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Whether a proportion of the Casualties could be placed at the disposal of the Crown
Situation and Authority of Commanding Officers of Corps
Number of Officers required to be effective with Regiments Ixii
Or the formation of Skeleton Corps
The separation of the Civil Staff
Effect of regimental promotion in opposing a difficulty in the way of a reduction of the Army by whole Regiments and how obviated in the Plan pro...
Furlough Regulation
Table of the Number of Officers who have retired from the Service from 1813
Para Page 501 1 Mode in which they are recruited from this country or Vacancies supplied in India 508a J by Volunteers from Kings Regiments on t...
Number of Europeans employed in India in each year from 1793 to 1830
Pay of the European noncommissioned Officer and Soldier ib 513 Victualling of European Troops ib 515 Inebriety among the Soldiers ib 517 Regi...
Marriages of European Soldiers ib 521 Pay of their European Wives i6 523 Children of Soldiers by European and Native Women ib 525 Suggested ...
551 Promotion of the Officers by Wings
Utility of the European Regiments ib 554 Suggestion that they should be eligible for Service at either Presidency ib 555 Service in a Native Corps pre...
Reference to Tables and Returns illustrative of the Numbers Expense and Organi zation of Native Troops
Ptn ftge 683 European and Native Artillery Recruits
Mode in which the Artillery is officered and the Officers instructed ib 700 Policy or impolicy of employing Natives in the Artillery
Whether Horses should be substituted for Bullocks in the Foot Artillery
Formation of a Troop or Company of Artillery ib 720 Ordnance and Guncarriage Department ib 725 Gunpowder Manufactories of India
Cost of Horses in India
Period that a Horse may last it 755 Kattywar Persian and Arab Horses ib 7 58 Condition of Horses in India ib 760 Whether Stabling be used or consi...

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Side 172 - When provisions were very low, the Hindoo sepoys entreated their commander to allow them to boil the rice (the only food left) for the whole garrison. ' Your English soldiers,' they said, ' can eat from our hands, though we cannot from theirs — we will allot as their share every grain of the rice, and subsist ourselves by drinking the water in which it has been boiled.
Side 180 - It is probably owing to the peculiar composition, and to the local situation of the territories in which they are employed, that the sepoys of Bombay have at all periods been found ready to embark on foreign service. They are, in fact, familiar to the sea, and only a small proportion of them are incommoded in a voyage by those privations to which others are subject from prejudices of caste. But this is only one of the merits of the Bombay native soldier: he is patient, faithful and brave, and attached...
Side 181 - ... of the natives of India, who had been made prisoners near the mountains of the coast of Malabar, marched a distance of 500 miles to Madras to embark on a voyage of six or eight weeks, to rejoin the army to which they belonged at Bombay. During the march from Mysore, the guards of the Sultan carefully separated those men, whenever they encamped, by a tank (a large reservoir) or some other supposed insurmountable obstacle, from the European prisoners, among whom were their officers. Not a night...
Side 152 - I AM directed by the Commissioners for the Affairs of India, to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 20th ultimo, together with the papers which accompanied it : and to acquaint you, in reply, that the claim which you have preferred to the Court of Directors, is one respecting which the Board do not feel themselves competent to interfere.
Side 178 - ... Government averse to a repetition of experiments which had proved so dangerous; but in the year 1795, when the island of Ceylon, and the possessions of the Dutch in the Eastern Seas were to be reduced, Lord Hobart*, who was then Governor of Fort St. George, made a successful appeal to the zeal and attachment of the native troops, who volunteered in corps for foreign service. A still greater call for men was necessary when an army was formed in 1797, for the attack of Manilla, and many of the...
Side 184 - During the five years that they were absent from their home, the men of this detachment conducted themselves in the most exemplary manner, and acquired distinction in every service in which they were employed. I shall not repeat the warm and animated eulogium which Mr. Hastings passed upon this corps in one of the last general orders he issued to the army in Bengal, but all must subscribe to the truth of his observation, that their conduct showed that " there are no difficulties which the true spirit...
Side 175 - Cornwallis returned his thanks in the warmest manner to this small corps and its gallant commanding officer, Captain Alexander Grant, for a charge made upon the enemy. It obtained still further distinction under Captain James Grant, the brother of its former commander, when employed, in the year 1801, against the Poligars, a race of warlike men who inhabit the southern part of the Madras territory. There are indeed few examples of a more desperate and successful charge than was made during that service...
Side 171 - ... our duty to seek other sources of information, that we may be able to take the most comprehensive view of a subject so vital to our eastern empire : we shall endeavour to trace the progress of the Native troops at Madras and Bombay, before we examine the facts brought before us by Captain Williams ; a combined view of the whole may suggest some reflections on the means which appear best calculated to maintain the efficiency, and preserve the attachment of the Indian army. Though Bombay was the...
Side 184 - This corps, which marched about 1100 miles along the sea-coast, through the province of Cuttack, and the Northern Circars to Madras, arrived at that Presidency at a most eventful period, and their services were eminently useful to the preservation of our power in that quarter. Among the many occasions which this detachment had of distinguishing itself, the attack on the French lines at Cuddalore, in 1783, was the most remarkable. The Bengal sepoys that were engaged on that occasion behaved nobly....

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