ments in the construction of paddles for R. Parker, Hackney, for an improved propelling ships, boats, or vessels on drag apparatus, which is applicable to

stage coaches, and other wheel carJ. Deakin, and T. Deakin, Sheffield; riages, and whereby the motion thereof for methods of making from horns and may be retarded or stopped when rehoofs of animals, various articles ; name- quired. ly, handles of knives, handles and knobs J. Rayner, King's-square, St. Luke, of drawers, and other parts of cabinet Middlesex, for improvements in appaand household articles, curtain-rings, ratus and machinery for conducting bell-pulls, door-bandles and knobs, key. heat, and applying the same in the opehole escutcheons or coverings, and door ration of washing, scouring, cleansing, and window-shutter finger-plates, knobs fulling, dressing, dyeing, and finishing and handles; all or any of which arti- woollen cloths, and in calendering, cles are to be so made of one or more staining, glossing, polishing, and finishpieces of horn or hoof, of any shape or ing silks, cottons, linens, woollens, and device, plain or ornamental, or inlaid or all other goods, to which the same may conjoined with any kind of metal or be applicable. other material.

J. Humphrey, Tally hill, Worcester, J. Dickinson, Nash Mill, Abbots for improvements in steam-engines, and Langley; for a new improvement in the machinery connected therewith, to promethod of manufacturing paper by ma- pel steam-boats and other vessels, some chinery, and also a new method of cut- parts of which improvements are appli. ting paper and other material into single

cable to other purposes. sheets or pieces, by means of machinery: A. Daninos, Leman-street, Good

T. Smith, Derby, for an improved man's-fields, for improved hats, and piece of machinery, which,

bonnets in imitation of Leghorn straw bined with parts of the steam-engine or bats and bonnets (communicated to him other engines, such as pumps, fire-en- by a foreigner.) gines, water-wheels, air-pumps, con- J. Burgis, Maiden-lane, Covent Gardensers, and blowing-engines, will effect den, ornamental paper manufacturer, an improvement in each of them re- for a method or methods of gilding or spectively.

silvering certain woven fabrics, in bure J. C. Hewes, Manchester, for various nished, or burnished and dead or matted improvements in the form and con. gold, or silver, and which fabrics may struction of wind-mills, and their sails. be used as gold, or silver, and laced bor.

J. Udny, Arbour Terrace, Commer- derings, and for other purposes. cial Road, for improvements on the R. Green, Blackwall, for improvesteam-engine.

ments in the construction of made masts. W. E. Cochrane, Regent-street for an W. H. Kitchen, High-street, Bloomsimprovement in or on paddle-wheels, bury, and A. Smith, York-terrace, West. for propelling boats and other vessels. minster, for improvements in the con

J. M. Ross, Symond's Inn, for an im- struction of window-frames, sashes, or proved tap or cock for drawing off casements, shutters, and doors designed liquids.

to afford security against burglars, as J. H. Caney, Clerkenwell, for im- well as to exclude the weather. provements in the construction of um- E. Heard, Devonshire street, Lambrellas and parasols.

beth, for improvements in illumination, J. Fraser, Limehouse, for a new ar- or producing artificial light. rangement of a flue or flues to commu. S. Walker, Beeston, Leeds, for an imnicate with the various parts of culinary proved apparatus which be denominates apparatus, such as steam, soup, or water "an operameter," applicable to machiboilers, oven or ovens, hot plate or nery for dressing woollen or other plates, hot closet or closets, and stewing clothes. stove or stoves, to render them more G. Haden, Fronbridge, Wilts, for imcompact, and to appropriate part of the provements in machinery for dressing. said apparatus to effect other useful cloths. purposes.

W. Storey, Morley, York, and S.. J. Braithwaite, and J. Ericsson, New. Hirst, of the same place ; for materials road, Fitzroy-square, for a mode or which when combined, are suited to be method of converting liquids into vapour employed in scouring, milling, or full. or steam,

ing, cleansing, and washing of cloths

and other fabrics, and by the employ- March, 1828, entitled “an improvement ment of which material considerable in boiling or evaporating solutions of improvements in those purposes are sugar and other liquids." (communieffected.

cated by a foreigner.) R. Hall, Plymouth, for a composition H. R. Palmer, of the London Docks, applicable to certain fabrics or sub- Middlesex; for an improvement or stances from which may be manu- improvements in the construction of factured boots, shoes, and various other warehouses, sheds, and other buildings. articles.

intended for the protection of property. J. W. Wayte, Drury-lane, Middlesex, G. W. Lee, Bagnio-court, Newgatefor improvements in printing machinery. street; for improvements in machinery

W. Church, Bordesly Green, Warwick; for spinning cotton, and other fibrous for improvements in buttons, and in the substances (communicated by a fomachinery or apparatus for manufactur- reigner.) ing the same.

H. Bock, Ludgate Hill; for improve· W. Madeley, Yardley, Worcester, for ments on machinery and apparatus for an apparatus or machine for. catching, embroidering or ornamenting cloths, detecting, and detaining depredators stuffs, and other fabrics (communicated and trespassers, or any animal, which he by a foreigner.). denominates the human snare.

J. Dutton, jun., of Wotton-underJ. Lambert, Liverpool-street, London; Edge, clothier; for improvements in for an improvement in the process of propelling ships, boats, and other vesmaking iron applicable at the smelting sels or floating-bodies, by steam or other of the ore, and at various subsequent power. stages of the process up to the comple- M. Dick, Irvine, in the county of Air, tion of the rods or bars, and for the N. B.; for an improved rail-road, and improvement of the quality of inferior method of propelling carriages thereon iron.

by machinery, for the purpose of con• W. Prior, Albany Road, Camberwell, veying passengers, letters, intelligence, for improvements in the construction packets, and other goods, with great and combination of machinery for secur- velocity. ing, supporting, and striking the top- T.R. Williams, Norfolk-strect, Strand; masts and top-gallant masts of ships for improvements in the making or maand other vessels.

nufacturing of felt, or a substance in J. Lihou, Guernsey, for an improved the nature thereof, applicable to covermethod of constructing ship's pintles ing the bottoms of vessels, and other for hanging the rudder.

purposes. B. Cook, Birmingham; for an im- T. Arnold, Hoxton, Middlesex; for proved method of making rollers or a new or improved machine or guage, cylinders of copper and other metals, for the purpose of denoting the quality or a mixture of metals, for printing of or strength of certain fluids or spirituous calicoes, silks, cloths, and other articles. liquors, and for measuring or denoting

J. Wright, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the quantity of Auids or spirituous liquors soap-maker; for improvements in con- withdrawn from the vessel or receptacle densing the gas or gases produced by in which the same are contained, and the decomposition of muriate of soda, which machine or guage may be so conand other substances, which improve- structed as to effect either of the above ments may also be applied to other pur- objects without the other, if required. poses.

W. Poole, London ; for improvements P. Pickering, native of Frodsham, in machinery for propelling vessels, and Cheshire, and now domiciliated in Dant- giving motion to mills and other mazic, and w. Pickering, of Liverpool; chinery. for an engine or machinery to be worked C. T. Sturtevant, Hackney, Middleby means of fluids, gases, or air, on sex; for improvements in the process shore or at sea, and which they intend of manufacturing soap.. to denominate Pickering's Engine. J. C. Daniell, Limpley Stokc, Brada

J. Davis, Lemon-street, Middlesex ; ford; for certain improvements in mafor improvements in the condenser used chinery applicable to dressing of woollen with the petitioner's apparatus for boil- cloth. ing sugar in vacuo, for which a patent R. Winans, Vernon, Sussex, and New was granted to him the 29th day of Jersey, North America, resident in London, for improvements in diminish- provements in hårness and saddlery, ing friction in wheeled carriages, to be which are partly applicable to other used on rail and other roads, and which purposes. improvements are applicable to other T. Salmon, Stokeferry, Norfolk; for purposes.

an improved malt-kiln. W. Mann, Effia-road, Brixton, for W. Ramsbottom, Manchester; for imthe application of compressed air to provements in power-looms for weaving communicate power and motion to fixed cloth. machinery, and to carriages and other W. Poole, Lincoln's Inn; for improvelocomotive machines, and to ships, ves. ments in apparatus for raising and genesels, and other floating bodies.

rating steam, and currents of air in the A. Gottlieb, Jubilee-place, Mile-end- application thereof. road, Middlesex; for improvements or J. Chesterman, Sheffield; for improveadditions to locks and keys.

ments on machines or apparatus for J. Smith, Bradford, York, corn-miller; measuring land and other

purposes. for improvements in machinery for G. Straker, South Shields; for an dressing flour.

improvement in ships' windlasses. C. Brook, Mielham Mills, Hudders- L. Quetin, Great Winchester-street, field; for improvements in machinery London ; for a new or improved vehicle, for spinning cotton and other fibrous or combination of vehicles, for the car. substances.

riage or conveyance of passengers, and R. Porter, Carlisle, Cumberland; for also luggage and goods; constructed improvements in the manufacture of upon a principle of security against overheels and tips for boots and shoes. turning or upsetting, and possessing

F. Day, Poultry, London, and A. other advantages, which he conceives Munch, of the same place ; for improve- will be of public utility (communicated ments on musical instruments (partly by a foreigner), communicated by a foreigner.)

F. H. N. Drake, Colyton House, De. C. Wheatstone, No. 436 in the Strand, von; for improvements in tiles for coverMiddlesex ; for a certain improvement ing houses and other buildings (comor improvements in the construction of municated by a foreigner). wind musical instruments.

J. Nicholls, Pershall, Staffordshire ; M. Poole, Lincoln's-Inn, for improved for improvements in the lever, and the machinery for preparing or kneading application of its power, dough (communicated by a foreigner.), J, Bates, Bishopsgate-street; for an

E. Galloway, King-street, Southwark; improved method of constructing steam. for improvements in steam engines, boilers or generators, whereby the bulk and in machinery for propelling vessels. of the boiler or generator, and the con

J. Perkins, Fleet-street; for improve- sumption of fuel, are considerably rements in inachinery for propelling vesa duced (by a foreigner). Also for a sels.

new process or method of whitening T. Kilby, Wakefield, and H. F. Bacon, sugars (communicated by a foreigner). Leeds; for an improved gas lamp or J. Hutchinson, Liverpool; for imburner.

provements in mac

for spinning R. Crabtree, Halesworth ; for appa, cotton, silk, linen, woollen, and other ratus for propelling carriages, vessels, fibrous substances (communicated by a and locomotive bodies.

foreigner). W. North, Guilford-place, Kenning. N. Jocelyn, Newhaven, Connecticut, ton ; for an improved method of con- America; now residing in London, artist, structing ceilings and partitions for for improvements in the preparation or dwelling-houses or other buildings, to manufacture of blank forms for bankers' render them more secure against fire. checks, bills of exchange, promissory

M. Knowles, Battersea ; for an im- notes, post bills, and other similar inprovement in axletrees.

struments, or securities for the exchange G. K. Scolthorpe, Chelsea; for im- or payments of monies, by which forgeprovements in axles and axletrees, and ries and alterations in the same are precoach, and other springs.

vented or detected (communicated by J. C. Daniell, Limpley Stoke, Brad- a foreigner). field, Wilts; for improvements in ma- T. Bailey, Leicester; for improves chinery for dressing woollen cloth. ments in machinery for making lace.

W. Leeson, Birmingham; for im. T. Brown, Birmingham; for an improved coachi, particularly adapted for T, Morgan, Tipton, Stafford; for a public conveyance and luggage.

new method of manufacturing or preW. Shand, the Burn, Kincardinshire, paring iron plate, or black plates for Scotland; for an improvement or im- tinning. provements in distillation,

R. Torrens, Croydon; for certain apJ. M.Leod, Westminster; for improve- paratus for the purpose of communicatments in preparing or manufacturing ing power and motion. certain substances, so as to produce ba- D. Lawrence, Strood; and J. Crund. rilla.

well, Ashford ; for improvements in apJ, Rowland and C. M‘Millan, Hene. paratus to be applied to fowling-pieces age-street, Spitalfields ; for a new or and other fire-arms, in place of locks. improved process or mode of construct- G. Harris, Brompton Crescent, Miding or making street-ways, carriage- dlesex ; for improvements in the manuroads, and highways in general.

facture of ropes and cordage, canvass, T. H. Rolfe, Cheapside ; for improve. and other fabrics or articles, from suba ments upon the self-acting piano-forte, stances hitherto unused for that purpose.

E. Wicks, King's-road, Chelsea ; for J. Milne, Edinburgh; for a machine improvements in raising, lowering, or or engine for dressing stones used in conveying, healed water or other fuids masonry, by the assistance of a stcamto various distances.

engine, a wind, a horse, or a water power, H. C. Price and C. F. Price, Bristol; whereby a great quantity of manual for an improvement upon certain appaa labour will be saved. ratus already known for the communi. J. Aitchison, Glasgow; for improve. cating of heat by means of the circulation ments in the concentrating and evaporatof fluid.

ing of cane juice, solutions of sugar, and J. Mushet, York Square, Regent's other fluids. Park, for a inedicine which his father, T. Cobb, Calthorpe House, Bradbury, W. Mushet, late of York, in the course Oxford, for improvements in the manu. of his practice found of essential and pe- facture of paper, intended to be applied culiar benefit in gouty affections of the to the covering of walls, or the hanging stomach, spasms, cramps, inflammation of rooms, and in the apparatus for effect. of the lungs, violent and confirmed ing the same. coughs, pains after child-birth, and in T. Westwood, Prince's Street, Leices. other pains in the breast and bowels, ter-square ; for improvements in watches beyond any other medicine or applica- and time-keepers. tion in like cases.

1. Brown, Gloucester-street, Clerken. J. Jones, Leeds; for improvements in well ; for improvements applicable to machinery, or apparatus for dressing and watches and other horological machines. finishing woollen cloths.

H. Tyler, Warwick-lane ; for improveW. Roger, Norfolk-street, Strand; for ments in the construction of waterimprovements in the construction of closets. anchors.

J. Moore, Bristol; for new or improvG. H. Manton, Dover-street, Picca- ed machinery for propelling carriages, dilly; for an improvement in the con. also for propelling ships, vessels, or struction of locks in all kinds of fowling- other floating bodies, and for guiding pieces and fire-arms.

propelling carriages, and apparatus for J. Tucker, Hammersmith, Middlesex; condensing the steam of the steamfor improvements in the construction of engine, after it has propelled the steam

engine piston. T. S. Brandreth, Liverpool ; for a W. Rodger, Norfolk-street, Strand; new method of applying animal power Lieut., Navy, for improvements in the to machinery

construction of cat-head stoppers. J. A. Fronzi, Upper Marylebone-street; T. Banks, Patricroft, Lancaster ; for for improvements on, or additions to improvements in steam-engines. fire-places.

P. Descroizilles, Fenchurch-street; J. Soames, jun. Wheeler-street, Spi- for improvements in apparatus for retalfields; for a new preparation or manu. moving the down from cotton and certain facture of a certain material produced other fabrics, by singeing. from a vegetable substance, and the ap- W. Church, Haywood House, near plication thereof to the purposes of sup Birmingham ; for improvements in plying light, and other uses.

machines for propelling vessels and


other machines capable of being pro- tions to syringes applicable to garden pelled by steam, and in boilers applica- and other purposes. ble to the same, and also to other pur- T. Osler, Birmingham ; for new imposes. Ditto, for improvementsin, on, or provements in the construction of glass upon instruments for sharpening knives, and metal chandeliers, and other articles and other edge tools, and in the ma- for ornamental lighting. chinery or apparatus for manufacturing J. Gibbs, Crayford Mills, Kent; for the same.

improvements in machinery for cutting T.J. Fuller, Limehouse; for an ap- marble, wood, and other substances. proved mechanical power, applicable to J. W. Dodgson, Lower Shadwell, in machinery of different descriptions. the county of Middlesex, pump and

G. Danre, Birmingham ; for a self- engine maker; for certain improvements acting air or gas regulator, or stop-cock, in ship's scuppers, and which may be for governing the flow of air or gas, applied to other purposes. which may be applied to other purposes. T. Gethen, Furnival's Inn; for im

J. M'Curdy, Great James-street, Bed- provements in dressing woollen cloths. ford-row ; for improvements in the W. Clutterbuck, Oylebrook, near method of constructing mills and mill. Stroud; for improvements in the shears stones for grinding (communicated by used for cutting or cropping of woollen a foreigner.)

cloth and other

fabrics requiring shearJ. Viney, Piceadilly, colonel in the ing. Royal Artillery : for improvements in F. Wesby, Leicester; for an improved stcam-boilers and in carriages, or ap- apparatus to be used for the purpose of paratus connected therewith.

whetting or sharpening the edges of the J. Tucker, Hammersmith; for an blades of razors, penknives, or other exploding shot or projectile.

cutting instruments. J. Stewart, George-street, Euston- J. Marshall, Southampton - street, square, piano-forte maker ; for im- Strand; for a method of preparing or provements on piano-fortes.

making an extract from cocoa, which he J. Cowderoy, Britannia-street, City- denominates “ Marshall's Extract of road; for improvements in machinery for Cocoa.” making bricks.

B. Goulson, Pendleton, near ManF. Nash, Stoneason, near Wells; for chester, for improvements in the manuimprovements in the manufacture or facturing of farina and sugar, from vegeapplication of silks mixed or combined table productions. with other articles.

C. Derosne, Leicester-square ; for W. Gooch, Mount-street, Berkeley, improvements in extracting sugar, or square ; for improvements on baths of syrups, from cane juice, and other subdifferent descriptions, which improve- stances containing sugar, and in refin. ments are applicable to other purposes. ing sugar and syrups (communicated

D. Macdougall, Edinburgh, horticul- by a foreigner.) turist ; for improvements on or addi

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