United States Congressional Serial Set, Utgave 5219

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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To authorize bridges across Copper River in Alaska 517 Creating in Minnesota a national forest
Site for public building at Poplar Bluff
Public building at Westerly R I
Patents to P E Church for lands in Wisconsin among Oneida Indians 522 Right of way to Salt Lake City through Fort Douglas military reservation 52...
Ratifying act for issue of bonds by Yuma Co Ariz 530 Issuance of bonds by Mohave Co Ariz for courthouse and jail 531 Apache County Ariz to i...
Extending to counties of California act for entry of lands in forest reserves 537 Rights of way to Seattle through Fort Lawton military reservation 538...
To relinquish title of lands in California to Western Power Co 547 Bridge across Bayou DArbonne
Takoma Springs Ice Company to lay pipe line in D C
Naval appropriation bill 1909
Bridges across Rio Grande at or near Brownsville Tex 554 Pension appropriation bill 1909
To establish shad hatchery on Kennebec River in Maine 556 Disposition of certain lots on Hot Springs Reservation
Monument to William Campbell 558 Widening of channel of Michigan City Harbor Ind 559 Loan of tents to national convention of B P O E at Dall...
Amending R S relative to lists of passengers on passenger steamers 563 Appropriation for subsistence etc of Northern Cheyennes and Arapahoes 566...
Removal of restrictions from lands of allottees of Five Civilized Tribes 579 To deposit models of warships named for States in State capitols 580 To e...
Survey and allotment of land on Crow Reservation etc 582 Opening of Fort Keogh military reservation to settlement
Endowment of schools or departments of mines and mining
Dam across James River in Stone County
Dredging Mississippi River above South Pass
Diplomatic and consular appropriation bill 1909
Amending act for widening Bladensburg road D C
To establish Glacier National Park in Montana
Proper observance of Sunday in District of Columbia
Monument to Pocahontas at Jamestown
Disposition of useless papers in Treasury Department 622 PostOffice appropriation bill 1909
Sale of timber on Choctaw and Chickasaw coal and asphalt lands 625 To segregate for town sites certain Choctaw and Chickasaw lands 627 Court of ...
To deliver to C De W Willcox decoration presented by France 637 Removal of restrictions on lands of Quapaw Agency Indians 638 Public building ...
Sundry civil appropriation bill 1909
Extension of time for bridge across Missouri River near South Omaha Nebr 646 Unpaid Hawaiian Postal Savings Bank deposits
To incorporate American National Institute at Paris France 650 P B W R R s track to Washington NavyYard 651 Setting aside certain land for townsi...
To encourage development of coal deposits in Alaska
Sale of lands at head of Cordova Bay Alaska
Sale of lands on south end of Kanak Island
Allotments of Sioux Indians in North and South Dakota 659 Repairs on buildings destroyed by cyclone at Fort Crook 582101
Passenger transportation between Hawaii and other ports of U S 662 Home for feebleminded imbecile and idiotic children in D C
To pay unsettled expenses of constitutional convention of Oklahoma
Incorporation of banks within D C
To limit period for refunding taxes etc erroneously paid in D C
Authorizing a credit in certain accounts of Treasurer of United States 675 Amending naturalization law relative to fees of clerks of courts 676 Permitt...
Bridges across navigable waters in Alaska at Kanak Is Bering Lake etc 678 Increasing limit of cost of certain public buildings
Road along south bank of Anacostia River
Transportation of passengers coastwise
Issue of patents in fee to purchasers of Indian lands
Amending D C code to establish supervision of building associations etc 692 Establishing Bureau of Mines in Interior Department
Disposition of useless papers in PostOffice Department 695 Investigation of costaccounting services at Government Printing Office 696 To aaiend R ...

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Side 35 - We are now arrived at the inquiry, what is this power? It is the power to regulate; that is, to prescribe the rule by which commerce is to be governed. This power, like all others vested in congress, is complete in itself, may be exercised to its utmost extent, and acknowledges no limitations other than are prescribed in the constitution.
Side 78 - Columbia and any of the states or territories and any foreign nation or nations shall be liable in damages to any person suffering injury while he is employed by such carrier in such commerce, or in case of the death of such employee to his or her personal representative for the benefit of the surviving widow or husband and children of such employee, and if none, then of such employee's parents, and if none, then of the next of kin dependent upon such employee...
Side 19 - ... transported into any State or Territory, or remaining therein for use, consumption, sale or storage therein, shall, upon arrival in such State or Territory, be subject to the operation and effect of the laws of such State or Territory enacted in the exercise of its police powers, to the same extent and in the same manner as though such animals or birds had been produced in such State or Territory, and shall not be exempt therefrom by reason of being introduced therein in original packages or...
Side 9 - Philadelphia, or at Georgetown on the Potomac ; and it was thought that by giving it to Philadelphia for ten years, and to Georgetown permanently afterwards, this might, as an anodyne, calm in some degree the ferment which might be excited by the other measure alone. So two of the Potomac members (White and Lee, but White with a revulsion of stomach almost convulsive,) agreed to change their votes, and Hamilton undertook to carry the other point. In doing this, the influence he had established over...
Side 47 - Every person known to be a pickpocket, thief, burglar or confidence operator, either by his own confession, or by his having been convicted of either of such offenses, and having no visible or lawful means of support, when found loitering around any steamboat landing, railroad depot, banking institution, broker's office, place of amusement, auction room, store, shop or crowded thoroughfare, car, or omnibus, or any public gathering or assembly; or, 5.
Side 78 - ... in any case where the violation by such common carrier of any statute enacted for the safety of employees contributed to the injury or death of such employee.
Side 89 - ... to the use of the United States for postal, military, naval, and other Government services, and also subject to such regulations as Congress may impose restricting the charge for such Government transportation, having claims against the United States for transportation of troops and munitions...
Side 195 - In the adjudication of pension claims under the act of June 27, 1890, as amended by the act of May 9, 1900...
Side 69 - ... the actual cost and necessary expenses of reclamation and reasonable interest thereon from the date of reclamation until disposed of to actual settlers; and when an ample supply of water is actually furnished in a substantial ditch or canal, or by artesian wells or reservoirs, to reclaim a particular tract or tracts of such lands, then patents shall issue for the same to such state without regard to settlement or cultivation...
Side 29 - States contrary to the authority thereof, each of them shall be punished by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars and not more than five thousand dollars, or by imprisonment, with or without hard labor, for a period not less than six months nor more than six years, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

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