“Finally, the Sublime Porte, majesty the emperor and padishah animated by the wish to secure in of all the Russias have, conjointly every possible way the future pros- with the plenipotentiaries of the perity of the two principalities, Sublime Ottoman Porte, regulated binds itself to confirm every admi- and fixed the points respecting nistrative measure which, during Moldavia and Wallachia, the same their occupation by the Russian being a continuation of Article 5 army, may have been decreed, in of the treaty of peace concluded conformity to a wish expressed in at Adrianople, between us and the the assemblies of the principal in- Ottoman plenipotentiaries. habitants of the country, such de- “Done at Adrianople, 2nd (14th) crees serving thenceforward as the Sept. 1829. basis of the internal administra- (Signed) tion of those provinces, provided

“Count Alexis ORLOFF. always that such decrees do not in

“ Count F. V. PAHLEN. any way infringe upon the rights “Confirmed in the original copy by of sovereignty vested in the Sub- Count DieBiTSCHSABALKANSKY, lime Porte.

Commander-in-Chief of “ On this account we, the un

the 2nd Army." dersigned plenipotentiaries of his

SPEECH of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES. “Fellow Citizens of the Senate and thanks to a benign Providence,

House of Representatives. that we are at peace with all man“It affords me pleasure to tender kind, and that our country exmy friendly greetings to you on hibits the most cheering evidence the occasion of your assembling of general welfare and progressive at the seat of government, to improvement. Turning our eyes enter upon the important duties to other nations, our great desire to which you have been called by is to see our brethren of the human the voice of our countrymen. The race secured in the blessings en. task devolves on me, under a pro- joyed by ourselves, and advancing vision of the constitution, to pre- in knowledge, in freedom, and in sent to you, as the Federal Legis- social happiness. lature of twenty-four sovereign “Our foreign relations, although states, and 12,000,000 of happy in their general character pacitic people, a view of our affairs; and and friendly, present subjects of to propose such measures as, in difference between us and other the discharge of my official func- powers, of deep interest, as well tions, have suggested themselves to the country at large as to many as necessary to promote the ob- of our citizens. To effect an adjects of our Union.

justment of these shall continue " In communicating with you for to be the object of my earnest the first time, it is to me a source endeavours; and notwithstanding of ynfeigned satisfaction, calling the difficulties of the task, I do for mutual gratulation and devout not allow myself to apprehend unfavourable results. Blessed as preserve the most cordial relations. our country is with every thing Such are my own views, and it is which constitutes national strength not to be doubted that such are she is fully adequate to the main- also the prevailing sentiments of tenance of all her interests. In our constituents. Although neidischarging the responsible trusts ther time nor opportunity has confided to the executive in this been afforded for a full developrespect, it is my settled purpose ment of the policy which the preto ask nothing that is not clearly sent cabinet of Great Britain right, and to submit to nothing designs to pursue towards this that is wrong; and I flatter my- country, I indulge the hope that self, that, supported by the other it will be of a just and pacific branches of the government, and character; and if this anticipation by the intelligence and patriotism be realized, we may look with of the people, we shall be able, confidence to a speedy and acunder the protection of Provi- ceptable adjustment of our affairs. dence, to cause all our just rights Under the convention for reguto be respected.

lating the reference to arbitration “Of the unsettled matters be- of the disputed points of boundary tween the United States and under the 5th article of the treaty other powers, the most prominent of Ghent, the proceedings have are those which have for years hitherto been conducted in that been the subject of negotiation spirit of candour and liberality with England, France, and Spair. which ought ever to characterize The late periods at which our mi- the acts of sovereign states, seeknisters to those governments left ing to adjust, by the most unexthe United States render it im- ceptionable means, important and possible, at this early day, to in- delicate subjects of contention,

of what has been done The first statements of the parties on the subjects with which they have been exchanged, and the have been respectively charged. final replication on our part is in Relying upon the justice of our a course of preparation. This subviews in relation to the points ject has received the attention decommitted to negotiation, and the manded by its great and peculiar reciprocal good feeling which cha- importance to a patriotic member racterizes our intercourse with of this confederacy. The exposithose nations, we have the best tion of our rights, already made, reason to hope for a satisfactory is such, as, from the high repuadjustment of existing differences. tation of the commissioners by

« With Great Britain, alike dis- whom it has been prepared, we tinguished in peace and war, we had a right to expect. Our inmay look forward to years of terests at the court of the sovepeaceful, honourable, and ele- reign who has evinced his friendly vated competition. Every thing disposition by assuming the deliin the condition and history of the cate task of arbitration have been two nations is calculated to inspire committed to a citizen of the sentiments of mutual respect, and state of Maine, whose character, to carry conviction to the minds talents, and intimate acquaintof both, that it is their policy to ance with the subject, eminently

form you

qualify him for so responsible a demands on the French governtrust. With full contidence in ment, with all the earnestness the justice of our cause, and in which is called for by their imthe probity, intelligence, and un- portance and irrefutable justice, compromising independence of and in a spirit that will evince the the illustrious arbitrator we can respect which is due to the feelings have nothing to apprehend from of those from whom the satisfacthe result.

tion is required. “ From France, our antient ally, “Our minister recently appointwe have a right to expect that ed to Spain has been authorized justice which becomes the sove- to assist in removing evils alike reign of a powerful, intelligent, injurious to both countries, either and magnanimous people. The by concluding a commercial conbeneficial effects produced by the vention upon liberal and reciprocommercial convention of 1822, cal terms, or by urging the aclimited as are its provisions, are ceptance, in their full extent, of too obvious not to make a salu- the mutually beneficial provisions tary impression upon the minds of our navigation acts.

He has of those who are charged with the also been instructed to make a administration of her government. further appeal to the justice of Should this result induce a dis- Spain, in behalf of our citizens, position to embrace, to their full for indemnity for spoliations upon extent, the wholesome principles our commerce, committed under which constitute our commercial her authority,—an appeal which policy, our minister to that court the pacific and liberal course obwill be found instructed to cherish served on our part, and a dueconsuch a disposition, and to aid in fidence in the honour of that goconducting it to useful practical vernment, authorize us to expect conclusions. The claims of our will not be made in vain. citizens for depredations upon “ With other European powers their property, long since com- our intercourse is on the most mitted under the authority, and friendly footing. In Russia, in many instances by the express placed, by her territorial limits, direction, of the then existing go- extensive population, and great vernment of France, remain un- power, high on the rank of nasatisfied, and must, therefore, tions, the United States have continue to furnish a subject of always found a stedfast friend. unpleasant discussion and possible Although her recent invasion of collision between the two govern- Turkey awakened a lively symments. I cherish, however, a pathy for those who were exposed lively hope, founded as well on the to the desolation of war, we canvalidity of those claims, and the not but anticipate that the result established policy of all enlight- will prove favourable to the cause ened governments, as

the of civilization, and to the progress known integrity of the French of human happiness. The treaty monarch, that the injurious delays of peace between these powers of the past will find redress in the having been ratified, we cannot equity of the future. Our minister be insensible to the great benefit has been instructed to press these to be derived to the commerce of


the United States, from unlocking catiou of the established rule of the navigation of the Black Sea, our government in like cases was a free passage into which is se- no longer withheld. cured to all merchant vessels “ Considerable advances have bound to ports of Russia, under been made, during the present a flag of peace with the Porte. year, in the adjustment of claims This advantage, enjoyed upon of our citizens upon Denmark for conditions, by most of the powers spoliations; but all that we have of Europe, has hitherto' been a right to demand from that gowithheld from us. During the vernment, in their behalf, has not past summer, an antecedent but been conceded. From the liberal unsuccessful attempt to obtain it, footing, however, upon which the was renewed, under circumstances subject has, with the approbation which promised the most favour- of the claimants, been placed by able results. Although these re- the government, together with the sults have fortunately been thus uniformly just and friendly dispoin part attained, further facilities sition which has been evinced by to the enjoyment of this new his Danish majesty, there is a reafield of enterprise for our citizens sonable ground to hope that this are, in my opinion, sufficiently single subject of difference will desirable to ensure to them our speedily be removed. most zealous attention.

Ourrelations with the Barbary “Our trade with Austria, al powers continue, as they have though of secondary importance, long been, of the most favourable has been gradually increasing, and character, The policy of keepis now so extended as to deserve ing an adequate force in the Methe fostering care of the govern- diterranean, as security for the ment. A negotiation, commenced continuance of this tranquillity, and nearly completed with that will be persevered in, as well as a power, by the late administration, similar one for the protection of jias been consummated by a treaty our commerce and fisheries in the of amity, navigation, and com- Pacific. merce, which will be laid before “The Southern republics of our the senate.

hemisphere have not yet realized “During the recess of Congress, all the advantages for which they our diplomatic relations with Por- have been so long struggling. tugal have been resumed. The We trust, however, that the day peculiar state of things in that is not far distant, when the restorcountry caused a suspension of ation of peace and internal quiet, the recognition of the representa- under permanent systems of gotive who presented himself, until vernment, securing the liberty and an opportunity was had to obtain promoting the happiness of the from our official organ there, in- citizens, will crown with complete formation regarding the actual, success their long and arduous ånd, as far as practicable, prospec- efforts in the cause of self-governtive condition of the authority by ment, and enable us to salute them which the representative in ques- as friendly rivals in all that is tion was appointed. This inform- truly great and glorious. ation being received, the appli- "The recent invasion of Mexico,

and the effect thereby produced Deeply interested as we are in upon her domestic policy, must the prosperity of our sister rehave a controlling influence upon publics, and more particularly in the great question of South Ame- that of our immediate neighbour, rican emancipation. We have it would be most gratifying to me, seen the fell spirit of civil dis- were I permitted to say, that the sension rebuked, and perhaps for treatment which we have received ever stified in that republic, by at her hands has been as univerthe love of independence. If it sally friendly as the early and be true, as appearances strongly constant solicitude manifested by indicate, that the spirit of inde- the United States for her success pendence is the master spirit, and gave us a right to expect. But if a corresponding sentiment pre- it becomes my duty to inform you, vails in the other States, this de- that prejudices, long indulged by votion to liberty cannot be without a portion of the inhabitants of a proper effect upon the council Mexico, against the envoy extra. of the mother country. The ordinary and minister plenipoadoption by Spain of a pacific tentiary of the United States, policy towards her former colo- have had an unfortunate influence nies--an event consoling to hu- upon the affairs of the two counmanity, and a blessing to the tries, and have diminished that world, in which she herself cannot usefulness to his own which was fail largely to participate--may justly to be expected from his be most reasonably expected. talents and seal. To this cause,

“ The claims of our citizens upon in a great degree, is to be imputed the South American government, the failure of the several measures generally, are in a train of settle- equally interesting to both parties; ment; while the principal part of but particularly that of the Mexithose upon Brazil have been ad- ean government to ratify a treaty, justed, and a decree in council, negotiated and concluded in its ordering bonds to be issued by own capital, and under its own the minister of the Treasury for eye.

Under these circumstances, their amount, has received the it appeared expedient to give to sanction of his imperial majesty. Mr. Poinsett the option either to This event, together with the ex- return or not, as, in his judgment change of the ratifications of the the interest of his country might treaty, negotiated and concluded require, and the instructions to in 1828, happily terminates all that end were prepared ; but, beserious causes of difference with fore they could be dispatched, a

communication was received from “ Measures have been taken to the governmentof Mexico, through place our commercial relations its chargé d'affaires here, rewith Peru upon a better footing questing the recall of our minister. than that upon which they have This was promptly complied with; hitherto rested ; and if met by a and a representative of a rank proper disposition on the part of corresponding with that of the that government, important bene- Mexican diplomatic agent near fits may be secured to both this government was appointed. countries.

Our conduct towards that repub.

that power.

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