Universitets- og skole-annaler ..., Volum 8

Christopher Andreas Holmboe, Christian Holst
J. Dahl, 1893

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Side 80 - Cum tribuni dicere eo die, si quid vel- 3 let, iuberent, in noctem rem dicendo extraxit referendo admonendoque exacta acerbe munia militiae; plus laboris, plus periculi, quam desiderasset res, iniunctum; contra in praemiis, in honoribus omnia artata; militiamque, si...
Side 181 - I hope the country would be ready to incur that cost if necessary; but I think it would be not only unnecessary, but mischievous. Why should we relieve the parent from all payments for the education of his child? We come in and help the parents in all possible ways ; but, generally speaking, the enormous majority of them are able, and will continue to be able, to pay these fees.
Side 181 - The illustration and example, so often quoted, of America would be quoted again, and we should be told that in the New England States education is free not only in the elementary schools, but free also up to the very highest education of the State. The cost would be such as really might well alarm my right hon. friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Side 32 - ... the blade penetrates the wood, penetrates the blade cleaves the wood, cleaves the pieces fall right and left. fall —The girl picks up one of the pieces, picks up places it upon the block, places raises her hatchet, raises brings down her hatchet, brings down and chops the piece of wood, chops she chops another piece, and then chops another, she chops up all the wood.
Side 50 - ... hesitate between different ways of expression, or have to find a new way of expression — then grammar comes in, and helps us to decide which expression is most in accordance with the genius of the language, least ambiguous, most concise, or in any other way better fitted to express what is required. The native language should be studied from the point of view of general grammar. . . . In this way the study of English grammar is the best possible preparation for the study of foreign languages.
Side 88 - Minturnaeadpellata; altera in saltu vescino, falernum contingente agrum, ubi Sinope dicitur graeca urbs fuisse, Sinuessa deinde ab colonis romanis adpellata.
Side 32 - The blade penetrates the wood, PENETRATES The blade cleaves the wood, CLEAVES The pieces fall right and left, FALL The girl picks up one of the pieces, PICKS UP places it upon the block, PLACES raises her hatchet, RAISES brings down her hatchet, BRINGS DOWN and chops the piece of wood, CHOPS She chops another piece, and then another, CHOPS She chops up all the wood, CHOPS She puts down her hatchet, PUTS DOWN gathers up the pieces into her apron, GATHERS UP takes one or two logs and some shavings,...
Side 82 - Cornelius <Publi fìlius eius> qui in Hispania ceciderat, [filius] quattuor et viginti ferme annos natus, professus se petere, in superiore unde conspici posset loco constitit. In quem postquam omnium ora conversa sunt, clamore ac favore ominati extemplo sunt felix faustumque imperium.
Side 86 - ... interemit. multi palam, quidam, in quibus minus speciosa criminatio erat futura, clam interfecti. patuit quibusdam volentibus fuga, aut in exilium acti sunt, absentiumque bona iuxta atque interemptorum divisui fuere.
Side 181 - There must be free education also for us, and that free education must not be confined to elementary schools.

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