British Archaeological Association.



8. d.
To Entrance Fees
1 0 By Printing and Illustrating Journal

. 116 12 0

138 12 0

27 10 0
Ditto, Arrears

6 6 0
Postages and Secretarial Expenses

18 0 3

3 3 0
Rent for Year

13 13 0 Illustration Fund

3 0 0 Advertising in the Athenæum

2 12 0 Sales of Books

2 2 6 Stationery and Sundry Printing

39 15 2 Profit on Congress

74 3 1
Archæological Index

2 10 0
Sundry Expenses

5 10 6

2 4 8

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£228 7 7

£228 7 7


£ 8. d.
48 2 8

To Creditors
» Surplus Account :-

December 31st, 1905
Add Balance for 1905

£399 4 7
2 4 8

401 9 3

By Stock of Journals valued at

Valuation of Library

Investment in Consols » Deposit in Savings Bank

Cash at Bank

8. d. 100 0 250 0 0 12 1 53 17 8 33 13 3

£449 11 11

£449 11 11

We have examined the Books and Vouchers produced to us, and find the same to be correct. In accordance with the directions of the Council, the above Statement is cast in the form of an Income and Expenditure Account, showing the actual working of the Association during the Year 1905 ; and a Balance Sheet, showing the financial position at the end of the year.


Auditor3. CECIL T. DAVIS

} Auditors.


remains outstanding under this head. It is to be hoped that much of this amount will come in during the current year, and that the income of the Association will be further increased by the election of new Associates, as it is not safe to count upon an equally large profit from the Congress of 1906.

“With regard to the expenditure, the cost of producing the Journal is stated more accurately than last year, when items for other work done by the same printers were included under this head. These are now shown separately, and the first entry on this side shows the cost of producing three parts of the Journal. This cost has been heavy, mainly owing to expense incurred for illustrations and corrections ; but with careful management it should be possible to keep the cost of each number of the Journal down to an average of £30 or £32, in which case the Association ought soon to be in a position to resume a quarterly issue.” Mr. George Patrick, Hon. Secretary, then read the following :

Secretary's Report for the year ending December 31st, 1903. “The Hon. Secretary has the honour to report that the number of subscribing members has increased during the twelve months since our Annual General Meeting in 1905. After deducting losses by death and resignations, the total membership to date of subscribing Associates appears to be 271.

“A sub-committee of the Council has been appointed for the purpose of revising the rules, and their report will be submitted for your consideration and approval, or otherwise, this afternoon.

“A revised list of Associates has been prepared, and will be issued shortly.

“Since the resignation of the Editorial Secretary—the Rev. Dr. Astley—the editing of the Journal has been carried on by a small sub-committee, pending the appointment of a new editor.

"Considering that it would be for the greater advantage of the Association if a younger and more energetic Secretary were appointed, your present Hon. Secretary placed his resignation of the office in the hands of the Council, but expressed his willingness to serve until a successor could be met with.

“Although it is gratifying to know that the subscribing membership is increasing, it would be still more so to find members taking an active part in the affairs of the Association, as regards the preparation of papers for the evening meetings and the exhibition of antiquities, and an increased attendance at the Annual Congress.

“ The Hon. Secretary desires to apologise for the meagreness of this Report in some particulars, as, owing to recent circumstances, the requisite information is not in his possession.

“Geo. PATRICK, Hon. Secretary."

The meeting then considered and passed a number of alterations in the Rules of the Association, which had been recommended by a Committee of the Council. The Rules, as revised, will be circulated at an early date.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 16TH, 1906. C. H. COMPTON, Esq., VICE-PRESIDENT, IN THE CHAIR. Dr. Winstone exhibited a copy of an early edition of the Homiliesan excellent specimen in the original binding.

The Rev. W. S. Lach-Szyrma, M.A., Vice-President, read a paper on “Some Relics of the Cornish Language," giving an interesting account of the existing manuscripts, some of which have never been printed ; and also tracing the many survivals of this ancient tongue which remain in the Cornish dialect of the present day.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21st, 1906.
The following members were duly elected .-

St. C. Baddeley, Esq., The Grove, Hampstead, N.W.

H. T. Weyman, Esq., F.S.A., 8, Mill Street, Ludlow. Mr. Patrick read a paper by Mr. R. Mann on 6. The Roman Residency at Darenth ;" in which the author, after describing the remains, contended that from the size of the buildings, and especially the stabling accommodation, the place must have been the official quarters of the Roman Governor of the district, and not, as other authorities have supposed, a fuller's house and workshop. A discussion followed, some members supporting Mr. Mann's view, while others thought that the official character of the building had not being made out; and it was suggested that possibly the place may have been a mansio on the road between London and Richborough.

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