Donna Maria da Gloria, that she of his Britannic majesty, who has may, as reigning queen thereof, given so many proofs of the interest govern them independent of this which he takes in the glory and empire, and according to the con- prosperity of the august House of stitution which his imperial ma- Braganza. jesty was pleased to give, decree, The undersigned, &c. and command to be sworn to, by (Signed) his letter of law of the 29th of Visconde De INHAMBUPE. April of this year. And his im. His Excellency Sir Charles perial majesty has, moreover, been Stuart, G.C.B., 8c. pleased to declare, that his august daughter, the reigning queen of No. XII.—Sir CHARLES STUART Portugal, shall not leave the empire to Mr. Secretary CANNING. of Brazil until it shall have been

(Received August 9.) officially reported to him that the constitution has been sworn to,

(Extract) according to his orders, and that

Lisbon, July 15, 1826. the espousals of the marriage, I arrived here on the 7th instant, which it is the intention of the and proceeded immediately to Calsame lord should take place between das, where I found the Portuguese her and his much-beloved and es

regency established. teemed brother, the most serene Upon delivering to her royal Infante Don Miguel,shall have been highness the Infanta the several actually celebrated ; the said abdi- public acts which had been incation and cession to be null and trusted to my care by her brother, void in default of the fulfilment of the emperor, I told her that, as either of these two conditions. Portuguese plenipotentiary, I could

His imperial majesty the emperor not refuse to take charge of papers has been also pleased, as king of completing the separation of the Portugal, to grant, by his royal two countries, for which purpose

I decree of the 27th of April, an had left Europe ; but that since amnesty to all Portuguese who they also regulated the internal may be in confinement under pro- government of Portugal, I must secution, in exile, or sued for poli- wait until I learnt the sentiments tical opinions; and he has been of my government, before I could further pleased, by his decree of express an opinion upon that part the preceding day, to confirm and of their contents. to continue the regency established In the course of several interby his august father, until the mo- views, to which I was admitted ment of the installation of the re- during my stay at Caldas, her royal gency decreed by the constitutional highness was pleased to observe, charterof the Portuguese monarchy. that nothing could be more natural

This I have the honour to com- than my desire not to commit my municate, for the information of government, by any participation your excellency and of your go- in measures upon which they had vernment, requesting you to be not explained their views, but that persuaded that the emperor, my I was so well acquainted with the august master, will be most happy, affairs of Portugal, that this conif these arrangements should meet sideration would induce her not to with the approbation and support withhold her confidence upon any

subject connected with the execu- Under these circumstances, the tion of the emperor's orders. She Infanta has determined to strengththerefore began to state to me, in en herself, by filling up the situagreat detail, the unhappy position tion of every minister who gives in which she was placed, and the in his resignation in writing, and embarrassments to which she was she will ensure the tranquillity of exposed, by the divisions among the town, by the nomination of a the regency and the ministry, re- new commandant of the province, specting the adoption of a consti- and by the arrest of those persons tutional form of government.

who were active in exciting the Her royal highness added, that late movement of the troops. she would return immediately to Her royal highness has also Lisbon, where she should take care written to the Infante Don Miguel, that his imperial majesty's orders, urging him to take no step until which she was certain would be he should have received the letter enthusiastically received by the addressed to him by the emperor ; whole nation, should be carried and she will wait until the charter into effect.

shall have been legally carried into I told her royal highness that it effect, and the necessary unity of appeared, from what I had been action established, which shall enabled to find out during the few place in her hands the power of hours I was in Lisbon, that the choosing her own advisers. alleged illegality of the different I have confined my language to acts received from Rio de Janeiro the tenor of the above-mentioned was the ground upon which her proclamation, which has already opponents were determined to make produced a very beneficial effect, their stand ; that I could therefore by checking the exultation of the only recommend her to meet this Liberals, and conciliating the will charge, by concerting a legal mode of the molerate Royalists; and of putting them into execution, the favourable change which is rathe moment that the government pidly taking place in the public should return to the capital, which opinion, leaves little doubt, upon we agreed should not be delayed my mind, that the principal oppobeyond the following day.

nents of the new system will be The public mind was, in the found in the ranks of the former mean time, greatly agitated by im- party. perfect versions of what had passed, (Signed) CHARLES STUART. and the intrigues of tie various The Rt. Hon. Geo. Canning, fc. factions were rendered evident, by the hope of the revival of the Con- (Enclosure in No. 12.- Translation) stitution of 1820 on the orie side, PROCLAMATION of the INPANTA and by successive attempts to cor

REGENT OF PORTUGAL. rupt the troops on the other; while the efforts of the Infanta for the

July 12th, 1826, maintenance of order were para- PORTUGUESE !—The

regency of lyzed by the hesitation of her col- the kingdom is about to relieve you leagues to adopt the measures from anxiety, and to fix your atwhich she recommended, and by tention upon decrees, which interest the determination of the principal you generally, and his most faithministers to choose that moment ful majesty Don Pedro IV., has for tendering their resignation.

deigned to issue from his court at has prototypes among other nations Rio Janeiro. With these decrees who are esteemed among the most will be also published the Con- civilized and the most happy. It stitutional Charter of the Portu- is our duty to await tranquilly guese Monarchy, which the same the execution of this charter, and sovereign has deigned to decree, of the preparatory acts which it and which, according to his intens prescribes. If any among you tions, must be sworn to by the should, by words or actions, aggrathree orders of the state, in order vate resentments, excite hatred, or that it may govern the kingdom inspire vengeance, and interpose of Portugal and its dependencies. between the provisions of the law In the mean time, the regency and its execution, he will be coninforms you, that this charter sidered as a disturber of public differs essentially from the Consti- order, and as an enemy of the sotution produced by infatuation in vereign and of his country; and 1822, and which contained prin- he will be punished with the utciples incompatible with each other, most rigour of the law. The reand condemned by experience. gency flatters itself that the PorThe character of the Constitutional tuguese people, both from the naCharter which his most faithful tional character and for their commajesty gives you is quite another mon interest, will recognize, on thing. It is not a forced conces- this occasion, both what is their sion; it is a voluntary and spon- most important duty, and the way taneous gift of the legitimate in which they may become principower of his majesty, and matured pally useful. by his profound and royal wisdom. Given at the Palace of Ajuda, This charter tends to terminate the this 12th of July, 1826. contest between the two extreme (Signed) THE INFANTA. principles which have agitated the (Countersigned) JOSE JOAQUIM universe. It summons all Por- D'ALMEIDA E ARAUJO Cortuguese to reconciliation, by the REA DE LA CERDA, same means which have served to reconcile other people; by it are No. XIII.-SirWILLIAM A'COURT maintained, in all their vigour, the to Mr. Secretary CANNING. religion of our fathers, decorum,

(Received August 7.) and the rights and dignity of the

(Extract.) monarchy; all the orders of the state are respected, and all are

Lisbon, July 29, 1826. alike interested in uniting their Your important despatch of the efforts to surround and strengthen 17th instant, with its several enthe throne, to contribute to the closures, reached me on Wednescommon good, and to secure the day last. preservation and amelioration of I made known without loss of the country to which they owe time to her royal highness the Intheir existence, and of the society fanta the great interest displayed of which they form a part ; the in favour of this country by his antient institutions are adapted and majesty's government, and your accommodated to our age, as far as active endeavours to give a right the lapse of seven centuries will direction to the policy of Europe permit; and finally, this charter upon the present occasion.

The execution of the emperor's but in no other character than in orders is gradually proceeding, and that which he possesses of Portuperhaps as rapidly as could be ex- guese Plenipotentiary. This dispected, considering the efforts made tinction has always been most careto retard it. The swearing to the fully marked on his side, and it Constitution commences on Mon- has received additional force from day next.

the line which I myself adopted. (Signed) WILLIAM A'COURT, The difference in the parts which The Řt. Hon. Geo. Canning, 8c. we were called upon to play has

never been mistaken, either by No. XIV.-Sir William A'COURT this government or by my colto Mr. Secretary CANNING. leagues; and you may be assured,

(Received August 19.) Sir, whatever may be said of the (Extract.)

Portuguese Plenipotentiary, the

British Ambassador is responsible Lisbon Aug. 4, 1826.

for nothing. I think, indeed, I Your despatch, forwarded by may safely assert, that the British the extra packet, reached me about government has never been coman hour after the Lyra had sailed mitted either by sir Charles Stuart with my last letters.

or myself. In obedience to your instruc- I shall, nevertheless, bear in tions, Sir Charles Stuart is making mind the concluding paragraph of his preparations for departure, and your letter, and by a discreet use will sail the beginning of next of the explanations and declaraweek.

tions contained in your several It is impossible to say that there despatches, endeavour to do away has been no interference on hiš with every impression of the sort, part in the affairs of this country. should I find any such entertained. There has been interference-a (Signed) William A'COURT, very direct and active interference;

The Rt. Hon. Geo. Canning, fe.

COMMUNICATions and Documents relative to the Assumption of


No. XV.-Sir HENRYWELLESLEY have been held here relative to the to the EARL of Dudley.

affairs of Portugal. (Received November 14.)

(Signed) H. WELLESLEY.

The right Hon. the Earl (Extract)

of Dudley, fc, Vienna, Nov. 5, 1827. I have the honour to forward to

(Translations of Enclosures in No. 15.) your lordship a copy of a note PRINCE METTERNICH to Sir which I have received from Prince HENRY WELLESLEY. Metternich, forwarding to me copies (which are likewise enclosed) of the

Vienna, Oct. 29, 1827. protocols of the conferences which Prince Metternich has the honour


to transmit herewith to his excel- note of the Marquis de Rezende to lency the British ambassador, cere prince Metternich, dated 19th of tified copies of the protocols of the September, 1827, which should three conferences respecting the serve as a commencement to the affairs of Portugal, to which his present negotiation. In this note excellency did him the honour to the Brazilian envoy announces offiattend at his house on the 18th, cially to the cabinet of Vienna, that 20th, and 23rd of October, and he the emperor Don Pedro, his master, avails himself, &c.

by a decree dated the 3rd of July, His excellency the British

has conferred on his royal highness Ambassador.

the Infant Don Miguel, with the

title of his lieutenant in Portugal, (Sub- Enclosure A in No. 15.)

the regency of the said kingdom, PROTOCOL.

agreeably to the laws existing in Vienna, Oct. 18, 1827. that state, and in conformity with

the institutions given by the emOn the part of Austria—M. le peror, his august brother, to the Prince de Metternich, M. le Comte Portuguese monarchy." de Lebzeltern, M. le Chevalier de 2. A translation of the aboveNeumann, M. le Comte Henri de mentioned decree of the 3rd of Bombelles.

July, of the emperor Don Pedro On the part of England—the to his royal highness Don Miguel. British Ambassador.

3. A translation of the letter On the part of his royal highness from that sovereign to the Infant, the Infant Don Miguel-M. le his brother, which accompanied the Baron de Villa-Secca, M. le Comte de Villa-Real.

4. A translation of the letter Prince Metternich having invited from the emperor Don Pedro to the the British ambassador and the king of England. Portuguese plenipotentiaries to 5. A translation of the letter meet at his house on the 18th of from the emperor Don Pedro to his October, and those gentlemen have majesty the emperor of Austria. ing repaired there upon his invita- 6. A copy of the despatch which tion, he proposed that they should prince Metternich has this day record, in an official protocol, the addressed to prince Esterhazy, at result of the confidential negotia- London, directing his excellency to tions which had taken place between acquaint the British government MM. de Villa-Secca and Villa-Real, of the determination to which the since the time of his return to Vis Infant has come, to send Portuguese enna, relative to the departure of ships forth with to England, whither the infant, that prince's voyage, and he himself will repair directly, for the line of conduct he intended to the purpose of embarking as quickly pursue upon his arrival at Lisbon; as possible for Portugal. This deand the British ambassador, as well spatch, which contains an historical as the Portuguese plenipotentiaries, and faithful account of the whole having agreed to this proposition, negotiation relative to the present it was decided that they should an- and future situation of the Infant, nex to the protocol of the present as well as the last determinations conference the following docu- to which that prince had come, had ments, namely-1. A copy of the been read at a confidential meeting Vol. LXXI.

2 E


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