Vol. LXXI.

ESSELS EMPLOYED IN THE FOREIGN TRADE.--An Account of the Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their

TONNAGE, and the Number of Men and Boys employed in Navigating the same (including their repeated Voyages)
that entered Inwards and cleared Outwards, at the several Ports of the United Kingdom, from and to all Parts of the
World (exclusive of the intercourse between Great Britain and Ireland) during each of the Three Years ending
5th January, 1829.




Passed in the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament of the United

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland10 Geo. IV. 1829.

1. AN Act for the suppression of dan- ted to qualify themselves for offices

gerous associations or assemblies in and employments, and for extending Ireland.

the time limited for those purposes II. An Act for continuing to his ma- respectively until the twenty-fifth

jesty for one year certain duties on day of March, 1830. personal estates, offices, and pensions XIII. An Act to provide for monies in England, for the service of the year paid into Court under Acts afterwards 1829.

repealed. III. An Act for applying certain sums XIV. An Act for repealing several Acts

of money for the service of the year relating to the charity for the relief 1829.

of the poor widows of commissioned IV. An Act for raising the sum of twelve and warrant officers in the royal navy,

millions by Exchequer bills, for the and for substituting other provisions service of the year 1829.

in lieu thereof. V. An Act for the regulating of his XV. An Act to facilitate the public

majesty's royal marine forces while business in certain cases in the navy on shore.

and victualling departments. VI. An Act for punishing mutiny and XVI. An Act to continue the operation

desertion ; and for the better pay- of an Act of the seventh year of his

ment of the army and their quarters. present majesty, for suspending the VII. An Act for the relief of his ma- provisions of an Act of his late ma

jesty's Roman Catholic subjects. jesty respecting the appointment of VIII. An Act to amend certain Acts of writers in the service of the East

the parliament of Ireland relative to India Company; and to amend the the election of Members to serve in provisions of an Act of the fortyparliament, and to regulate the quali. seventh year of his late majesty, so fication of persons entitled to vote at far as they relate to the period of the election of knights of the shire residence at Hertford College, as a in Ireland.

qualification for certain offices. IX. An Act for fixing, until the twenty- XVII. An Act to continue, until the

fifth day of March, 1830, the rates of thirty-first day of December, 1832, subsistence to be paid to innkeepers certain Acts relating to the island of

and others on quartering soldiers. Newfoundland, and the fisheries carX. An Act to suspend, until the end of ried on upon the banks and shores

the next Session of Parliament, the thereof. making of lists and the ballots and XVIII, An Act to explain, amend, and enrolments for the Militia of the alter the Act of the ninth year of the United Kingdom, and to reduce the reign of his present majesty, for regupermanent staff, and regulate the lating the care and treatment of inallowances of serjeants hereafter ap- sane persons in England. pointed.

XIX. An Act to explain and amend an XI. An Act to continue for two years Act of the parliament of Scotland,

an Act made in the fifty-fourth year intituled “an Act concerning the reof the reign of his late majesty, for gistration of seisins and reversions of rendering the payment of creditors tenements within Burghi." more equal and expeditious in Scot- XX. An Act to carry into execution the land.

stipulations of a convention between XII. An Act to indemnify such persons his majesty and his Catholic majesty,

in the United Kingdom as have omit. for the settlement of certain British

claims upon Spain, and of certain of action is under twenty pounds, and Spanish claims upon the United to regulate the practice of arrests in Kingdom.

Ireland. XXI. An Act to continue compositions XXXVI., An Act to continue until the

for the assessed taxes for a further end of the next session of parliament, term of one year.

and to amend the Acts for the relief XXII. An Act to provide, until the of insolvent debtors in Ireland.

thirty-first day of December, 1834, XXXVII. An Act to amend the laws for the government of his majesty's relating to coroners in Ireland. settlements in Western Australia, on XXXVIII. An Act for the more effectual the western coast of New Holland.

punishment of attempts to murder in XXIII. An Act to impose duties on the certain cases in Scotland.

importation of silk and silk goods, XXXIX. An Act for continuing to his and to allow drawbacks on the ex- majesty, for one year, certain duties portation thereof.

on sugar imported into the United XXIV. An Act to enable the Commis- Kingdom, for the service of the year

sioners for the reduction of the 1829. national debt to grant life annuities XL. An Act to continue for one year, and annuities for terms of years.

and until the end of the then next XXV. An Act to provide for the better session of parliament, an Act of the management of the affairs of Green

sixth year of his present majesty, for wich Hospital.

providing for the repairing, maintainXXVI. An Act for transferring the ing, and keeping in repair certain

management of Greenwich out-pen- roads and bridges in Ireland. sions, and certain duties in matters of XLI. An Act to amend the laws for the prize, to the treasurer of the navy. regulation of the butter trade in IreXXVII. An Act to amend the several land.

Acts for regulating the reduction of XLII. An Act to amend an Act of the the national debt.

fourth year of his present majesty, XXVIII. An Act to apply a sum out of

for the amendment of the laws rethe consolidated fund and the surplus specting charitable loan societies in of ways and means, to the service of Ireland. the year 1829.

XLIII. An Act to amend the laws reXXIX. An Act to defray the charge of lating to the customs.

the pay, clothing, and contingent and XLIV. An Act for improving the police other expenses of the disembodied

in and near the metropolis. militia in Great Britain and Ireland ; XLV. An Act to continue, until the and to grant allowances in certain

fifth day of July, 1832, an Act for the cases to subaltern officers, adjutants, more effectual administration of the paymasters,quartermasters, surgeons, office of a justice of the peace in and assistant surgeons, surgeons' mates, near the metropolis. and serjeant majors of the militia, XLVI. An Act for more effectually exuntil the twenty-fifth day of March, ecuting an Act of the last session of 1830.

parliament, for tbe better regulation XXX. An Act to continue and amend of divisions in the several counties of

the laws relating to yeomanry corps England and Wales. in Ireland.

XLVII. An Act to continue for one XXXI. An Act for funding 3,000,000 year, and until the end of the next of Exchequer bills.

session of parliament, and to amend, XXXII. An Act to enable one or more two Acts made in the forty-seventh

of the commissioners of excise to act and fiftieth years of the reign of his for the dispatch of business for Scot- late majesty king George the Third, land and Ireland respectively.

for the preventing improper persons XXXIII. An Act to amend the several

from having arms in Ireland. Acts for the encouragement of the XLVIII. An Act to authorize the sale Irish fisheries.

and transfer of the stocks or funds XXXIV. An Act for consolidating and standing in the books of the Bank of

amending the statutes in Ireland re- Ireland, on account of the office of

lating to offences against the person. the clerk of the pleas in the Court of XXXV. An Act to prevent arrests upon Exchequer in Ireland, and the paymesne process where the debt or cause ment and application of the produce


of such stocks or funds to the con. 13,438,8001. for the service of the

solidated fund of the United Kingdom. year 1829, and to appropriate the XLIX. An Act to continue until the supplies granted in this session of

fifth day of July, 1830, the provisions parliament of an Act to allow sugar to be deli. LXI. An Act to amend an Act of the

vered out of warehouse to be refined. seventh year of his present majesty, I.. An Act to consolidate and amnend the for extending to Charing Cross, the

laws relating to the management and Strand, and places adjacent, the improvement of his majesty's woods, powers of an Act for making a more forests, parks, and chases; of the land convenient communication from Maryrevenue of the crown within the sur

le-bone park. vey of the Exchequer in England; LXII. An Act to exclude persons acand of the land revenue of the crown cepting offices in the East Indies from in Ireland ; and for extending certain being members of the House of Comprovisions relating to the same to the Isles of Man and Alderney.

LXIII. An Act to render valid an Act LI. An Act to amend the law relating to to amend the law relating to the em

the employment of children in cotton ployment of children in cotton mills inills and factories.

and factories. LJI. An Act to extend the powers of an

Act of the fourth year of his present majesty, for enlarging the powers of justices in determining complaints

PUBLIC ACTS, between masters and servants, to persons engaged in the manufacture of Of a Local and Personal Nature, silk,

to be noticed by the Courts. LIII. An Act to regulate the duties,

salaries, and emoluments of the i. An Act to amend an Act passed in officers, clerks, and ministers of cer- the sixth year of the reign of his

tain ecclesiastical courts in England. present majesty, intituled An Act for LIV. An Act for directing reports to be making and constructing certain met

made respecting gaols in Scotland. docks, warehouses, and other works, LV. An Act for the more effectual re- in the parish of St. Botolph without

covery of small debts, and for diminish- Aldgate, and in the parish or preing the expenses of litigation in causes cinct of St. Katharine near the Tower of small amount, in the sheriff courts of London, in the county of Middlein Scotland.

sex, and for extending the powers and LVI. An Act to consolidate and amend provisions of the said Act.

the laws relating to friendly societies. ii. An Act for enabling the Edinburgh LVII. An Act to continue until the first Gas-light company to raise a further

day of July, 1830, the powers of the sum of money; and for other purposes commissioners for inquiring concern. relating thereto.

ing charities in England and Wales. iji. An Act for repairing, improving, LVIII. An Act to repeal an Act of the and maintaining in repair the road

parliament of Ireland, of the ninth from Brandlesome Moss Gate in the year of the reign of queen Anne, for township of Elton to the Duke of uniting several parishes, and building York public-house in the township of several parish churches in more con- Blackburn, and a branch road therevenient places, so far as relates to the from, all in the county palatine of parishes of Oran and Drumtemple in Lancaster, the diocess of Elphin.

iv. An Act for making and maintaining LIX. An Act to amend an Act of the a road from Rhavader in the county

seventh year of his present majesty, of Radnor to Llangerrig in the county for consolidating the trusts of the of Montgomery. several turnpike roads in the neigh- v. An Act for more effectually supplybourhood of the metropolis, north of ing the inhabitants of the borough of the river. Thames, and to make and King's Lynn with water, and for remaintain two new or branch roads to gulating the markets, and vessels communicate with the said metropolis using the port thereof. roads.

vi. An Act for lighting, watching, cleans. LX. An Act for raising the sum of ing, and otherwise improving and

regulating the hamlets or liberties of grant certain leases of lands belonging Duddeston and Nechells in the parish to the vicarage. of Aston, near Birmingham, in the XV. An Act for establishing and gocounty of Warwick.

verning an institution in Liverpool vii. An Act for increasing the number called “ The School for the Indigent

of vestrymen, and regulating the Blind at Liverpool ;' for incorporanomination and appointment of vestry- ting the subscribers thereto; and also men and parish officers, for the parish for regulating and supporting a chapel of St. Mary Stratford Bow, in the attached to the said institution. county of Middlesex, and providing xvi. An Act for making an embankment for the better relief, maintenance, and on the north-west side of the Leasemployment of the poor of the said owes, in the townships of Wallasey parish.

and Great Meols, in the county of viii. An Act to provide for the repair Chester, to prevent the further en

and maintenance of the county hall in croachment of the sea, and the injury the county of Monmouth.

to arise therefrom to the low lands ix. An Act for building a bridge over contiguous, and to the port of Liver

the river Tees at Whorlton, in the pool. county of Durham, and for making a xvii. An Act for making and maintainroad from Staindrop,in the said county, ing a turnpike road from Barnstaple to Whorlton, and from thence, cross- to the town or village of Braunton, in ing the said bridge, to the present the county of Devon. turnpike road at Greta Bridge, in the xviii. An Act for amending, altering, county of York, with a branch from and improving the roads leading to Whorlton to the township of Barnard the town of Okehampton, in the Castle in the said county of Durhamn, county of Devon, and making and and another branch from the south maintaining a certain new road to end of the said bridge to the turnpike communicate therewith. road from Winston Bridge to Sinall xix. An Act for more effectually making Ways, both in the said county of and repairing certain roads leading York.

to and from Bodmin, and certain other X. An Act for building a bridge over the roads therein-mentioned, inthe county

river Tyne, at or near a place called of Cornwall. Scotswood, in the county of Northum- xx. An Act for more effectually improvberland ; and for making convenient ing and repairing the road leading roads, avenues, and approaches there- from the turnpike road at Wrotham to, with branches thereout.

Heath, in the county of Kent, to the xi. An Act for vesting a new church turnpike road leading from Croydon

in the parish of Liverpool, in the to Godstone, in the county of Surrey. county of Lancaster in the mayor, xxi. An Act for more eflectually repairbailiffs, and burgesses of the said ing, widening, and improving the town; and for authorizing the ap. road from Harlow Bush Common, in pointment of districts for the better the parish of Harlow, in the county performance of ecclesiastical duties of Essex, to Stump Cross, in the parish ivitbin the said parish.

of Great Chesterford, in the same xii. An Act to alter and amend two acts county; and for making and maintain

of his present inajesty for establishing ing two new lines of road communi. and regulating the Imperial Gas-light cating therewith. and Coke Company.

xxii. An Act for repairing the road xiii. An Act for better assessing and from the town of Biddenden to the

collecting the poor and other rates in turnpike road from Ashford to Feverthe parish of Hinckley, in the counties sham at Boundgate, in the county of ot Leicester and Warwick.

kent. xiv. An Act for extinguishing tithes, xxiii. An Act for repairing the road

and payments in lieu of tithes, mor- from Stockershead, at the top of tuaries, and Easter offerings, and Charing Hill, to a place called Bagother vicarial dues and payments,

ham’s Cross, in the parish of Chilhani, within the parish of Halifax, in the in the county of Kent. diocese and county of York; and for xxiv. An Act for more effectually re. making compensation to the vicar in pairing, improving, and keeping in lieu thereof, and enabling him to repair the road from Maidstone to

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