shall, before he presumes to exercise jesty the sum of 2001 ; and the apor enjoy or in any manner to act pointment of such person to the in such office or place, take and office, place, or franchise so by him subscribe the oath herein-before ap- held, shall become altogether void, pointed and set forth, either in his and the office, place, or franchise majesty's high court of Chancery, shall be deemed and taken to be or in any of his majesty's courts of vacant to all intents and purposes King's Bench, Common Pleas, or whatsoever. Exchequer, at Westminster or XXII. Provided always, that Dublin; or before any judge of for and notwithstanding any thing assize, or in any court of general in this act contained, the oath or quarter sessions of the peace in herein-before appointed and set Great Britain or Ireland, for the forth shall be taken by the officers county or place where the person in his majesty's land and sea serso taking and subscribing the oath vice, professing the Roman Cashall reside; or in any of his ma- tholic religion, at the same times jesty's courts of session, justiciary, and in the same manner as the Exchequer, or jury court, or in oaths and declarations now reany sheriff or stewart court, or in quired by law are directed to be any burgh court, or before the taken, and not otherwise. magistrates and councillors of any XXIII. And be it further royal burgh in Scotland, between enacted, that from and after the the hours of nine in the morning passing of this act no oath or oaths and four, in the afternoon; and shall be tendered to or required to the proper

officer of the court in be taken by his majesty's subjects which such oath shall be so taken professing the Roman Catholic reand subscribed shall cause the same ligion, for enabling them to hold to be preserved amongst the records or enjoy any real or personal proof the court; and such officer perty, other than such as may by shall make, sign, and deliver a cer- law be tendered to and required to tificate of such oath having been be taken by his majesty's other duly taken and subscribed, as often subjects; and that the oath herein as the same shall be demanded of appointed and set forth,

being taken him, upon payment of 2s. 6d. for and subscribed in any of the courts, the same;

and such certificate shall or before any of the persons above be sufficient evidence of the person mentioned, shall be of the same therein named having duly taken force and effect, to all intents and and subscribed such oath.

purposes, as, and shall stand in the XXI. And be it enacted, that place of, all oaths and declarations if any person professing the Roman required or prescribed by any law Catholic religion shall enter upon now in force for the relief of his the exercise or enjoyment of any majesty's Roman Catholic subjects office or place of trust or profit from any disabilities, incapacities, under his majesty, or of any other or penalties; and the proper officer office or franchise, not having in of any of the courts above menthe manner and at the times afore- tioned, in which any person prosaid taken and subscribed the oath fessing the Roman Catholic religion herein-before appointed and set shall demand to take and subscribe forth, then and in every such case the oath herein appointed and set such person shall forfeit to his mac forth, is hereby authorized and re

quired to administer the said oath of England and Ireland, or in Scots to such person, and such officer land, other than that of the church shall make, sign, and deliver a cer- of Scotland, as by law established, tificate of such oath having been in the robe, gown, or other pecuduly taken and subscribed, as often liar habit of his office, or attend as the same shall be demanded of with the ensign or insignia, or any him, upon payment of ls.; and part thereof, of or belonging to such certificate shall be sufficient such his office, such person shall, evidence of the person therein being thereof convicted by due named having duly taken and sub- course of law, forfeit such office, scribed such oath.


every such offence the XXIV. And whereas the Pro- sum of 1001. testant episcopal church of England XXVI. And be it further and Ireland, and the doctrine, disa enacted, that if any Roman Cacipline, and government thereof, tholic ecclesiastic, or any member and likewise the Protestant Prese of any of the orders, communities, byterian church of Scotland, and or societies herein-after mentioned, the doctrine, discipline, and go- shall, after the commencement of vernment thereof, are by the re- this act, exercise any of the rites spective Acts of Union of England or ceremonies of the Roman Caand Scotland, and of Great Britain tholic religion, or wear the habits and Ireland, established perma- of his order, save within the usual nently and inviolably: And places of worship of the Roman whereas the right and title of arch- Catholic religion, or in private bishops to their respective pro- houses, such ecclesiastic or other vinces, of bishops to their sees, and person shall, being thereof conof deans to their deaneries, as well victed by due course of law, forfeit in England as in Ireland, have for every such offence the sum of been settled and established by 501. law; be it therefore enacted, that XXVII. Provided always, and if any person, after the commence- be it enacted, that nothing in this ment of this act, other than the act contained shall in any manperson thereunto authorized by ner repeal, alter, or affect any law, shall assume or use the name, provision of an act made in the style, or title of archbishop of any fifth year of his present majesty's province, bishop of any bishoprick, reign, intituled An act to repeal or dean of any deanery, in England so much of an act passed in the or Ireland, he shall for every such ninth year of the reign of king offence forfeit and pay the sum of William the 3rd, as relates to bus 1001.

rials in suppressed monasteries, XXV. And be it further enacte abbeys, or convents in Ireland, and ed, that if any person holding any to make further provision with judicial or civil office, or any mayor, respect to the burial in Ireland of provost, jurat, bailiff

, or other persons dissenting from the estabcorporate officer, shall after the lished church. commencement of this act, resort XXVIII. And whereas jesuits, to or be present at any place or and members of other religious public meeting for religious wor- orders, communities, or societies of slip in England or in Ireland, the church of Rome, bound by moother than that of the united church nustic or religious vows, are resis dent within the United Kingdom; thereof lawfully convicted, shall be and it is expedient to make pro- sentenced and ordered to be vision for the gradual suppression banished from the United Kingdom and final prohibition of the same for the term of his natural life. therein; be it therefore enacted, XXX, Provided always, and be that every jesuit, and every mem- it further enacted, that in case any ber of any other religious order, natural-born subject of this realm, community, or society of the church being at the time of the commenceof Rome, bound by monastic or ment of this act a Jesuit, or other religious vows, who at the time of member of any such religious order, the commencement of this act shall community, or society as aforesaid, be within the United Kingdom, shall, at the time of the commenceshall, within six calendar months ment of this act, be out of the after the commencement of this rcalm, it shall be lawful for such act, deliver to the clerk of the peace person to return or to come into of the county or place where such this realm ; and upon such his reperson shall reside, or to his deputy, turn or coming into the realm he a notice or statement, in the form is hereby required, within the space and containing the particulars re- of six calendar months after his quired to be set forth in the sche- first returning or coming into the dule to this act annexed; which United Kingdom, to deliver such notice or statement such clerk of notice or statement to the clerk of the peace, or his deputy, shall the peace of the county or place preserve and register amongst the where he shall reside, or his deputy, records of such county or place, for the purpose of being so regiswithout any fee, and shall forth- tered and transmitted, as hereinwith transmit a copy of such notice before directed ; and in case any or statement to the chief secretary such person shall neglect or refuse of the lord lieutenant, or other so to do, he shall for such offence chief governor or governors of Ireforfeit and pay to his majesty, for land, if such person shall reside in every calendar month during which Ireland, or if in Great Britain, to he shall remain in the United one of his majesty's principal secre- Kingdom without having delivered taries of state ; and in case any such notice or statement, the sum person shall oflend in the premises, of 50l. he shall forfeit and pay to his ma- XXXI. Provided also, and be it jesty, for every calendar month further enacted, that, notwithduring which he shall remain in standing any thing herein-before the United Kingdom without contained, it shall be lawful for having delivered such notice or any one of his majesty's principal statement as is herein-before rea secretaries of state, being a Proquired, the sum of 501.

testant, by a licence in writing, XXIX. And be it further enact- signed by him, to grant permission ed, that if any Jesuit, or member to any Jesuit, or member of any of any such religious order, com- such religious order, community, munity, or society as aforesaid, or society as aforesaid, to come shall, after the commencement of into the United Kingdom, and to this act, come into this realm, he remain therein for such period as shall be deemed and taken to be the said secretary of state shall guilty of a misdemeanor, and being think proper, not exceeding in any

case the space of six calendar ciety, every person offending in the months; and it shall also be lawful premises in England or Ireland for any of his majesty's principal shall be deemed guilty of a misdesecretaries of state, to revoke any meanor, and in Scotland shall be licence so granted before the ex« punished by fine and imprisonment. piration of the time mentioned XXXIV. And be it further therein, if he shall so think fit; enacted, that in case any person and if any such person to whom shall, after the commencement of such licence shall have been granted this Act, within any part of this shall not depart from the United United Kingdom, be admitted or Kingdom within twenty days after become a Jesuit, or brother, or the expiration of the time men- member of any other such relitioned in such licence, or if such gious order, community, or society licence shall have been revoked, as aforesaid, such person shall be then within twenty days after no- deemed and taken to be guilty of a tice of such revocation shall have misdemeanor, and being thereof been given to him, every person so lawfully convicted shall be senoffending shall be deemed guilty tenced and ordered to be banished of a misdemeanor, and being thereof from the United Kingdom for the lawfully convicted, shall be sen- term of his natural life. tenced and ordered to be banished XXXV. And be it further from the United Kingdom for the enacted, that in case any person term of his natural life.

sentenced and ordered to be banishXXXII. And beit further enact- ed under the provisions of this act ed, that there shall annually be laid shall not depart from the United before both houses of parliament an Kingdom within thirty days after account of all such licences as shall the pronouncing of such sentence have been granted for the purpose and order, it shall be lawful for herein-before mentioned within the his majesty to cause such person twelve months then next preced- to be conveyed to such place out of ing

the United Kingdom as his maXXXIII. And be it further jesty, by the advice of his privy enacted, that in case any Jesuit, or council, shall direct. member of any such religious order, XXXVI. And be it further community, or society as aforesaid, enacted, that if any offender, who shall, after the commencement of shall be so sentenced and ordered this act, within any part of the to be banished in manner aforeUnited Kingdom, admit any person said, shall, after the end of three to become a regular ecclesiastic, or calendar months from the time brother, or member of any such reli- such sentence and order hath been gious order, community, or society, pronounced, be at large within or be aiding or consenting thereto, or any part of the United Kingdom, shall administer or cause to be ad- without some lawful cause, every ministered, or be aiding or assist- such offender being so at large as ing in the administering or taking, aforesaid, on being thereof lawfully any oath, vow, or engagement pur- convicted, shall be transported to porting or intended to bind the such place as shall be appointed by person taking the same to the rules, his majesty, for the term of his ordinances, or ceremonies of such natural life. religious order, community, or so- XXXVII. Provided always, and be it enacted, that nothing herein of Exchequer in England or Irecontained shall extend or be con- land respectively, or in the name strued to extend in any manner to of his majesty's advocate-general affect any religious order, com- in the court of Exchequer in Scotmunity, or establishment consisting land. of females bound by religious or XXXIX. And be it further monastic vows.

enacted, that this Act, or any part XXXVIII. And be it further thereof, may be repealed, altered, enacted, that all penalties imposed or varied at any time within this by this Act shall and may be re- present Session of parliament. covered as a debt due to his ma- XL. And be it further enacted, jesty, by information to be filed in that this Act shall commence and the name of his majesty's attorney- take effect at the expiration of ten general for England or for Ireland, days from and after the passing as the case may be, in the courts thereof.


The following provisional in- of the police force, as the guide for structions for the different ranks of his own conduct. Officers and the police force are not to be un- police constables should endeavour derstood as containing certain rules to distinguish themselves by such of conduct under every variety of vigilance and activity as may circumstances that may occur in the render it impossible for any one performance of their duty; some- to commit a crime, within that thing must necessarily be left to the portion of the town under their intelligence and discretion of indi- charge. viduals: and according to the degree When many offenders are comin which they show themselves mitted, it must appear to the compossessed of those qualities, and to missioners that the police is not the zeal, activity, and judgment properly conducted in that divithey display on all occasions, will sion; and the absence of crime will be their claims to future promo- be considered the best proof of the tion and reward.

complete efficiency of the police. It should be understood at the In a division where this security outset, that the object to be at- and good order have been effected, tained is the prevention of crime.” the officers and men belonging to

To this great end every effort of it may feel assured (that such good the police is to be directed. The conduct will be noticed by rewards security of person and property, the and promotion. preservation of the public tranquil. lity, and all the other objects of a

Local Divisions. police establishment, will thus be 1. The metropolitan police disbetter effected than by the detection trict will be formed into police and punishment of the offender divisions. after he has succeeded in committing 2. That part of the district the crime. This should constantly which is taken under the charge of be kept in mind by every member the police force, in the first instance,

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