistant surgeons are entitled to pay of captain after fivo years' service, service
to be reckoned from date of acceptance of appointment or commission.

Retired officers receive 75 per cent of pay (salary and increase) of their rank. Retired officers detailed for duty at colleges
under the act of Novemner 3, 1893, are entitled to the full pay of officers of corresponding rank. Those detailed under other laws
are not entitled to anything beyond their retired pay.

Mileage, from and after July 1, 1898, is allowed to officers travelling on duty under orders at the rate of seven cents per mile,
by the shortest usually travelled routes. Commutation of quarters is paid at the rate of $12 per month per room.

The monthly pay of enlisted men in the Army is as follows: Artillery, infantry and cavalry—Privates, $13; corporals, $15;
sergeants, $18;' first sergeants, $25. Engineers and ordnance—Corporals, $20; sergeants, $84. The pay increases $1 per month each
year during the term of the first five years' enlistment. For the second term of enlistment the pay is $2 per month above that of
the last year of the first enlistment. The pay of others on the first year of enlistment is: Ordnance sergeant, commissary ser-
geant and post quartermaster sergeant, $34; hospital steward, $45; acting hospital steward, $25; senior veterinary surgeon, $100;
junior veterinary surgeon, $75. There is, in addition, a clothing allow?nee. Twenty per cent increase on pay proper- of all
enlisted men is allowed in time of war. Enlisted men when retired are entitled to 75 per cent of the pav which they receive
in active service.


North Atlantic Fleet (Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans, commander-inChief).—First Squadron—First Division: Maine, Missouri, Kentucky, Kearsarge; Second Division (Rear Admiral Charles H. Davis, commanding); Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts. Second Squadron (Rear Admiral Charles p. Sigsbee, commanding)— Third Division: Brooklyn, Chattanooga, Galveston, Tacoma; Fourth Division (Rear Admiral Willard H. Brownson, commanding): West Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, Pennsylvania. Third Squadron (Rear Admiral Royal B. Bradford, commanding)—Fifth Division: Olympla, Cleveland, Denver, Des Moines; Sixth Division: Newport, Nashville, Yankee. Coast Squadron (Rear Admiral Francis W. Dickins, commanding)— Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Nevada.

Pacific Squadron (Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich, commander-in-chief).— Chicago,. Boston, Concord, Mafblehead, Princeton.

Asiatic Fleet (Rear Admiral Charles J. Train, commander-in-chief).—Battleship Squadron—Ohio, Oregon, Wisconsin. Gunboat Division—Callao, Villalobos, Quiros. Cruiser Squadron—Baltimore, Cincinnati, Raleigh. Philippine Squadron (Rear Admiral George C. Reiter. commanding)—Rainbow, Arayat, Elcano, Frolic, Mindoro, Monadnock, Pampanga, Paragua.

S»><v M Service Squadron (Rear Admiral Colby M. Chester, commander-in-chief), —Minneapolis.

Naval Station. Boston.—Rear Admiral Albert S. Snow, commandant.

Naval Station, New-York.—Rear Admiral Joseph B. Coghlan, commandant

Naval Station, Philadelphia.—Rear Admiral Joseph E. Craig, commandant.

Naval Station, Norfolk.—Rear Admiral Purnell F. Harrington, commandant,

Na?al Station, Portsmouth, N. H.—Rear Admiral William M. Mead, cornmcndant.

Nnval station, Washington, D. C—Rear Admiral Captain Edwin C. Pendleton, commandant.

Naval Station, Mare Island, Cal.—Rear Admiral B. H. McCalla. commandant.

Navy Yard, Poget Sound, Wash.—Rear Admiral Captain :William T. Burwell,. commandant.

Naval Home, Philadelphia.—Rear Admiral Nlcoll Ludlow (retired), governor.



Date of appointment

George Dewey « , Mar. 2, 1899_ ..

Rear Admirals.
(Ranking with major general.)

Robley D. Evans Feb. 11. 1901

Henry- Glass ....Oct. 9, 1901

Joseph B. Coghlan ;Apr. 11. 1902

James^ H. Sands ...Apr. 11, 1902

Purnell F. Harrington ........ Mar* 21, 1903

Charles D. Sigsbee -...Aug. 10, 1903

Colby M. Chester, .Aug. 10, 1903

Frencn E. Chadwlcfc Oct. 11, 1903

Bowman H. McCalla Oct. 11, 1903

Caspar F. Goodrich Feb. 17,1904

Francis W. Dickins • June 17, 1904

Charles F. F. Wilde Aug. 6, 1904

Charles £L Davis Aug. 24, 1904

Charles J. Train Sept. 13. 1904

George A. Converse, *.. ..Nov. 8, 1904

(Ranking with brigadier general.)

Royal B. Bradford . Nov. 22, 1S04

Joseph E. Craig Dec. 2*. 1904

Charles M. Thomas Jan. 12. 190.",

Albert S. Snow. Feb. 21, 1905

George C. Reiter. . Ms r. 31. 1 ror>

WiHard H. Brownson May 0, 1905

William W. Mead..., July 1, 1905

Edwin Longnecker July 8. 1905

Thomas Perry Sept 8, 1905


Captains. I^Nnmc. Date apo't'd. | Name.

(Rank withjcolonel.) Name

•Date of retirement.

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