DEATHS.--MARCH. In Stratton-street, Piccadilly, aged tory of Sedgfield. He also resigned the 86, Roger Wilbraham, esq. F.R.S. and prebend in 1802 ; having been preferred F.S.A.—This gentleman, who was long to a prebendal stall at Durham in 1796. known as a patron of literature and He succeeded to the viscounty on the science, was the second and youngest death of his brother Richard in January, surviving son of Roger Wilbraham, esq. 1814. of Nantwich. Mr. Wilbraham pro- 6. At his seat at Drinkstone in Suf. ceeded B.A. 1765, and M.A. 1768, at folk, aged 70, Joshua Grigoy, esq. one Trinity college, Cambridge, and was of the deputy lieutenants of, and a elected a fellow of that Society. Being magistrate for, that county: he served desirous of a seat in Parliament, Mr. the office of high sheriff, in 1810. Wilbraham, at the general election in In Hanover-street aged 71, col. 1784, was a candidate for the borough of sir Robert Barclay, K. C. B. of the St. Michael's, and, in a double return, Madras establishment. was the first named; but the other candi- 7. In Clarges-street aged 70, the date, sir Christopher Hawkins, was suc- right hon. Louisa countess dowager cessful in his opposition. However, on Stanhope. She was the only child of a vacancy in 1786, Mr. Wilbraham was the hon. Henry Grenville, great-uncle elected for the borough of Helston. At to the present duke of Buckingham. the general election in 1790 he was re- At Bedhampton, Hants, Sarah turned for Bodmin, for which he sat till Agnes, the wife of T. H. Lethem, esq. of the dissolution in 1796. Mr. W. was an that place, daughter of Thos. Williams, active member of the Horticultural esq. of Heningstone, Dorset, by Jane, Society.

daughter of sir Edw. Wilmot. In Cheshire, aged 47, lieut.-colonel 8. At Sloperton cottage, Devizes, in Henry Tarleton, nephew to general sir her 16th year, Anastasia-Mary, only B. Tarleton, bart. K.G.B.

daughter of Thomas Moore, esq. the modern Anacreon.

In New-street, Spring-gardens, MARCH.

Louise Henrietta, wife of sir James

8. At Port Louis, Mauritius, aged 52, 2. At Wallsall, Staffordshire Daniel lieut.-col. George Harding, lieut. col. of Rogers, esq. brother to Samuel Rogers, the 99th foot. esq. the poet.

9. At Belfast, John Young, LL.D. 4. At Rome, aged 77, Mary, widow professor of moral philosophy and me. of sir William Abdy, sixth bart. of taphysics in the institution of that town. Felix-hall, Essex, and capt. R. N. She 10. At Hampton Court, aged 76, was a daughter of James Gordon, of Edward Bowater, esq. admiral of the Moor-place, Hertfordshire, esq.

Blue; brother to the late lieutenant 5. At Rome, aged 68, the right hon. general John Bowater of the Royal and rev. George Barrington, fifth vis- Marines. count Barrington of Ardglass, co. Down, 13. At Bruges, aged 22, Robert. and baron Barrington of Newcastle, co. South-Thurlow Cunynghame, esq. second Dublin ; M.A. prebendary of Durham, son of sir David Cunynghame, of Milnand rector of Sedgfield in that bishopric. craig, bart. by Maria, natural daughter He was born July 16, 1761, and was of the late lord Chancellor Thurlow. educated at Westminster, where he was 14. At her house at Spetisbury, aged admitted a king's scholar in 1774, and 42, the hon. Anna Maria Arundell, whence he was elected to Christ Church, sister to lord Arundell of Wardour. Oxford, in 1778. He obtained the de- At Munich, aged 75, Lorenz von gree of M.A. Jan. 14, 1785. Having Westenrieder, Bavarian historiographer, taken holy orders, he was in 1786 pre- author of several elementary works for sented by his uncle bishop Barrington, schools, and varions publications on the who then held the see of Salisbury, to subject of education; also of a History the prebend of North Granthamin of Bavaria, a description of that kingthat cathedral, and, as such, presented dom; a History of the Bavarian Acahimself to the vicarage of Grantham in demy, &c. Lincolnshire. He resigned that living 15. Suddenly, at Pimlico, Mr. Shaw, in 1791, on being presented by his uncle, one of the messengers attached to the hen translated to Durham, to the rec. Foreign Office. Mr. Shaw suffered so Parliament within the same, from the At Hales-place, near Canterbury, earliest accounts to the present time." in his 72nd year, sir Edward Hales, the In 1783 he compiled and printed a sixth baronet of Woodchurch in Kent. pamphlet, intituled, " London's GratiThe ancient Roman Catholic family of tude; or, an Account of such pieces Hales, of which the deceased baronet is of Sculpture and Painting as have been said to have been the last male repre- placed in Guildhall at the expense of sentative, was descended from Nicholas the City of London. To which is added, Hales, in the reign of Edward the Third, a List of those distinguished persons to whose son Robert was the prior of St. whom the Freedom of the City has been John's, Clerkenwell, and lord high trea- presented since the year 1758. With surer of England: he was beheaded by Engravings of the Sculptures, &c.” Wat Tyler's mob in 1381. Fifth in Mr. Turnor communicated io the Society descent from Nicholas was John Hales, of Antiquaries in the following spring, a baron of the Exchequer, whose son sir “Description of an ancient Castle at James, a judge of the Common Pleas, Rouen in Normandy, called Le Château was the only one of the bench who re- du Vieux Palais, built by Henry 5th, fused to sign the Will of Edward the King of England." This is printed in Sixth, which disinherited the princesses the Archæologia, vol. vii. with a folding Mary and Elizabeth. Third in descent plate of two views and a plan of the from the baron of the Exchequer was castle. In 1792 Mr. Turnor com, sir Edward, who was advanced to a municated to the Society, as a sup: baronetey June 29, 1611, in the first plement to the volume of Household year of the institution of that dignity. Accounts they had published, “ExSir Edward, his descendant in the tracts from the Household-Book of seventh degree, was the only son of sir Thomas Cony, of Bassingthorpe, co. Edward the fifth baronet.

DEATHS.-March, severely from intense cold on his jour- quired a taste for topography and antiney to Vienna, during the sittings of the quities, and was elected a Fellow of the Congress in that city, that he lost the Society of Antiquaries in 1778. In 1779 use of his legs, which he never recovered. he printed, in 4to., “ Chronological

At Brighton, the right hon. Anna- Tables of the High Sheriffs of the Maria Countess dow. of Minto. She County of Lincoln, and of the Knights was the eldest daughter of sir George of the Shire, Citizens, and Burgesses in Amyand.

Lincoln." These were printed in the At Shrewsbury, aged 75, Mr. Archæologia, vol. xi. To the Royal William Castieau, many years a teacher Society Mr. Turnor, in 1792, communi. of the classics and mathematics in that cated “ A Narrative of the Earthquake town. He was author of the principal felt in Lincolnshire, and the neighbourportion of an useful work, entitleding Counties, on the 25th of February, Proctor and Castieau's Cyclopædia, and 1792, in a letter to sir Joseph Banks." of many valuable articles on Chemistry This was read May 10, 1792, and printand Astronomy in other Encyclopædias, ed in the Philosophical Transactions, and periodical works of science.

vol. Ixxxii. In 1793 Mr. Turnor com17. At his house in Devonshire-place, municated to Dr. Kippis, for his edition aged 88, the right hon. John Luttrell of the “ Biographia Britannica” then in Olmius, third earl of Carhampton, vis- progress, a memoir of sir Richard Fancount Carhampton of Castlehaven in the shawe, the eminent statesman, negoticounty of Cork, and baron Irnham of ator, and poet, in the reign of Charles Luttrellstown in the county of Dublin; the First. This article is printed in a retired captain in the royal navy. the fifth volume of that biographical

19. At Stoke parki, near Grantham, collection. In 1801 Mrr Turnor furaged 74, Edinund Turnor, esq. of Stoke nished the Society of Antiquaries with Rochford and of Panton, in the county some “ Remarks on the Military Hisof Lincoln, F.R.S. and F.S.A. He was tory of Bristol in the Seventeenth descended from a younger branch of the Century." These were read on the Turnours of Haverhill in Suffolk, whose Ulth and 18th of June in that year, and, representative is the earl of Wintertoun. with a plate giving a plan of the out. His father was Edmund Turnor, esq. works, were printed in the Archæologia, who died in 1805, and his mother was vol. xiv. Of the garrison of Bristol, Mary, only daughter of John Disney, Mr. Turnor's ancestor, afterwards sir esq. of Lincoln. Mr. Turnor early ac- Edmund, was trensurer for Charles the to the fifth stall of the canons residen22. At Rotterdam, aged 86, the rev. tiary of Litchfield ; and, in tbe following John Hall, for upwards of forty years year, be was appointed archdeacon of minister of the English church in that

DEATHS.-March. First. At the close of the year 1802, R. S. L. archdeacon of Stafford, canon Mr. Turnor was elected to parliament residentiary of Litchfield, and rector for the borough of Midhurst; but he of Allhallows, London Wall. He was sat only until the dissolution in 1806. born at York, June 9th, 1753, and was He served the office of bigh sheriff' for the son of Dr. James Nares, an eminent Lincolnshire in 1810. Having for a con- composer and teacher of music, and for siderable time made the topography of many years organist anú composer to his neighbourhood his study, Mr. Tur- kings George II and III. His uncle, nor in 1806, published the result of his the hon. sir George Nares, was for researches in a handsome quarto volume, fifteen years one of the judges of the under the title of “ Collections for the Court of Common Pleas. Educated at History of the Town and Soke of Grani- Westminster School, he became a king's ham ; containing authentic Memoirs of scholar at the head of his election in sir Isaac Newton ; now first published 1767, and was subsequently elected in from the original MSS. in the possession 1771 to a studentship of Christ Church, of the earl of Portsmouth." “A Decla. Oxford, where he took the degree of ration of the Diet and Particular Fare B. A. 1775, and M. A. 1778, and of King Charles the First, when Duke about the same time took orders. From of York,'' was, in 1802, communicated to 1779 to 1783 he resided in the fa. the Antiquarian Society by Mr. Turnor, mily of the late sir Watkin Williams from a manuscript in vellum, in the pos- Wynn, as tutor to his sons, the presession of his brother-in-law'sir William sent baronet and his brother the right Foulis, the descendant and representa- hon. Charles Williams Wynn; and from tive of sir David Foulis, the prince's 1786 to 1788, they were under his cotlerer. It is printed in the Archæo- tuition at Westminster School. In logia, vol. xv. Mr. Turnor is said to 1782 he obtained from Christ church have been the editor of “ A Short View the living of Easton Mauduit in Northof the Proceedings in the County of amptonshire, and shortly after, that of Lincoln, for a limited exportation of Doddington, in the same county, which Wool,” printed in 4to, 1824. In 1825 is in the patronage of the lord ChanMr. Turnor furnished the Antiquaries cellor. In 1787 he was appointed with an “ Account of the Remains of a

the chaplains of his late royal Roman Bath near Stoke in Lincoln- highness the duke of York, and, in the shire,” printed, with three plates, in the ensuing year, hewas nominated an assistArchæologia, vol. xxii. pp. 26-32; and, ant preacher of the hon. Society of Linimmediately before his death, he sent coln's Inn. In 1790 he assisted in coman account of some further similar dis- pleting “ Bridge's History of Northcoveries in the same neighbourhood. amptonshire," and wrote the preface to

20. At Cainbo-house, county Fife., that work. In 1795 he was elected Anne, dowager countess of Kellie. She F. S. A., and, in the same year, bewas daughter of captain Adam Gordon, came one of the assistant librarians of Ardoch, and was married to Thomas, of the British Museum ; and afterwards ninth and late earl of Kellie, at Gotten- librarian for the MS. Department, burg, in 1771.

where he prepared the third volume of 21. At Antwerp, the rev. Rowland the Harleian catalogue of MSS. pubiReginald Heber, late of Bossall Hall, lished by the record commission. This Yorkshire.

situation he resigned in 1807. In 1798 Drowned in the Isis, at Oxford, he was presented to the rectory of aged 18, Henry, youngest son of the Sharnford, in Leicestershire, which he rev. John Emra, vicar of St. George's, resigned in 1799, on being collated near Bristol.

Statiord. In 1804 be was elected F.R.S. city.

In 1805 he was presented to the living At the Manor-house, Wands- of St. Mary, Reading, which he resigned worth, Marianne, wite of Dr. Sumner, in 1818 for thatof Allballows, London Wall. Jord bishop of Chester.

The archdeacon was thrice married, but 23. at his house in Hart-street, left no issue. Bloomsbury, aged 75, the rev. Robert Besides several charges, bernions, Nares, M. A., F. R. S., F. S. A., V. P. and other writings, be published " An


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DEATHS-MARCH. Essay on the Dæmon or Divination shown a taste for drawing, went to Rome of Socrates,” 8vo. 1782. “ Elements under the patronage of lord Dundas, of Orthoëpy; containing a distinct view about 1769. He remained there several of the whole Analogy of the English years, engaged in the sundy of architecLanguage, as it relates to pronuncia. ture, and made some designs for the tion, accent, and quantity, 1784," embellishment of the square of Santa 8vo. “ Principles of Government de Maria del Popolo; in consequence of duced from Reason, &c. 1792,” 8vo. which he had the honour of receiving "A connected and chronological View from the hands of Pope Ganganelli a of the Prophecies of the Christian gold and silver medal, and was also Church; in twelve sermons, preached made a member of the Academy of St. in Lincoln's Inn chapel, from the year Luke, by an especial order for that pur. 1800 to 1804, at the lecture founded by pose. Upon leaving Rome, Mr. Marbishop Warburton, 1806,” 8vo.

rison travelled through part of Italy and says and other occasional compositions, France, and returned to England in chiefly reprinted, 1810,” 2 vols. small 1776, where he was soon afterwards en8vo. “ The Veracity of the Evangelists gaged in building a bridge over the demonstrated, by a comparative view of Lune, at Lancaster, consisting of five their Histories, 1816," 12mo. “ A arches, being the first level bridge conGlossary; or Collection of Words, structed in this country. Having setPhrases, Names, and Allusions to Cus. tled at Lancaster, he designed and toms, Proverbs, &c.In 1793, he com- executed the extensive improvements menced the British Critic, in conjune- and alterations in the castle at that tion with the rev. W. Beloe. To each place; and afterwards gained a premium, of the half-yearly volumes of the British and was appointed architect for rebuildCritic was prefixed a preface, always ing the gaol and county courts of Chester, written by Mr. Nares, taking a survey of The armoury and the Exchequer-buildthe literature of the period. Mr. Nares ings, which form the wings of the superb proceeded with the work till the end county hall, at Chester, as also the of the forty-second volume, and then gateway before it, were built after deresigned it to others. In 1815 he edited signs furnished by Mr. Harrison; and Dr. Purdy's Lectures on the Church the new bridge across the Dee, now in Catechism, &c. to which he prefixed a progress, which is to be formed of one Biographical Preface.

arch of 200 feet span, is also from his 23. At Aberdeen, aged 71, sir John design. England is indebted to Mr. Innes, ninth bart. of Balvery, county Harrison tor the possession of the Elgin of Banft.

marbles. When the earl of Elgin was 27. At Dresden, in his 77th year, appointed ambassador to the Porte, in Jacob Seydelmann, professor at the 1799, Mr. Harrison, who was at that academy of Fine Arts.

time in Scotland, designing a house for 27. At Kirkby, Notts, aged 82, the rt. his lordship, strongly recommended to hon. Henry Venables Vernon, third lord him to endeavour to procure casts of all Vernon, elder brother to his grace the the remaining sculpture, &c, in Athens, archbishop of York.

but had not the least idea of the marbles At Pimlico Lodge, aged 65, John themselves being removed. The followElliott, esq. F.R.S., head of the porter. ing are some of the works in which Mr. hrewery of Elliott and Co. Pimlico, and Harrison was engaged :--A Greek Doric treasurer of Westminster hospital. column, at Shrewsbury, in honour of lord

28. Aged 66, Henry Hase, esq. chief Hill, and one for the marquis of Anglecashier of the Bank of England.

sey, crected near his lordship’s resi. 29. At Plymouth, aged nearly 100, dence, on the Straits of the Menai; the Levi Benjamin, for upwards of 60 years triumphal arch at Holyhead, built to reader to the Jewish synagogue of that commemorate the king's landing there ; lown. He was supposed to have the the Jubilee tower upon Moel Famma, to most powerful voice in the kingdom; commemorate the 50th year of the reign and was one of the teachers of Leoni, the of George III ; the Athenæum and Si. master of Brabanı.

Nicholas's tower, in Liverpool; and the 29. At Chester, aged 8i, Thomas theatre and exchange buildings in ManHarrison, esq. a distinguished architect. chester. Besides Broom-hall, in FifeMr. Harrison was born at Richmond, in shire, the residence of the earl of Elgin, Yorkshire, in the year 1744; and, having Mr. Harrison designed houses for several DEATHS.-MARCH. gentlemen in Scotland; amongst others, the honorary degree of D.C.L. was con. one for the late general Abercrombie, ferred upon him. In 1794 the latter and one for Mr. Bruce.

work was attacked in an octavo pamiphlet, 29. In Foley-place, aged 65, Edward called " A Letter to Francis Plowden, Ash, M. D. F. R. S. Physician extraor- esq. Conveyancer, of the Middle Tem. dinary to his late majesty.

ple, on his work entitled Jura Anglorum, Aged 66, in Cavendish-square, by a Roman Catholic clergyman.” Dr. Stephen Luke, M.D.

Plowden's next publications were “A 30. At the Clarendon hotel, aged 43, short History of the British Empire Geo. Robert Petre, esq. of Dunken-hall, during the last twenty months, viz. from Lancashire, first cousin to lord Petre. May 1792 to the close of the year 1793,

31. In Conduit-street, aged 40, the London, 1794,” Svo.—“ A friendly and rev. Brownlow Poulter, rector of Buri- constitutional Address to the People of ton, Hants, eldest surviving son of the Great Britain, 1794,” Svo. In the titlerev. Edmund Poulter, prebendary of page of this he styled himself “ LL.D. Winchester, by Miss Bannister, sister of Gray's-inn, Conveyancer.” In the to Mrs. North, wife of the late bishop: same year, John Reeves, esq. another

Lately. Aged 25, Douglas Smith, well-known legal and political writer, esq. student of Christ Church, Oxford, printed “The Malcontents; a Letter and son of the rev. Sydney Smith. to Francis Plowden, esq." and there

At Cambray, the wife of the rev. sir was also “ A Letter from an Associator Rd. Wolseley, bart. of Mount Wolseley, to Francis Plowden, esq."

." The next co, Carlow.

productions of Mr. Plowden wereAt Rome, in his 72nd year, Dr. Fortis, Church and State ; being an Inquiry general of the order of the Jesuits. into the origin, nature, and extent, of

At his apartments in the Rue Vau. Ecclesiastical and Civil Authority, with girard, Paris, at an advanced age, reference to the British Constitution, Francis Plowden, esq. LL.D. formerly 1795,” 4to.-"A short History of the a member of the English Chancery bar, British Empire during the (year 1794. author of a History of Ireland, and fa- London, 1795, 8vo.-“ A Treatise upon ther-in-law to the earl of Dundonald.- the Law of Usury and Annuities,” 1796, This gentleman was a member of a 1797, 8vo.-" The Constitution of the Catholic family of the name, and United Kingdom of Great Britain and brother to the rev. Charles Plowden, Ireland, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 1802, a Roman Catholic priest, and tutor at 8vo.-In 1803 appeared, in two quarto Stoneyhurst, author of several profes volumes, his grand work, entitled " An sional works, and also to the rev. Robert Historical Review of the State of Jre. Plowden, priest at Bristol. The bar land, from the invasion of that country rister's first works were : " An Investi- under Henry 2nd. to its Union with gation of the Native Rights of British Britain in 1801. London, 1803.” Of Subjects, 1784,'' 800.-" A Supplement this an elaborate critique by sir Richard to the same, written in relation to the "Musgrave, the author of the History of case of the earl of Newburgh, a de. the Irish Rebellion, appeared in the scendant of the earl of Derwentwater, British Critic, continued through more 1785,"~" Impartial Thoughts upon the than one number; and which was afterbeneficial consequences of enrolling all wards published in a separate form, Deeds, Wills, and Codicils, affecting with additions, corrections, and an apLands throughout England and Wales, pendix, under the title of,“ Strictures including a draught of a Bill proposed upon an Historical Review of the State to be brought into Parliament for that of Ireland, by Francis Plowden, esq. ; purpose,” 1789.-" The Case stated, by or, a Justification of the Conduct of the Francis Plowden, esq. Conveyancer of English Governments in that Country, the Middle Temple ; occasioned by the from the Reign of Henry the Second to Act of Parliament lately passed for the the Union of Great Britain and Ireland." relief of the English Roman Catholics, Mr. Plowden published in reply two 1791,” 8vo. In 1792 Mr. Plowden puh. pamphlets, one intituled, "A Postiin lished : “ Jura Anglorum ; the Rights minious Preface to the Historical Review of Englishmen; being an historical and of the State of Ireland; containing a legal Defence of the present Constitu- statement of the Author's Communica. tion," 8vo. At the Encania at Oxford tions with the Right Hon. Henry Ad. on the 5th of July in the following year, dington, &c. upon the subject of that

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